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The Helion Theta System was a star system located in the Inner Colonies and was one of the first systems colonized when humanity first left the Sol System. The system contained nine planets orbiting the single star, Helion Theta. Seven of these planets were terrestrial while the last two were gas giants. Only two of the seven terrestrial planets were habitable, Jörmungandr and New Moscow.


Planets, moons and asteroid belts


Neljä is the closest planet to Helion Theta and had long been named Helion Theta I before the system was colonized by humanity. The average surface temprature of the planet is around 250o Celsius. The surface of Neljä is almost completely covered in dark red sand and scotched rocks. massive sandstorms, sweep across the dunes, constantly changing their formations.

The planet is said to be rich in raw materials, but the high temperature, combined with the deadly sandstorms, would make such extractions extremely costly to undertake. Instead, the planet had been left alone up until the Human-Covenant War where raw materials became increasingly rarer. An attempt to establish a small, mostly automated, mining colony was carried out in late 2548 which ended in failure and ten people dead along with a great deal of expensive equipment. Neljä, after this event, was given the nickname of The Unclaimed.




Utterian Moons


New Moscow