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Helen 'Vector' Calypso
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189 cm

Hair color

Red (Dyed)

Eye color

Amber (Colored Lenses)


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Office of Naval Intelligence

Special Operations Command


"She's one deadly lady; knows how to hold herself in a fight, with or without weapons. But she's just as good at subterfuge - she can pretend to be anybody; anything from lowly prostitute to snobby rich kid is easy game for her."
Captain Aaron G. Gibson about Helen 'Vector' Calypso.

Helen Calypso, better known by her callsign, Vector, was a former TROJAN and an elite assassin affiliated with the Theta-2 Division, a subcell of the Office of Naval Intelligence Section Three, during the Human-Covenant War. She and her actions remained highly classified throughout her career, leaving extremely little known about her. Over time, she became one of many private grim reapers of Captain Aaron Gibson, mainly focusing on terminating rogue ONI operatives and suppressing remnant insurrectionist movements. She had a hidden romantic relationship with the SPARTAN-II Commando Laszlo-108 since after the Battle of Aphrodite II, though the two had had previous encounters with one another.

After the Human-Covenant War ended, she requested and was reluctantly approved to join Laszlo on Operation: SAVIOUR to locate John-117. Once the operation was called off, she was reassigned to the Special Operations Command and enlisted as an officer in the SPARTAN-IV Program, Albion Company.


Human-Covenant War

Little is known about Vector's life, but it's assumed that she was born and raised on Harvest to a family of farmers. When the Covenant attacked, she was supposedly among the few survivors. Once she was grown up, she's believed to have joined the Navy, applying for a variety of Special Forces programs, which would have served as a bridge head into ONI's operations divisions. There she became one of ONI's most effective assassins, taking on a high number of November Black missions. At some point, she also volunteered for the TROJAN Program, undergoing and surviving various augmentation procedures to enhance her and several others' capabilities beyond normal human limits. At some point during the program, it can be gleaned that she was transferred out of her designated unit and subsequently disappeared into radically increasing amounts of November Black operations, her existence unknown even to many top-tier ONI officials.

Necros War

After the Human-Covenant War, she requested to accompany Laszlo-108 on Operation: SAVIOUR, a request which was approved by Lord Hood much to the dismay of her commanding officer at the time. After the operation was called off, she was assigned to Albion Company of the SPARTAN-IV Program, acting as second-in-command of Albion Company.




  • The image was taken from Shae Vizla, a female Mandalorian bounty hunter and character in the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic game.