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Halo: Vendetta
"There is a difference between a crazed gunman and an assassin. One is a job, and the other... a mental sickness..."
Protagonist {{{protagonist}}}
Author Stel 'Vadam, co-writers SPARTAN-118 and Gruntijackal
Date Published Finished in September 2010
Length 10 chapters+ 1 prolouge and an alternate ending
Previous Story None, Halo: Honor and Reconciliation (Rola 'Vadam trilogy)
Next Story Halo: Sangheili Brothers, Reach (Rola 'Vadam trilogy)

Halo: Vendetta is a story co-written by Stel' Vadam, Gruntijackal and SPARTAN-118. It follows the events of two Sangheili, Stel 'Vadam and Ral 'Daman attempting to assassinate a Jiralhanae Chieftain, Keflus, the successor to Tartarus. After that, they seek to destroy the Jiralhanae once, and for all.

And years before, on the planet of Reach; brother to the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, Rola 'Vadam seeks to uncover the secrets that the Covenant have kept since it's creation.


Cast of Halo: Vendetta
Stel 'Vadam | Ral 'Daman | Ryil 'Drean | Tir-D-yar | Beracus | Kor-D-yar | Doug-103
Rochelle-108 | Delmond Conagher | Rola 'Vadam | Prophet of Truth | Prophet of Mercy | Prophet of Regret | Tartarus | Keflus | Hidden Librarian | John Doe | David Huntsman
Ivan Reznov | Scott Baker | Holz Richtofen | Yer-T-sol | Bur-T-der
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thumb|300px|left|The COD:WAW Song that is generally seen as the "theme" for Halo: Vendetta.



//9th Age of Reclamation (Covenant Calender). August 18th 2552. (UNSC Military Calender). Location: Planet of Reach, exact location unknown.//

Rola 'Vadam paced down the ever darkening caverns. He gripped his Plasma Repeater and Rifle. Slowly, Rola placed his Plasma Rifle on his side and lightly touched the rocky walls of the cave. He continued to walk across the cave, his footsteps echoeing louder as he got deeper. After another ten metres, Rola's hand flew forward. It was an open side passage. Intrigued, Rola turned to his side and entered the passage. Steathily, he moved deeper into the passage. A mumbling in the distance entered Rola's ear drum. He became to crouch towards the area, bringing out his Needle Rifle. The whispers got louder, almost understandable. A blue light reflected off the needles on his rifle. The whispers then had owners as Rola could see into the carved room. He stayed in the darkness; just. It was the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae Tartarus and another Jiralhanae Keflus. They stood before three holgraphic pods, which displayed images of the Prophet of Truth, Mercy and Regret. Tartarus eyed Truth, he took in a breath and spoke, "Noble Prophet. Is it time to eliminate the Sangheili?"

"No," Truth replied.

"But we have waited for centuries, the prophecy foretells the Sangheili betraying us soon," Tartarus complained.

"We know what the prophecy foretells and it's purpose to the Great Journey," Truth explained.

"So why can we not strike them down before they get a chance?" Tartarus barked.

"The-" Truth said being interrupted by Regret.

"The prophecy foretells that the Sangheili will betray us only after we've attacked our mutual enemy's homeworld. That is when we strike," Regret explained.

Mercy had a look of denial on his face. Although he knew the prophecy was written when the Covenant was formed, he also knew the Sangheili would never betray those who they were most loyal to them.

Keflus spoke, "So when is the time that we must kill the heretics?"

Regret replied, "Soon..." Regret turned away and the hologram vanished.

Truth then turned to Mercy, "Come, Mercy, we have a council to run."

Mercy and Truth's holograms disappeared. On High Charity, Mercy spoke to Truth, "Truth, I'm going to go back to my quarters, I've forgot an important document to the trial."

Truth eyed Mercy, then simply replied, "Ok, I'll see you at the trial."

