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In Halo: Warhunt, players have the ability to customize their Spartan and Sangheili armors. Armor customization includes leggings, wrist pieces, chestplates, shoulder pads, and helmets for Spartans, and full armor sets for Sangheili. There are 25 different types of Spartan helmets, 46 helmet attachments, 7 chestplate permutations, 6 forearm types, 8 leggings, 7 visor colors, and 9 shoulder pads and 6 wrist pieces that can both be fitted individually, with each arm having a different one. There are also 10 Sangheili armor sets. Finally, there are 24 character voices that can be used in Firefight and Warzone. 12 are human voices, and the other 12 are Sangheili.

Armor Sets

Spartan Armor

Spartan Helmets

Name Description Rank to Buy Requirements
Achilles One of the most coveted sets in the Mjolnir lineup, Achilles is extremely dangerous to use because of its built-in AI. Recruit Achievement Unlock: "Don't Ever Let Go" (Complete the Campaign on Legendary Solo)
Air Assault The GEN 2 version of Air Assault improves upon the previous iteration with the ability to fight well groundside. Warrant Officer 40,000 Credits
Aviator Aviator is a substitute for the GEN 1 Pilot Mjolnir, and is manufactured by Hannibal Weapon Systems. Colonel 90,000 Credits
Commando Originally reserved for team leaders and tactical command operatives, Commando is now more widespread among the Spartan Branch. Commander 100,000 Credits
EOD EOD's GEN 2 iteration is considered more durable and structurally integral than the GEN 1 version. Sergeant 25,000 Credits
EVA Both GENs of EVA have been the prime armor for exra-vehicular combat. Major 40,000 Credits
Fotus Dubiously recognizable with its spiked torque-node, Fotus is one of the rarest armors in the Spartan Branch. Recruit Achievement Unlock: "Hero's Testament" (Complete the Campaign on Heroic)
Gungnir With enhanced video optics, Gungnir is a prime choice among Spartans that favor the powerful Spartan Laser. Brigadier 250,000 Credits
HAZOP Manufactured by the infamous Acheron Security, HAZOP is designed for use in hazardous environments. Corporal 14,000 Credits
Helljumper A Spartan remake of the equipment used by Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, Helljumper lacks in few areas. Private 2,500 Credits
Mark IV The GEN 2 equivalent of the first Mjolnir armor, Mark IV is one of the armors preferred by Spartan IIs. Brigadier 300,000 Credits
Mark V Mark V was a powerful improvement upon the original Mark IV armor, giving the user a personal energy shield and the ability to store AI directly inside their helmet. General 400,000 Credits
Mark VI An iconic armor used by the Master Chief, Mark VI is another popular choice by Spartans. Myth 500,000 Credits
Operator GEN 2 Operator is designed for use in unconventional warfare. Sergeant 15,000 Credits
Orbital Made with the incentive of improving upon the more common EVA, Orbital is a newer line of armor used by Spartan IVs. Lieutenant Commander 50,000 Credits
Pathfinder Pathfinder is designed to last in hostile terrain for prolonged periods of time. Lieutenant Commander 60,000 Credits
Raider Raider's feral look is meant to catch enemies off guard. Private 1,000 Credits
Recon GEN 2 Recon is commonly used for scouting and reconnaissance, with higher resiliency than its predecessor. Commander 100,000 Credits
Recruit The default armor configuration used by new Spartan IVs. Default Default
Scout Designed to navigate the battlefield, GEN 2 Scout varies in looks from its GEN 1 counterpart. Captain 40,000 Credits
Sentinel Drawing heavy inspiration from the armor of Sangheili Honor Guards, Sentinel-class Mjolnir was purposed for defense of human delegates during various meetings between the UEG and Swords of Sanghelios. Commander DLC Purchase, 100,000 Credits
Shikari SHIKARI-Class MJOLNIR represents a significant step forward for the operational capabilities of autonomous action groups and rogue-element engagement. Recruit Achievement Unlock: "Big Game Shikari" (Kill a Shikari Spartan in Warzone)
Soldier After Recruit, Soldier is one of the most common armor sets donned by Spartan IVs. Warrant Officer 30,000 Credits
Warrior Similar in looks and function to Soldier, Warrior is however more risky to use due to its high sensitivity, and as such is less common. Major 45,000 Credits
War Master A more rugged design, War Master is made for encounters in any type of battle. Recruit Achievement Unlock: "Finished the Fight" (Complete the Campaign on Normal)
Helmet Attachments
Name Description Prerequisites Requirements
Achilles: HUL Traditional Hardened Uplink module in replacement of default HERCULES node. Achilles Helmet Achievement Unlock: A Zealot's Equal (Defeat Grono 'Yendam on Legendary without dying in "The Field Master")
Achilles: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant of base Achilles helmet. Achilles Helmet, HUL Achievement Unlock: The stuff of Myths (Complete a Campaign Level on Legendary with all skulls on)
Air Assault: CNM Command Network Module. Personal configuration of Spartan B-320. Air Assault Helmet 4,000 Credits
Air Assault: HD-II/HUL 2nd generation up-armored variant with Hardened Uplink module. Air Assault Helmet, CNM 6,000 Credits
Aviator: CNM Command Network Module. Standard issue to UNSC Spartan pilots. Aviator Helmet 9,000 Credits
