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HFWA Annual Award Logo.png
HFWA Annual Award Logo.png
Eleventh Annual Halo Fanon Wikia Awards 2018
December 1st, 2018 — December 31st, 2018
The Winners

Mythic Article of the Year: Andra-D054 by Distant Tide
Legendary Article of the Year: The Silent Garden by Distant Tide
Heroic Article of the Year: 'Grono 'Yendam by UnggoyZealot

Best SPARTAN of the Year: Andra-D054 by Distant Tide
Best UNSC Personnel of the Year: Allison Spurgeon by LoyalHaloFan
Best Sangheili Character of the Year: Grono 'Yendam by UnggoyZealot
Best Third-Party Faction Character of the Year: Elena Zaytseva by Timothy Emeigh

Best Technology of the Year: Interstellar Nuclear Kill Vehicle by Distant Tide
Best Vehicle of the Year: Transcendent Passage by DirgeOfCerberus111, Distant Tide and Sev40

Best Location of the Year: Jaeter by Marv242, Distant Tide and Reluctant.Shard
Best Organization of the Year: Republic of Levosia by Minuteman 2492

Best Concept of the Year: The Silent Garden by Distant Tide
Best Canon Expansion of the Year: SPARTAN-II Program, Class II by S-D379
Best Collaboration of the Year: RP: Imperium by Brodie-001

Best Novel of the Year: Halo: Oversight by Brodie-001
Best Short Fiction of the Year: Halo: The Final Visit by slowfuture

Best Writer of the Year: Distant Tide
Breakthrough User of the Year: UnggoyZealot

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