Mercy turned around and activated his throne's teleportation grid. He reappeared in his quarters, which featured: A window, a bed, a desktop and a small area for his Throne to remain. Mercy moved towards the document, which was actually the prophecy. Mercy scanned through it. The paper was incredibly ancient and only the fragile, soft hands of the Prophets could still hold it. Mercy read through the ages of the Covenant up until the 'Age of Reclamation'. Mercy then scanned to nearly the bottom where he found the betrayal section. The writing mentioned the destruction of one of the Forerunner's most sacred monuments, Halo. Following this Sangheili started to betray the Covenant were they were stationed on a gas mine in the wreckage of the relic. Mercy then read on; the sheet stated that loyal Sangheili were sent to destroy the Heretics, lead by a disgraced Sangheili. Mercy sighed, Truth and Regret were oblivious to the fact that the Sangheili wouldn't actually betray the Covenant.

Back on Reach, Keflus spoke to his Chieftain, "So how long must we fight with these honor crazed betrayers?"

"Not long, Keflus," Tartarus anwsered. Rola quickly rushed back, he leapt back into the main cave and towards the exit. Stel and his squad stood at the entrance, fighting off human soldiers. As Rola called out to Stel, a Scorpion Tank missed Stel narrowly and hit the cave entrance. Rola rushed, reaching out his hand, trying to get their attention. Rola then looked in horror as the cave's entrance collapsed and his brother was out of sight. Rola looked shocked, "Now my race will never know about the true plans of the Jiralhanae."

Rola looked into the distance, and actually noticed that the cave looked very 'Forerunner like' and slowly walked down. Five minutes later, Tartarus and Keflus boarded their nearby Banshee's and flew away. The Banshee's flew into the distance as the setting sun vanished from sight...

Chapter 1: Awakening

//1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender). Late November 2553 (UNSC Military Calender). Location: City of Hurol, in the State of Daman//

Ral 'Daman's eyes began to open. The musky fog almost blinding his vision. Ral blinked trying to clear the dull, grey cloud from his face. Ral looked to his left, a Sangheili lay, his back towards Ral. Ral gradually forced himself to move and tapped the Sangheili, "Come on, we need to move."

The Elite lay silent, and didn't respond. Ral then grabbed his shoulder pad and pulled the Sangheili towards him. Ral's eyes then widened nearly to the point of ripping. Half of the warrior's face was crushed, blood slowly oozing from his eyes. Ral looked around him, dozens of his fellow warriors lay dormant, mutilated by the Jiralhanae. Suddenly, a footstep crushed a nearby branch, Ral quickly went to activate his Active Camouflage; hoping it still worked. He looked at his arm as it flickered away into the air. Ral compressed himself to the ground. A nearby pack of the mounstrous Jiralhanae came up to the fountain. The Jiralhanae were hairy abberations protected by poorly crafted armor which broke upon impact. They wielded the deadly Type-25 Grenade Launcher, also known as the Brute Shot to the humans. The other two behind the main brute wielded the deadly Spikers. The bayonets on both sides could slice straight through a Sangheili's armor and penetrate the skin. The main Brute made a rough bark, Ral didn't understand it. The Jiralhanae communicated through rough barks and gravely voices. The two Jiralhanae stepped into the fountain area. They both reached for their sides and grabbed another spiker. The two pushed around the Sangheili bodies, checking to see if any were merely wounded. The Brute commander then suddenly said something understandable, "Follow behind me when you've finished with your objective."

"Yes, sir!" they both barked. The brute on the left walked straight towards Ral. Ral slowly shuffled towards the fountain, trying to be as silent as possible. The Jiralhanae lifted up the Sangheili with the crushed face, he made a quiet chuckle and threw the lifeless body straight towards Ral. The body collided with Ral and he fell to the floor, his active camouflage almost disabling. The brute turned around and his comrade prepared to leave the area. Ral pushed the body off of him and moved towards the back of them. Suddenly, another living Sangheili appeared from camouflage and stared at Ral. Ral then noticed his own camouflage had deactivated. The Sangheili was none other than Stel 'Vadam, brother of the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam and the peaceful Rola 'Vadam. Stel lifted his finger to his mandibles, indicating silence. He pulled out an energy blade, a knife equivilant to the Energy Sword. Stel motioned his head towards the leaving brutes. Ral noticed immediately and quickly moved towards Stel. They swiftly crept up towards the two Brutes and with two cunning strikes, the Brute's throats were slit as Ral and Stel covered their cries of pain. Ral looked at Stel as he whispered, "Come with me. I need your help."

