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Heavy Battle Tank-V Executioner
Production information



heavy battle tank

Technical specifications
  • 1x 120mm cannon
  • 5x missile launcher
  • 1x 15mm autocannon
  • 1x .50 machine gun
  • 1 driver
  • 1 gunner
  • 1 secondary gunner
  • Heavy Assault Vehicle
  • Anti-Vehicle Platform

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Heavy Battle Tank-V Executioner is a Vorenus heavy tank


The Heavy Battle Tank-V Executioner is a heavily armed and armored battle tank, with an appearence somewhat similar to an 21st century German Leopard II tank. The tank has a rectangular body with a frontal glacis plate with a low angle slope, and a turret with sloped sides. Mounted in the turret is a 120mm cannon easily capable of piercing the armor of a Necros compound tank, as well as co-axial 15mm autocannon and roof-mounted.50 machine gun for anti-infantry defense. The Executioner's most potent weapons, however, are five multi-purpose rocket/missile launchers capable of firing a variety of ordinance, including basic unguided high explosive rockets for use against buildings and light armor, guided anti-tank missiles capable of destroying a Necros Compound Tank, and surface to air missiles for defense against aerial threats such as Necros Carrion Gunships. Two of these launchers are located on either side of the turret, with two more on the hull of the tank, located to the rear, and a six-barreled launcher on the front of the turret.

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