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Haywood C-5 Waxbill
Production information

Haywood Aeronautical Dynamics

Technical specifications

Vehicles Manufactured by Haywood Aeronautical Dynamics INFINITYVERSE

Division of Military Manufacturing
BY-19 Fighter • F-85 Cardinal Strike FighterUH-174 Rapid Utility Support HelicopterUV-187 Raven Transport TiltrotorUV-199 Waxbill Dropship

Division of Commercial & Civilian Manufacturing
D84C-HC Auroch Dropship • UH-5 Helicopter

Division of Exoatmospheric Manufacturing
B-8107 Cruz Fighter-Bomber • C59 Archangel Starfighter • H-0488 Freighter • H-0501 Freighter • Tarblooder-class Light Frigate