Stel and Ral started crawling over to a opening in the fountain as the Brute commander saluted his troops.

"Do what i say...and we can avenge this massacre."

"Over there...that is the Chieftain Keflus, responsible for Hurol City's misery and successor to the Chieftain Tartarus. For two days, i have hunted him. For two days alone, luck has saved the barstard's life."

"Due to the injury on my hand, which cost me a finger, you will have to take the shot."

Stel quietly handed his Type-50 Sniper Rifle System, also known as the Beam Rifle, to Ral.

"Charge your Rifle, but hold your fire. Wait until the Banshees are directly overhead..."

"The sound of their engines will drown out the shots on the Brute troops.".

Ral grabbed the Beam Rifle and looked through it's sight. He could see a Jiralhanae stalker communicating with a Major. Ral zoomed in the sight, he could see a Sangheili checking the window, but to his demise, another Stalker noticed him and threw an incendiary grenade into the building. The Sangheili began shaking his arms rapidly, then he noticed a female Sangheili and a child screaming and running up the gravity lift, using the rifle just given to them by her husband to destroy it. The fire began to spread. An almost camouflaged Phantom appeared through the fog. It's light were like a beam of annhilation to any darkness. The Phantom lowered and emmited a gravity lift, which was like a enchanting glow. The stalker rushed up along with one of his comrades. This left a Major, a Stalker and two Minors. Taking out the Stalker was his top priority.

Ral looked up towards the cloud of grey and burnt gases. He then noticed, just as Stel had predicted, Banshees flying straight ahead, covering the noise in the local area. Ral then quickly aimed down the sight and aimed for the head of both the Major and Stalker. As the Major knelt down to the sitting Stalker, Ral pulled the trigger. The purple beam penetrated the soft flesh of the Major and straight into the Stalker. The two collapsed, their cries muted by the Banshees. Ral then recharged the Beam Rifle, he then aimed at the two Minors. Patiently, he waited as one of them moved infront of the other. Taking the chance, Ral fired, which struck the closest one in the back and the other in the head. Ral lowered the Beam Rifle. Stel quickly congratulated him, "Good work. But that was only the beginning."

Suddenly, a Jiralhanae Minor came into the scene with a deadly Troklon. Troklons were a Jiralahanae version to the dog, its muscle's bulged every step it took. It's pitch black claws were sharper than a razor. It's eyes showed no mercy and it had noticed Ral and Stel. Ral quickly grabbed the Type-50 Sniper and quickly aimed, the Troklon was running at over 30 miles per hour at first sight. Ral shook and fired, the Troklon's chest was ripped apart by the shot and it collapsed, slowly dying. Ral then quickly aimed his sight up and shot the Jiralhanae handler. The handler collapsed on impact. Ral lowered the gun, "It appears the brutes have introduced new forces."

"Indeed. Quickly, time to close in for the kill."

Stel grabbed a Plasma Repeater which was grasped in the hand of a dead Sangheili.

"AGH! Armored patrol. We'll have to take another way to Keflus. Over there, in the bar."

Stel and Ral rushed over to the destroyed window and jumped in.

They went inside a old, ruined house. Corpses, weapons and more equipment. Stel decided to take a pair of Jiralhanae Spikers. "I can not belive what they have done to us. Brutally murdered civilians. One day, we'll take the blood to their land. To their their blood. Let's move."

Chapter 2: Firefight

//1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender). Late November 2553 (UNSC Military Calender). City Centre of Hurol, in the State of Daman. Sanghelios.//

thumb|300px|left|The COD:WAW Song that is most accurate when played after Stel and Ral regroup with Zano 'Damat.

"Keflus is a creature of extreme habit. Every day down here, he inspects each Jiralhanae garrison."

As Stel and Ral headed for the center, Stel was nearly hit by a Jiralhanae Sniper.


Stel dived straight into the building, with the sniper still shooting at Ral.

"I'm going to draw his fire. Keep your eyes for the flash."

Stel took off his Commando Harness helmet and raised it up, with the Sniper hitting it.

"Did you see him, Ral?"

"I did. I have you now, you disgusting ANIMAL!"