Aviator: FC-I Command Network Module - Improved; external Hardened Uplink. Recommended for high-risk pilots only. Aviator Helmet, CNM 14,000 Credits
Commando: HUL[3] 3rd generation Hardened Uplink attached. Personal configuration of Spartan A-259. Commando Helmet 10,000 Credits
Commando: FC-I[2] Second generation up-armored variant with external Command Network Module and 3rd generation Hardened Uplink module. Commando Helmet, HUL(3) 15,000 Credits
EOD: HUL Hardened Uplink module. For when the messes need to be cleaned up. EOD Helmet 2,500 Credits
EOD: FC-I Removed CBRN apparatus in favor of 2nd generation up-armored variant, Command Network Module, and 3rd generation Hardened Uplink module. EOD Helmet, HUL 4,000 Credits
EVA: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Removes the viability of the term 'bubblehead'. EVA Helmet 4,000 Credits
EVA: [C] Hand-carved skull engraved on the visor to scare enemies senseless. Used by Spartan-A239. EVA Helmet, HD-II Achievement Unlock: Genocide (Kill one thousand enemies in Firefight)
Fotus: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Fotus Helmet Achievement Unlock: United We Stand (Complete "Joint-Occupation" on Heroic without letting any civilians die)
Fotus: EDS Enemy Distraction System installed for sustained operations. Makes up for the Torque node's weaknesses. Fotus Helmet, HD-II Achievement Unlock: Priority (Defeat the Promethean Knight Commandos without killing any of their minions in "Promethean")
Gungnir: CBRN CBRN module attached for operations in hazard zones. Gungnir Helmet 25,000 Credits
Gungnir: EDS Enemy Distraction System installed for sustained operations. Gungnir Helmet, CBRN 35,000 Credits
HAZOP: CBRN CBRN module attached for operations in hazard zones. HAZOP Helmet 1,500 Credits
HAZOP: CNM-I Command Network Module - Improved; upgraded variant of the standard-issue CNM unit. HAZOP Helmet 2,500 Credits
Helljumper: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Helljumper Helmet 1,000 Credits
Helljumper: CBRN/EDS CBRN module attached for operations in hazardous zones; Enemy Distractions System installed for sustained operations. Helljumper Helmet, HD-II 1,500 Credits
Mark IV: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Mark IV Helmet 30,000 Credits
Mark IV: FC-I[2] Second generation up-armored variant with external Command Network Module and Hardened Uplink module. Mark IV Helmet, HD-II 45,000 Credits
Mark V: CNM Command Network Module; standard issue to UNSC Spartan invaders. Mark V Helmet 40,000 Credits
Mark V: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Mark V Helmet, CNM 60,000 Credits
Mark VI: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Mark VI Helmet 50,000 Credits
Mark VI: Scarred Marred by years of conflict and bless by an abundance of luck. Used by Spartan-117. Mark VI Helmet, HD-II Achievement Unlock: God Slayer (Kill a Mythic Boss in Warzone)
Operator: HUL Hardened Uplink module; for close quarters. Operator Helmet 1,500 Credits
Operator: EDS Removed CNM-I module in favor of Enemy Distraction System installed for sustained operations. Operator Helmet, HUL 2,500 Credits
Orbital: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Orbital Helmet 5,000 Credits
Orbital: HD-II/CNM 2nd generation up-armored variant with Command Network Module. Orbital Helmet, HD-II 7,500 Credits
Pathfinder: HUL-I Hardened Uplink module - Improved; upgraded variant of the standard issue HUL unit. Pathfinder Helmet 6,000 Credits
Pathfinder: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Pathfinder Helmet, HUL-I 9,000 Credits
Raider: EDS Enemy Distraction System installed for sustained operations. Raider Helmet 1,000 Credits
Raider: CRBN CBRN module attached for operations in hazard zones. Raider Helmet, EDS 1,500 Credits
Recon: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Recon Helmet 10,000 Credits
Recon: HUL/CBRN Hardened Uplink module; CBRN module attached for operations in hazard zones. Recon Helmet, HD-II 15,000 Credits
Recruit: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. Recruit Helmet 500 Credits
Recruit: HD-II/CNM 2nd generation up-armored variant and Command Network Module. Recruit Helmet, HD-II 1,000 Credits
Scout: CBRN CBRN module attached for operations in hazard zones. Scout Helmet 4,000 Credits
Scout: CBRN/HU/RS CBRN module attached for operations in hazard zones; Hardened Uplink/Remote Sensor package. Scout Helmet, CBRN 6,000 Credits
Soldier: HU/RS Hardened Uplink/Remote Sensor package attached for transmission feed. Soldier Helmet 3,000 Credits
Soldier: HD-II/EDS 2nd generation up-armored variant with Enemy Distraction System installed for sustained operations. Soldier Helmet, HU/RS 4,500 Credits
Warrior: HD-II/CBRN 2nd generation up-armored variant with CBRN module attached for operations in hazard zones. Warrior Helmet 4,500 Credits
Warrior: FC-I 2nd generation up-armored variant with Command Network Module and 3rd generation Hardened Uplink module. Warrior Helmet, HD-II/CBRN 7,500 Credits
War Master: HD-II 2nd generation up-armored variant. War Master Helmet Achievement Unlock: Shortcut (Board a Banshee and fly it to the Lich in "Once more unto the Breach")
War Master: HD-II/HUL[3] 2nd generation up-armored variant with 3rd generation Hardened Uplink module. War Master Helmet, HD-II Achievement Unlock: Straight to the Source (Use a Broadsword to destroy the secret Lich in "Boarding Action")

