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The Harmony Class Corvette is a Light Warship classification in the Colonial Navy. Known sub-classes of the corvette include the Harmony Class Corvette.


The smallest ship within the Colonial Navy, this ship has an extremely specialized role within the Colonial Military. Made for anti-fighter suites, and ground support missions this ship is the definition of an escort ship. Lightly armored for ship-to-ship combat it can still hold it's own against similarly sized vessels.

Operational history 

Commissioned in 2568, this ship has been the staple of the Colonial Navy's escorts. The Harmony Class has partaken in many operations against the Outlaws, most notably the Siege of Asteroid B-15, where 2 Harmony Class Corvettes escorted Colonial Military fighters into a Outlaw captured asteroid station.

Known ships of the line 

CMV Harmony

CMV Asterous

CMV Helios

CMV Zumwalt