Ral raised his Beam Rifle and shot the Jiralhanae Sniper right in the head, with his brain boiling and sizzling of superheated particles.

"Very good shot, Ral! Unfortunately, the patrols would of certainty heard those shots. We must move."

Stel kicked another door open and head downstairs, where Ral noticed a patrol.

"Enemy patrol Stel! Get down!"

With several Wraiths, Jiralhanae Stalkers, Majors and Minors in the crowd, one of the Stalkers noticed Ral.

"We've been spotted! GET DOWN!"

As Stel and Ral hit the floor, the Stalkers burnt the building with Firebomb Grenades.

"They're trying to burn us out! Try not to breath Ral! We must hurry!"

Ral and Stel rushed up stairs and headed for a hole in the building they could get out of, until Ral was hit by a flaming beam on top of the house. Ral attempted to lift it off him, only to burn himself. Stel rushed back and used his prosthetic arm to lift it off.

"I need you alive Ral! Let's get out of here before the Jiralhane Prowlers rip this building up!"

Ral jumped out of the window and hit the ground head first as Stel was hit by a explosion. One of the Stalkers in pursuit attempted to set Stel on fire, but not before Zano 'Damat killed them.

"Ral! We thought you were dead at the massacre at the square!"

"He was among them, but not one of them."

"Alright Stel, take Ral up to the highest building so he can cover us with sniper fire."

"Come on Ral, up the ladder."

Ral looked at the ladder, and he recognized it. He didn't know how, he took in a breath and released his fist into a flat hand. In a flash, he slammed his palm against the ladder. Suddenly, a gravity lift activated and Ral rose into the air. As he began to fall, he slowed down dramatically. He landed on the platform with a gentle thud. A Needle Rifle lay next to a dead Sangheili. Ral thought to himself how weird it was, there were thousands of Unggoy living in the city of Hurol, why weren't there any bodies or notes from them? Ral cleared that thought from his head and continued on. The Sangheili below then activated their Camouflage mechanisms. Stel pressed his hand against the lock of a shield door. Typing, Stel tried to hack into the system. Ral called out, "Stel, duck!"

Stel leapt as Ral fired a needle into the lock, which malfunctioned the shield door. The door dissipated into a plasma aroma. The two entered the room. Stel spoke to Ral, "Pick up that silenced Beam Rifle; we don't want them to know our location."

A silenced Beam Rifle, unlike it's original variant, doesn't emit a beam behind the essential 'beam center'. This made making a first strike highly stealthy. It was too bad that the gun was only designed weeks before, otherwise it could have been used for great military usage. Ral aimed down the site and his eye's widened. Three Unggoy fired their Type-33 Guided Muntion Launchers at the Jiralhanae Major. The Major dodged the bullets as they slammed against a barricade. A Brute around the corner grabbed a Spiker Grenade and chucked it behind the trio of Unggoy. The explosion caused a hail of shrapnel and smoke to cover the view. When the smoke cleared, only bits of flesh and Methane Tank wreckage remained. Ral aimed to another place, a Jiralhanae Stalker carried the corpse of a deceased Unggoy. "Put him with the rest," a Major said to him. Ral recognized that Major, it was the one that sent the two guards into the fountain. The Stalker lifted the body and chucked it through the air. The small body landed on the edge of dozens of Unggoy piled in a corner. Ral whispered to Stel, "They fought defiantly against our foe. They did not deserve such a dishonourable rest."

Stel looked at Ral, "We will avenge them, and all of our comrades they've slain. Do you see the Stalker's firebomb grenades? Shooting one will make them explode violently, incinirating anyone standing around. Choose your moment. Once you've chosen, Zano will begin his attack." Ral raised the Silenced Beam Rifle, and shot the grenade, with it exploding violently.

"HAH! I love the smell of napalm!"

"Zano and his soldiers will be moving up now. They're also calling support from several Wraiths and Shadows to come up to aid us in this slaughter." Stel took a deep breath.

Ral and Stel rushed up stairs, where Stel found something very intresting; The Type-74 Energy Rifle: basically a wonder verison of the Beam Rifle, capable of taking out almost any infantry; armoured or un-armoured. He picked it up and re-loaded the plasma charges into the Rifle.