Spartan Shoulder Pads

Name Description Rank to Buy Requirements
Aviator Tested along with the rest of the Aviator suit, the shoulder pads are made to protect damage to the collar bone in the event of a crash. Sergeant 6,000 Credits
CD-IV Designed for the same use as the faceshield of the GRENADIER chestplate, the CD-IV shoulder pad has been modified for use on any harness. Major 10,000 Credits
Mark VI Considered strong, even for Mjolnir, the Mark VI shoulder protection is used for more risky engagements. Private 1,000 Credits
Orbital Modeled off of the pauldrons found on GEN 1 COMMANDO suits, Orbital is suitable in extravehicular activity for its sturdiness, which reduces the chance of an operative being knocked off of their feet in the event that a shoulder pad is hit. Sergeant 5,000 Credits
Recon Smaller than most shoulder pads, Recon protection is designed not to be bulky, as to promote the stealth aspect of the armor. Corporal 4,000 Credits
Recruit Standard protection for the shoulders is required for all Spartan IV inductees. Default Default
Sentinel Sentinel shoulder pads are adorned in large, ceremonial spikes, based on those of the Sangheili Honor Guards. Captain DLC Purchase, 10,000 Credits
Shikari Passive autonomous sensor suites and ceramo-metal exoskeletal plates serve as the hallmark of any SHIKARI operative utilising these pauldrons. Recruit Achievement Unlock: "Big Game Shikari" (Kill a Shikari Spartan in Warzone)
Soldier While advanced, SOLDIER pauldrons are simple in design, as not to draw attention to the wearer. This contributes to the shoulder pad type being chosen to be configured into custom armor sets for Headhunter operatives. Corporal 3,000 Credits

