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2552: Operation Red Flag is a success and the Covenant makes a peace treaty with humanity 2553: The SPARTAN-IV's are putted into service to combat remaining Covenant splinter groups and Rebels 2554: Humanity finds a ring shaped construct code named Halo by ONI and ONI Operatives are sent to study this artifact 2555:The Covenant prophets are killed by a rouge Covenant group called the Banished and the Banished later declare war on the UNSC 2556: The Banished conquers 1/4 of the Human Colonies 2557: The UNSC deploys the SPARTAN-II's and UNSC Infinity, Strident, Forward Unto Dawn, In Amber Clad and Pillar of Autumn to take back planets conquered by the Banished but are never heard from again 2558: The Banished find Reach and glass half of planet 2559: The UNSC defends the rest of the Epsilon Eradani system until they are pushed back to Earth and the Sol System 2560: SPARTAN-IV's and III's are deployed to fight off the Banished but these attempts were not successful 2561 [Current Year}: The UNSC is on the brink of loosing the war and currently prepare to launch their final assault on the Banished


UNSC-Autumn//October 13th 2561//En-route to Harvest

"Senior Chief Petty Officer Valdez-B013 and all SPARTAN-IV personnel please head to docking bay alpha" The ships Captain said on the ship radio normally the radio was just full of daily notices but today was different and Valdez knew that. The tall SPARTAN-III walked through the entrance to the hangar bay full of Spartans and a platoon of Helljumpers "Senior Chief Petty Officer on deck!" the platoon Staff Sergeant yelled as him and his Helljumpers saluted the Spartan "At ease, Staff Sergeant." Valdez said as he caught a glimpse of the Captain and rushed towards the Captain's location "Sir... SPARTAN-B013 reporting in as requesting." Valdez said "At ease Spartan" the Captain sounded worried as he spoke to the Spartan "I hope you and these men and women are ready to fight off the Banished" "Their ready." Valdez said straight away "Good i hope so." The Captain said as walked up to the podium "ATTENTION!!!" the Staff Sergeant roared "Ok, Laddies and Gentlemen this is Harvest" a Navy Crewman putted a chip into a computer and a hologram of Harvest showed up "You might know this planet as it was the planet that the Covenant invaded, the Banished are making their copy cat Covenant weapons on this planet.. We're going to take back this planet and use their own weapons against them. Am i right?!" "Sir, yes sir!" the ships crew roared and the ODST's got into their drop pods while the Spartans go into pelicans "It's show time" Valdez said as he walked inside a drop od.

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