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Hela 'Zufam
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Fleet Mistress Hela 'Zufamee is a Special Operations Sangheili and naval officer who now serves in the Swords of Sanghelios. She is notable as one of the few women in the Covenant to reach a flag officer title, and exhibits skill in the fields of marksmanship and strategy that few of her male counterparts are capable of.

Raised within the walls of the respected House of 'Zufam, Hela used her clan's standing to reluctantly enlist her into the Covenant military. She led an early career as a soldier, where she amassed enough glory from combating heretics and human forces to warrant a place within the elite Special Warfare Group. She took part in a number of covert operations during the Human-Covenant War, and would clash on numerous occasions with Demons, surviving each confrontation. Her efforts to slowly gain a leadership position in the Covenant military would be rewarded in 2547, where she staged the recapture of the hijacked CAS-class assault carrier Ordained Righteousness. With any doubts now nullified, she was given command of the newly-formed Fleet of Rapturous Glory.

Physical Attributes


She is standard height for a female, but is considered attractive for her race, having a slender, but athletic, build and stunning gold eyes that seem to take in very detail she can pick out of her surroundings, a lovely contrast with her darker toned skin. Her smaller size often allows her to be quicker and more nimble then her male counterparts.


Serious, Tolerant, Calm, Quiet, Obedient, Hard Working, Shady, Stubborn, Loyal, Parental, Curious, Intelligent, Determined

Though Hela had to work hard to get where her position she's currently in, she tends to be a bit on the softer side of an attitude. Even though her attitude often makes her quite easy to get along with, she is often scoffed at by many who think she can’t do things due to her being female. She does her best to keep this from holding her down and often enjoys overcoming the odds that are usually put against her.

Despite being in the Covenant, she looks at things with a more questioning but unbiased gaze. Often wondering why the Human-Covenant War had been allowed to go on as long as it had. Which, in turn, has led to some very heavy thoughts about things surrounding the Covenant and their Hierarchs in general, things she doesn't voice out loud. She is extremely loyal and obedient to those who lead her and does her best to please. Willing to follow their orders to the letter, expressly once they had earned her full loyalty. She is quite proud of her heritage and will do her best to uphold the honor that comes with it.

To her crew, she is could even be considered quite parental towards them, even taking into account the most lesser of Unngoy, and she doesn't like sacrificing her troops without a good reason. This mindset often lead her to butt heads with some former Fleet Masters whose fleets she served in, and has lead to her being often one to be picked as a last for a fleet. She is a good Shipmistress with plenty of potential, and knows how to pick her fights wisely, but her loyalty to those she trusts comes first to her.


She wears black SpecOps armor that had been fitted to her and takes very good care of it, like any Sangheili in her position should, as well as, a flowing cape that she wears mostly around her ship.

Knowing how to use any weapon she can find on the battlefield, even going for any human made weapons, despite more radical Sangheili dubbing such weapons as 'unclean', Hela's weapons of choice are the Beam Rifle, Needle Rifle and/or Plasma Repeater, and her Energy Sword, which she often pairs with a wrist blade. She often takes a more ranged approach to her fighting style on the battlefield, due to her smaller size, and has Active Camo on her. She might be a Ship Mistress, but she knows that she cannot fight biology, but often tries to compensate for her weakness's and minimize them.


Name Classification Description Status
Martyr's Reward SDV-class heavy corvette Built during the Twentieth Age of Discovery, the Martyr's Reward was an unremarkable heavy corvette that had only a single battle-honour - that from twenty-seventh Age of Conflict, where it put down a minor uprising on Glyke. She was given command of the corvette during the Siege of Drawn, where she would successfully fight off a boarding party and rush the UNSC defences of the planet. It was later destroyed near the city of Obsidian, where after a prolonged engaged it was forced down. Destroyed
Endurance of Faith Ket-pattern battlecruiser In Service
Ordained Righteousness Esgem-pattern assault carrier The Ordained Righteousness is most famous for the role it played against the Covenant, where it was hijacked by the UNSC during the RL-54 Incident. In Service


Early Life

Hela had a pretty normal childhood growing up in her clan’s more tropical beachside Keep and is the only child of one of the elder females. She is considered a gift due to her mother being thought to have been barren.

At a young age, Hela was taught to do everything a youngling was to learn. However, despite learning all this, Hela had shown great determination in learning more about fighting than in the normal ‘female’ activities, though she was taught these skills as well. She was often found either exploring the clan’s territory or bothering her uncles for practice after her chores were done as she grew older.

When she was a teenager, that she expressed a desire in joining the Covenant, stating that ‘Why wait for the enemy to come this far, if they are taken cared of before then? Is it not a female’s duty to keep the Keep safe anyways?’. However, it was after she expressed this, that others in her Keep, including her Kaidon, tried to discourage her, stating that it ‘wasn’t a female’s place to serve in such battles’. Despite this, Hela’s determination would still not be swayed, and after may tries and convincing, the ageing Kaidon finally relented, thinking that perhaps once the youngling was exposed to it that she would return safely soon.


Human-Covenant War

Great Schism

Swords of Sanghelios


Raxs 'Gatakurr


  • The name 'Hel' is taken from the Norse Goddess of the Underworld.

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