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Hatchet Team, more formally styled as HATCHET Team and sometimes referred to simply as HATCHET, is a 5-man team from the Spartan III program's Gamma Company team attached to Special Warfare Group Three, with its members being dubbed as Category-II's, informally known as 'Cat-II's', under the leadership of Hannah-G233.

Hatchet team would be regarded as the 'most problematic' of the Gamma Company teams, albeit its fourth most effective team out of the entirety of the company. Behind Teams Sabre, Katana and Gladius.


  • Hatchet 1 - Hannah-G233
  • Hatchet 2 - Grisha-G110
  • Hatchet 3 - Noah-G054
  • Hatchet 4 - Ellie-G338
  • Hatchet 5 - Skye-G166



In 2542, the team that would become Hatchet team was formed by Lieutenant commander Kurt Ambrose, out of Spartan candidates that had been matched together due to their skill sets and individual effectiveness.


Post-Covenant War period

Battle Honours

  • Sol Campaign (2552-2553)
    • Battle of Earth


Hatchet Team   Hatchet Team   Hatchet Team

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