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The Annual Halo Fanon Wikia Awards (abbr. HFWA) is a community-wide competition that takes place every December to determine the best articles written throughout the year by its community, also voted upon by its community. Its basic concept was adapted from Star Wars Fanon's Wiki Awards in 2008, and is now a regular event at the end of every year.



  • Placement
Annual Award Mythic Mythic
Annual Award Legendary Legendary
Annual Award Heroic Heroic
  • Characters
Annual Award Best Spartan Best SPARTAN
Annual Award Best UNSC Personnel Best UNSC Personnel
Annual Award Best Sangheili Character Best Sangheili Character
Annual Award Best Third-Party Character Best Third-Party Faction Character
  • Technologies
Annual Award Best Vehicle Best Vehicle
Annual Award Best Technology Best Technology
  • Societal
Annual Award Best Event Best Event
Annual Award Best Location Best Location
Annual Award Best Organization Best Organization
  • Miscellaneous
Annual Award Unique Concept Best Concept
Annual Award Best Canon Expansion Best Canon Expansion
Annual Award Best Collaboration Best Collaboration
  • Stories
Annual Award Best Novel Best Novel
Annual Award Best Short Fiction Best Short Fiction
  • Users
Annual Award Best Writer Best Writer
Annual Award Breakthrough User Breakthrough User


  • Best Marine — Merged with Best UNSC Personnel
  • Best Navy Character — Merged with Best UNSC Personnel
  • Best Roleplay — Merged with Best Collaboration
  • Best Starship — Merged with Best Vehicle
  • Best Weapon — Merged with Best Technology
  • Best Civilian — Merged with Best Unaffiliated Character
  • Best Unaffiliated — Merged with Best Third-Party Character
  • Best Location — Merged with Best Concept
  • Best Alternative Fiction — Merged with Best Novel/Best Short Fiction
  • Best Covenant Character — Split between Best Sangheili Character and Best Third-Party Character


Articles denoted by a † indicate the article has been deleted since its win.

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