Spartan Chestplates

Name Description Rank to Buy Requirements
GRENADIER While the first prototypes of GRENADIER chestplates contained drums that housed power supplies for early energy shields, the current iteration's drum is designed to carry a much more powerful shield than that of its predecessor. Commander 25,000 Credits
HAZOP The HAZOP chestplate is designed with a built-in Unit A-7X43 Oxygen Filtration System for hazardous environments. Sergeant 4,000 Credits
Mark VI Originally able to hold 90 minutes of oxygen, the vastly improved Mark VI is more durable and can hold much more. Major 15,000 Credits
Orbital The Orbital chestplate is constructed with a tow-grip cable for stabilization. Private 400 Credits
Recon Built to stay off of sensors, the Recon harness is made with an infrared sensor modulator. Corporal 600 Credits
Recruit Equipped with standard folds, the Recruit chestplate allows for more mobility with new Spartans. Default Default
Soldier Soldier chestplates have a unique case structure, extending their combat sustainability. Warrant Officer 6,000 Credits

Spartan Forearms

Name Description Rank to Buy Requirements
FT-1 Pipeline The FT-1 Pipeline forearms were developed by Naphtali Contracot Corporation in conjunction with the XV-27 Shifting wrists. Captain 5,000 Credits
Inner-Plated The Inner-Plated wrists are designed cope with internal injuries. Private 400 Credits
Outer-Plated The Outer-Plated wrists are manufactured to provide dense armor to external threats. Corporal 600 Credits
Recruit The Recruit forearms provide vanilla armor capacity. Default Default
Twin-Plated The Twin-Plated wrists provide a pair of miniature deflector shields along the forearms. Sergeant 1,000 Credits
XV-27 Shifting The XV-27 Shifting forearms were tested to great lengths in the Buffalo Breaker Yards before being approved for use. Warrant Officer 3,000 Credits

Spartan Wrist Pieces

Name Description Rank to Buy Requirements
Dagger Many Spartan melee combatants find it easier to kill enemies when their weapon is just mounted to their wrist, rather than having to fetch from elsewhere. Colonel 30,000 Credits
Datapad When Spartans need information that VISR can't give them, they often turn to personal datapads. Commander 25,000 Credits
Dermal The dermal plates mounted on the wrists of Spartan Helljumpers provide a level of aerodynamics as well as an extra layer of armor. Sergeant 10,000 Credits
Gauntlet Used as heavy armor by Spartan operators in combat zones. Captain 15,000 Credits
Recruit Most new Spartan inductees leave their wrists barren until they find a specialty. Default Default
Watch Some Spartans just need to know the time. Major 20,000 Credits

Spartan Leggings

Name Description Rank to Buy Requirements
Assault The successor to GEN 1 Sapper pieces, Assault leggings come with all the offensive utilities a Spartan needs. Colonel 75,000 Credits
Breacher CQC operators keep their equipment at the hip when using GEN 2 Mjolnir suits. Major 15,000 Credits
Dagger With the addition of chest folds and energy drums to many GEN 2 armor sets, the presence of a melee weapon must be moved elsewhere. Commander 25,000 Credits
Grenadier Heavy armor for extreme operations. Lieutenant Colonel 50,000 Credits
Holster Spartans situated for dual-wielding small arms often find this all-encompassing holster set useful. Lieutenant Commander 20,000 Credits
Mark VI Having endured throughout the years, Mark VI is a common legging choice for Spartan-IIs and IIIs. Warrant Officer 10,000 Credits
Promethean So fades the great harvest of my betrayal. Brigadier 100,000 Credits
Recruit While not as specialized as other leggings, Recruit provides favorable protection for new members of the Spartan branch. Default Default

