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It is the Ninth Age of Reclamation, a hopeful period for the Covenant, and the culmination of the war grows near. In just two months, two Halos have been found, only for some impedment by the Humans to prevent the launch of their Journey. Some, high above, cherish its arrival. Others, down below, think only day by day. Honcha was one of them.

Then an accident occurred, on a foolish bet with traitorous foes, and things took turn for the worse. For Honcha, it was a death nearly escaped from him, a respite from this nightmare that slipped right out of grasp. But then he will discover that the accident that nearly cost him his life shall be the event that will allow to keep it when all others won't, and that same life he no longer valued shall become the life he will fight to defend, to restore it to those whose death was undeserved, lost in exchange for the culmination of their Journey.

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Chapter Index

Chapter 1:Honcha at High Charity

Chapter 2:The Keyship and The Mourner

Chapter 3:The Mountain Pushers

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