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First Annual Halo Fanon Wikia Awards (2008)
December 1, 2008 — January 1, 2009
The Winners

Best Article of the Year: Kimberly Ivy Blackburn by RelentlessRecusant

Best SPARTAN of the Year: Simon-G294 by Actene
Best Marine of the Year: Arnold Leroy Lewis Junior by Sgt.johnson
Best Navy Character of the Year: Kimberly Ivy Blackburn by RelentlessRecusant
Best Covenant Character of the Year: Novus by The parkster
Best Civilian of the Year: Kam Nadiah by WikiReaper
Best Starship of the Year: Heimdall-class Frigate by Ajax 013
Best Planetary Vehicle of the Year: M820A Scorpion Main Battle Tank by Ajax 013
Best Weapon of the Year: M56 Hypervelocity Intelligent Missile/Anti Tank by Ajax 013
Best Technology of the Year: M4A2 Body Armour by Ajax 013
Best Event of the Year: Human History by Subtank
Best Location of the Year: Arizona III by Rotaretilbo
Best Organization of the Year: Jennings & Rall by Delta Team Curt

Best Roleplay of the Year: Battle of Kanna by Ajax 013
Best Novel of the Year: Halo 3: Ascension by Dragonclaws
Best Collaboration of the Year: Necros Collaboration by Ajax 013

Best Writer of the Year: Ajax 013

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