"This Rifle only came out a week ago. This, is officially one of the most devastating weapons known to us. We must move and find a new sniper spot, the Jiralhanae would of certaintly seen us. Luckily they'll be-HOLY!"

Stel nearly got stuck with a Spike Grenade, just narrowly diving out of the way to avoid it.

"That. Was. Bloody. Close."

Ral helped him up, then both rushed down the hallway to aid Zano's troops.

"Ral, eliminate those Brutes! I'll handle the ones coming this way!"

Stel let loose his Type-74 Energy Rifle upon the Jiralhanae without using the scope; the muzzle of the Rifle shined before firing a green-blue beam, literally destroying a Trokolon's head and a Jiralhanae's leg.


Another Troklon leapt onto Ral, nearly biting into his neck; not before Stel killed the remaining Jiralhanae and dived to the Troklon, raising his Energy Blade into the vicious attacker's neck.

"Get up Ral; it's time to move. Zano and the others have cleared-"

Several Ghosts, with Unggoy in them, and two Wraiths bashed their way through a wall in the street; these were the reinforcements Zano was talking about.

"More troops? Thank the Forerunners for the reinforcements, Zano."

Stel and Ral head through the door to a building which would be the perfect sniping spot for Keflus.

"Alright, take my Energy Rifle; we want to make sure he's dead."

Stel handed his Energy Rifle to Ral; who mounted it on the window.

"Wait for the right moment; Keflus will try to run. Zano and his soldiers will take out the remaining Jiralhanae soldiers."

Keflus rain for a destroyed Shadow. Zano and the reinforcements destroyed the remaining troops.

"I have you now, you disgusting little ignorant bastard."

Ral took aim to Keflus' head and fired. Keflus' head exploded into little more then scraps of flesh and Jiralhanae blood.



Stel nearly got ready to get up; just a soon a Wraith fired at their position. Stel and Ral both hit the floor, then got up and quite literally ran for it.

"Quickly! Into the canal! JUMP!"

Stel jumped into the water below, with Ral following him. Underneath the water; Ral noticed Stel's helmet floating in the water.

"Ach, i always hated the water. Come on, we have to SWIM to Zano."

Stel and Ral head for the bridge, where they were picked up by Zano.

"We have won this battle. We will be heading for the State of Vadam to the Armed Forces' base. We are boarding Stel's ship and joining a fleet to attack Doisac."

Chapter 3: Blood Brothers

//1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender). Early April 2554 (UNSC Military Calender). Hephoruous Line, Doisac.//

A small house laid in the middle of no where, with a mysterious white and red and his battalion coming up to it.

Inside, a Sangheili was being held by several Brutes, with them speaking in their native language. The Sangheili leaned forward to grab a Plasma Rifle laying on another dead Elite, with a Jiralhanae saw him. "NO!" yelled the Jiralhanae, and started beating the Sangheili in the face with his fist. Before the Jiralhanae could execute him, he heard a Wraith shooting its Plasma Mortar, hitting the house and making the Jiralhanae hit the floor. The white from before shot the remaining Jiralhanae in the head with a Needle Rifle. The snow-white Sangheili put the Rifle on his back and stood inside; revealing himself to be a Sangheili Ultra; Stel 'Vadam once again.

"Ral? Is that you?"

Stel glanced at Ral 'Daman, who was the Sangheili inside the house.

"Hah, just like old times. Nice to see you again, Ral."

Stel helped his old friend up, with Ral noticing Stel's uncovered prosthetic arm.

"Our Wraiths are ready to smash this line, and-"

A new soldier, Karsius 'Raxon, a Sangheili Major was reading his journal instead of executing the remaining Jiralhanae.

"RAXON! I am not hearing rifle shots."

"There is no point Commander, they're already bleeding to their deaths."

"Then maybe our friend, will help them bleed faster."

Stel handed Ral his extra Plasma Rifle and the one near the dead Sangheili and gave him a wink with his green eye.

