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Nominations MUST follow every requirement set forth in this section HERE, refusal to do so will result in your nomination being removed from consideration. To submit an article for candidacy in the Good Articles project, please use the format seen below:

===[[ARTICLE NAME]]===
*'''Writer —''' {{Name|USERNAME}}
*'''Nominator —''' {{Name|USERNAME}}
*'''Date of Creation —''' Month Day, Year
*'''Date of Nomination —''' Month Day, Year
*'''Description —''' Describe the Good Article candidate in an effective way with as few words as possible.
*'''Why —''' In your opinion, why should this article be granted the honor of Good Article status?
*'''Status —''' The present status of the article as a Good Article candidate (FOR JUDICIARY PURPOSES ONLY!)




  • Writer — Falkeno
  • Nominator — Falkeno
  • Date of Creation — June 22, 2019
  • Date of Nomination — June 17, 2020
  • Description — An expansion of Joseph-122, a spartan who has mostly gone untouched in the community, has a habit of hurting his legs.
  • Why — It's probably my best article, but I don't know if it's actually good unless I throw it in at the deep end and see if it floats.
  • Status — Pending


  1. Support Support — You need to move the feedback template to above the lore expansion template. Examining Joseph-122 under a microscope, I noted some minor concerns but do not really take away from the quality of the article. The quotation at the top uses blockquotes rather than the quote template {{Quote|quote|source}} favored by most of the site. The intro paragraphs feature some run-on sentences that could be cut down. Your info box mentions Special Warfare Group 3 but I should point out a distinction that they're not under the UNSC Navy but under Unified Special Warfare Command, under UNICOM. Other GA members will probably not like that the Halopedia link color isn't uniform with internal site links but I don't think it's a big issue. I liked the developments that Joseph goes through with Daisy and Ralph, a nice change from other S-II archetypes that tend to forget or accept their role as Spartans. Yeah, the runaways were kind of the other end of the spectrum but I enjoy Joseph's role in the middle ground and as a sad manipulator of sorts. The good build-up for character development later which I assume reflects in your story tied to Joseph as well. Some biography sections seem rather short compared to others, and while I understand the reasoning behind some like small battle sections, I might recommend fleshing them out more or combining some to prevent smaller sections from sticking out. I feel that one of the biggest problems for Joseph-122 is a lack of images spread through the article. The images that are present are certainly full of detail but it would be a good idea to add more in my opinion. Overall I think Joseph is moving much in the right direction, it has my support. Distant Tide: Hunter - Killer
  2. Oppose Oppose — Requirements appear to check out. One thing I'd recommend changing is the opening quote, as it seems a bit silly to have Halsey peg him for a specific role at the age of six based on one trait, not accounting for his personality or having any proof of his real aptitudes. If you or anyone else is doing a read-through for revision, I'd look particularly at comma placement, as a few seem misplaced or result in run-on sentences like the second sentence in the intro. Might want to use a Quote template under Escape. I'm glad the Escape section is fleshed out so much (since it's the one canon thing we know about the character, making the most use of it justifies the article as an Expansion), especially with the reactive events in its aftermath. I think, however, that same section goes a bit too far into play-by-play detail for an article. You might try to shorten it up a bit with more general recountings of events in the spots less critical to the events. Joseph's reaction to Daisy's death was of particular interest, though it again goes into a level of detail you might want to reserve for a prose story (which it would definitely be suitable for as a subject). I think the length of those two sections are the only issues I really take with the article, but they do feel significant. The rest is done in more easily-digestible lengths, but those two are so important to the character I really want to see those cut down a bit (maybe not to as general as the rest of the article, since they're so significant) to make a consistent level of detail before approving this for GA. Refine those two a bit, and I'd happily Support it. That Damn Sniper 03:31, July 26, 2020 (UTC)


Allison Spurgeon

  • Writer — LoyalHaloFan
  • Nominator — LoyalHaloFan
  • Date of Creation — October 25, 2018
  • Date of Nomination — July 17, 2020
  • Description — A controversial Naval officer who led one of the rare large-scale military offensives against the Covenant.
  • Why — I was originally going to wait until I finished writing her before nominating her, but now that I've fallen behind on her I've decided to get it over with now and see what people still think of her a year later.
  • Status — Pending


  1. Support Support — For a time, I remembered there was a real incentive by users on Halo Fanon through 2018/2019 to create high-ranking naval officers with legendary tales of adventure. Of those that survived into 2020 due to any number of reasons, Spurgeon is certainly the most I recall though I think it may have to do with LHF's brief discussions with me regarding Spurgeon and the Interstellar Nuclear Kill Vehicle concept. Looking back at the article now, I can only remain impressed with the polish in regards to the areas that are completed. I admit I would have liked to see more post-War content and more completed section given all the evidence that much more was planned out but nothing goes finished on this site anyway so it's not like I can seriously detract from it when what's already there is more than a solid case for GA. I could comment on the link coloring inconsistency but that's just semantics of conformity to be honest. I like the article, good work - has my support. Distant Tide: Hunter - Killer
  2. Support Support — Up to length, image, and redlink requirements. One section I'd look at is the mention of the Carver findings; 'paired with' is a bit vague on how Allison's seeing things, or what meaning her conclusions have. Maybe make it so she writes a paper for an assignment on how TREBUCHET's details lend credence to the Carver Findings? I'd remove the simile "as if a train had hit her", since it sticks out in an article. Also, you might consider listing her role on-ship in her list of postings, as Weapons Systems Engineer on the Kepler and Communications Liaison on the Hopeful, since it'd kind of plot her rise in station through the course of her career as it tracks what ship she was on. Overall, though, my complaints are pretty minor. There's a well-expanded bio tied into effects of canon events, a sizeable chunk of content in other sections (including separating out Personal Life from a bio focused on her military career, a neat adaption of format you'd see on real-world military officers' Wikipedia entries), and a healthy but well-balanced amount of images, tables, and more. I'm for it. That Damn Sniper 04:35, July 27, 2020 (UTC)


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