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A young Helen on Iskander.

"For every job, there's a perfect tool. This galaxy is made of tools; whenever you need one, you simply need the right stimulant to work it in your favor. Everything can be harnessed and everything can be controlled. That is the secret to human progress. The Syndicate has created order where there was chaos, forged power where there was only weakness. We need to maintain that order and power by any means necessary or everything we've worked so hard to build up will crumble in the blink of an eye."
―Helen Powell to Tatiana Onegin

Helen Powell was a powerful crime lord and the head of the Syndicate network that dominated organized crime throughout the galaxy following the end of the Human-Covenant War. Groomed to lead the organization by her father, Helen seized control of the Syndicate shortly before the end of the war. Under her leadership, the organization spread its reach throughout not only human territory but the territories of former Covenant races as well.

Much of Helen's success at building the Syndicate stemmed from a series of backroom deals cut with the Office of Naval Intelligence and the enigmatic AI collective known as the Assembly. Both organizations helped abet the Syndicate's expansion in exchange for Helen's assistance with their own agendas. She proved instrumental in laying the groundwork for the Created Uprising, devoting large portions of the Syndicate's resources to assisting the Created in exchange for what she hoped would be a leading role in the new galactic order. To her dismay, Helen discovered that the Created had little use for humans in positions of power. Rather than yield control of the Syndicate to the Created and their surrogates she instead did everything she could to undermine the organization she had spent her life building. She then committed suicide by self-destructing one of the Created's key shipyards with herself aboard.

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