Ral glared at the Jiralhanae. They were the ones who slaughtered without honour, they were the ones who destroyed towns, ships and supplies just to see the Sangheili species extinct. Unlike them, however, Ral decided to leave them, as the sight of seeing all that was left of their honour come out with their blood was a more fitting end than to shoot them in the back. Stel and Ral rushed outside, "They are trying to hide in the tall grass fields, shoot them out!"

Suddenly, a crashing Loyalist Banshee came plummeting down to the ground, exploding in a hail of wreckage. The tall grass began to burn rapidly. Jiralhanae Stalkers were rushing out of the grass, burning. Stel celebrated as the orange glow of the fire reflected of the point of his helmet. Stel pointed to the burning Loyalists.

"Do you see how things have changed, my friend? Now it is their land. Their people. Their blood." "We are at the Hephourous line, the last line of defense before Doisac City, their wrectched capital city. We must move."

The noises of battle died down. Stel in his gleaming and shining silver armour walked down the path, looking at the devasted Doisac countryside. He grinned at the destruction of his most hated planet. They had killed so many innocent Sangheili. Now it was the Jiralhanae's turn to burn. He and his troops kept walking down the path, to come to a river. It had two passage ways, left or right. Right ran straight into the Jiralhanae's gunning positions, which would gun down the Sangheili very easily. Left ran right through the Turret nest's weakness. The sides. He let Ral choose.

"Ral, which way? Left or right?"

thumb|left|300px|The COD: WAW Music that plays for Chapter 3.

"Right Stel, I wish to allow our brothers to fight with honor!" Ral bellowed charging into the right side. Ral ducked a Beam Rifle shot and took cover behind a barricade. He placed his Plasma Pistol above the barricade and began blind firing. The small, illuminating green bolts slapped against a Jiralhanae's legs. He cried in pain, until the other bolts came flying in a hit the ape in the face. Ral crouched down and aimed with his Needle Rifle, his head moving around the corner of the bricks. He fired three times, and two Jiralhanae collapsed. The third Jiralhanae writhed in pain, Have to get it out before it explodes, he thought. He grabbed the tiny needle, to his suprise, an azure plasma bolt burned the armour straight off his hand. At the same time, the Needle exploded, splintering over his hand. Stel grabbed an Energy Sword and chucked at the enemies infront of him. Several Jiralhanae ducked out of the way, one facing behind them killing Spec Ops Sangheili turned around in confusion as the Energy split his face in half. Three Unggoy charged in firing the new Type-27 Plasma Rifle at every enemy in sight. Ral thought them to be brave, until he looked at the top of the hill. A golden armoured Jiralhanae came in. A fuel rod gun in hand, the Jiralhanae smirked as he fired a single Rod. The new model of the Fuel Rod Gun's ammunition travelled at least fifty percent faster. The Unggoy could only flinch before the green plasma of death exploded in the middle of the group. Stel looked concerned, "What happened, where is the support from the air? Where is Ryil?"

Meanwhile, two Banshees flew over the river and fired it's fuel rods, "This is Ryil 'Drean, did you need help?"

The brutes effected behind piles of flesh shrapnel. The Banshees appeared victorious until Ryil's voice sound frightened, "Oh no, Anti-Air defences 50 metres infront of your location!"

The repeating cannons on an Anti-Aircraft Wraith fired into the skies, along with five Stalker Jiralhanae with Fuel Rod Guns. The left Banshee was hit in the engine, and began spinning out of control, it flew straight through the trees. A loud explosion deafened the noise of gunfire. "Jerus! No! Man down man down!" Ryil said performing a spin with the Banshee. The Fuel Rods covered the air above the large river. As Ryil performed another spin, a Fuel Rod managed to explode on the banshee's gun, which set on fire. "I am hit, take cover!" Ryil shouted as the Banshee came plummeting to the ground. The Banshee struggled to change it's direction, aswell as Ryil tried to get out. Just before the Banshee crashd half way up the hill, right infront of Ral and Stel, Ryil broke free of the Banshee. The Banshee landed on the Unggoy and exploded in a chaotic pale white explosion. Ral, Stel and Ryil disappeared in the blast. As the white cleared, Stel and Ral could see dozens of sorrounding Jiralhanae, dead. The Jiralhanae scowled, "You two, stop them from reaching the top!"

