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Harvest Campaign


Human-Covenant War


February 3, 2525 - February, 2531






Flag of the United Nations Unified Earth Government

Halo1 - Covenant Symbol Covenant Empire


Preston Cole
Alexander Reeves
Hans Gordon
Yolanda López
Azad Barzani
Maribeau Veredi
Joesph Ponder
Jilan al-Cygni

Bero 'Wattinree
Zhar 'Karsomee
Rhel 'Jatnai
Thel 'Mantakree
Ripa 'Moramee


The Harvest Campaign was a series of engagements during the early years of the Human-Covenant War, lasting from 2525 to 2531. Fought near and on the partially razed world of Harvest, the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant Empire committed major resources in their struggle to claim the planet. After years of battle and tremendous losses on both sides, the Covenant finally quit Epsilon Indi entirely and withdrew from Harvest in mid-2531, allowing an exhausted United Nations Space Command to declare victory.


2525 January 17 
Action of 17 January 2525: Human special forces engage and defeat Kig-Yar missionaries, resulting in the destruction of the Covenant missionary vessel Minor Transgression.
2525 February 3 
The arrival of the Covenant light cruiser Rapid Conversion is detected by the human space station Tiara.
2525 February 11 
Attempted negotiations between representatives of the Covenant and Unified Earth Government fail and result in violence. The Human-Covenant War effectively begins.
2525 February 21-22 
Covenant light cruiser Rapid Conversion razes outlying farms and residences; Covenant forces destroy Gladsheim.
2525 February 23 
Human forces successfully evacuate Harvest.
2525 April 20 
The CMA Argo arrives in-system, but is quickly destroyed by the Rapid Conversion.
2525 October 7 
Action of 7 October 2525: CMA Battle Group 4 arrives near Harvest and is engaged by the Covenant battleship Merciless Devotion. Frigates CMA Arabia and Vostok are immediately destroyed, while the destroyer CMA Heracles successfully flees into Slipspace.
2526 March 1 
Action of 1 March 2526: UNSC Battle Group X-Ray arrives in-system and destroys the Covenant battleship Merciless Devotion at high cost.
2526 March 3-7 
Covenant ground forces on Harvest are overwhelmed and destroyed by the 17th Marine Expeditionary Force.
2531 February 23 
All remaining Covenant forces on Harvest are eliminated.

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