Sangheili Armor Sets

Name Description Rank to Buy Requirements
Storm Cry in thunder, strike in lightning. Default Default
Commander Every lance needs a leader. Corporal 2,500 Credits
Ranger Few would dare to face death head-on. Sergeant 10,000 Credits
Warrior Fight until the last. Warrant Officer 20,000 Credits
Zealot We are their instrument. Captain 30,000 Credits
Supreme Commander The Didact's Hand. Major 50,000 Credits
Kaidon Victory to clan and kin. Lieutenant Commander 100,000 Credits
Ultra Honor is guaranteed in a glorious death. Recruit Achievement Unlock: "Short on Time" (Defeat Kyro 'Dezan in under one sixty seconds on "The Last Stand")
Arbiter The Prophets' Will be done. Recruit Achievement Unlock: "Legends aren't Simply Born" (Complete the Campaign on Legendary)
Honor Guard Defenders of the Prophets' Light. Commander DLC Purchase, 200,000 Credits

Visor Colors

Name Description Rank to Buy Requirements
Bronze Beginner's luck. Default Default
Red Roses are red. Sergeant 10,000 Credits
Blue Violets are blue. Sergeant 10,000 Credits
Green Green is the Demon that's coming for you. Sergeant 10,000 Credits
Silver Second to none. Captain 30,000 Credits
Black Shadows in the night. Lieutenant Commander 75,000 Credits
Gold Fit for a king. Colonel 150,000 Credits

Firefight/Warzone Voices

Name Description Species Requirements
Cadence While he's a fun guy to drink with, you don't want to fight him on the battlefield. Human 50,000 Credits
Caliber Five The mystery man/woman. Human Default
Cortana [AI] She picks them well. Too bad for this would-be dictator. Human 100,000 Credits
CPT Brooks The captain of a ship well-maintained through vigor. Human 10,000 Credits
Grono 'Yendam A feared Covenant Field Master infamous across the Join-Occupation Zone for his cruelty. Sangheili 75,000 Credits
Jacques The perfect wingman for any date. Human 25,000 Credits
John-117 He'll finish the fight. Human 150,000 Credits
Julia She likes more intel with her intel. Human 25,000 Credits
Jul 'Mdama The Hand of the Didact, a cunning commander and tactician. Sangheili 50,000 Credits
Kyro 'Dezan A raging proponent for the return of the Covenant Empire, and a dreaded warrior in combat. Sangheili 25,000 Credits
Liana Do NOT engage. She'll tear you apart! Human 25,000 Credits
Locke The light is green for this hunter. Human 75,000 Credits
MSGT Burns Insult his ass, and you'll do push-ups 'til you puke. Human 10,000 Credits
Nak 'Yendam Once an arrogant aristocrat, the Swords of Sanghelios Field Master transitioned into a supporter of freedom and liberty. Sangheili 50,000 Credits
Oln 'Parvam A relatively obscure but respected Fleet Master in the Swords of Sanghelios. Sangheili 10,000 Credits
Rach 'Iltuk A Commander with a surprisingly large amount of authority, he hunts his enemies for sport. Sangheili 10,000 Credits
Ripa 'Moramee Fueled by fervor and arrogance, the former Arbiter met his downfall at his own blade. Sangheili 100,000 Credits
Rtas 'Vadum The Half-Jaw's tenacity makes up for his lack of mandibles. Sangheili 100,000 Credits
Sangheili A strong member of a proud species. Sangheili Default
Sesa 'Refumee Once a Special Operations Officer, the Heretic fell from grace and paid the price for it. Sangheili 25,000 Credits
SGTMAJ Johnson He'll give them a belly full of lead and a pool of their own blood to drown in! Human 100,000 Credits
Souzou 'Calot An expert pilot in the trade of Liches. Sangheili 10,000 Credits
Thel 'Vadam Kaidon, Supreme Commander, Arbiter, Liberator. These are the titles given to the leader of the Swords of Sanghelios. Sangheili 150,000 Credits
Titanium One She keeps her Achilles AI in line. Damn! Human 10,000 Credits


  • When the CD-IV shoulder pad is equipped, due to its location on the chestplate instead of shoulders, the player wears the default Recruit shoulder pad below the CD-IV.
  • Due to being the only Sangheili armor set to have a visor, the Ranger harness is affected by the choice of visor color akin to Spartan helmets.
  • The total price of all armor pieces in the game sums up to 5,057,000 Credits.
  • Big thanks to SilverLastname for allowing the Shikari armor set to be used.
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