"Yes chieftain!" the two Jiralhanae loyally obeyed. Ral aimed through his Needle Rifle and killed the two Jiralhanae almost instantly. Stel looked disheartened, he had moved to the other side of the Banshee. Ral walked towards the wreckage. Stel was on his knee, his hand pressed against his head, the other on the thing he was covering. Ral turned around to see Stel, who had noticed the limp corpse of Ryil 'Drean. Stel shook his head in dibelief, a tear almost emerging from his green eye. He was like the Ral of the sky, friends since birth. Why him? Why... Stel thought. Ral spoke in shock, "Stel, i can see a tear. He was only a friend..."

"That has not happened to me since Rola's death, Ral. The Jiralhanae will pay, for every drop of blood taken from Ryil," Stel said in an emotionless tone. Knowing Stel, Ral knew that he would return to his bloodthirsty attitude soon. Stel wiped the tear nearly emerging from his eye. Stel had been through much, scars, losing friends, losing an arm....he would do everything, everything to kill the Jiralhanae.

Chapter 4: Exploration

//9th Age of Reclamation (Covenant Calender). August 18th 2552. (UNSC Military Calender). Location: Planet of Reach, exact location unknown.//

Rola 'Vadam's mind was in a state of chaos and confusion. The mountain had to collapse just as he reaches it, it was like a cliché. Rola held his Needle Rifle ready to fire. The cave was only getting darker. Like before, he placed his hand against the mountain's wall to see if there was a passage. He held the Rifle tightly with his left hand, a trait his brother's Stel and Thel found strange. Once again, his hand found nothing. Rola sighed, the mountain had started to show Forerunner traits, but he couldn't find anything. Suddenly, Rola heard a crash, he immediatly performed and spin and aimed the Needle Rifle at the source. It was just a rock. Rola was breathing heavily, he could feel his lungs moving. He lowered the gun and turned around again.

The dull, rocky cavern was gradually disappearing as it was replaced by unknown metals dotted with deactivated lights. Rola could only look amazed at the glory. The rock only dotted the metals. Rola had to turn on his light, which was like the blue glow that came from a Plasma Rifle. Rola's foot tripped over a rock, he plummeted to the ground. Rola's eyes widened as he seen where his head was. His head was hanging over the edge of a crack, the rock he tripped on came flying towards him and fell down the large crack. The rock fell rapidly, Rola watched as it became smaller and smaller. Eventually, it became out of sight and all Rola heard was an echoeing thud and crack which came from the rock. Rock knelt down and leapt over the crack.

Several of the systems on the walls slowly opened. Emerging from them were Sentinel Constructors. The Constructors flew around, their 'eyes' blinking. One flew over to Rola, he examined the small construct. It was the size of his Pistol. The Construct sent a signal to the rest of the cave. In a matter of seconds, a Monitor-like construct appeared, "Welcome, Sangheili. How can I help you."

The contruct was orb-like in shape, with a single 'eye' on the centre. The eye was sky blue. Rola had read about these constructs in the holy texts. Rola had to confirm his thoughts, "What is your purpose?"

The Monitor hesitated, "I am the Monitor of this Forerunner system. I am 1701 Hidden Librarian. I have strict protocols to only allow Reclaimers or other worthy species to have acess here."

Rola paused in anxiety. "What are these species?" he asked, stuttering.

The Monitor seemed to calculate something before anwsering, "Homo Sapiens, Forerunner, Sangheili, San 'Shyuum, Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar, Unggoy and Juro 'hoko".

Rola gleefully smiled, "So what type of AI are you?"

"I am Class B, which by Homo sapien and Sangheili standards, means 'Dumb AI'," the Monitor anwsered, "You see there are many Monitors in the Forerunner Empire. Class A's were the Monitors of the Installations, or as you call it the 'Halo Array'; and the Class B's are responsible for less significant constructs and facilities."

Rola paused, "So what is the difference between Class A and Class B then?"

"Class B's are upgraded with an enourmous amount of data. We also can manipulate teleportation grids on our constructs. Protocol dictates that Class B's have to be inputed with every regulation, every system and every piece of data of their facility and/or construct. We are also upgraded with moderate details about other systems," Hidden Librarian anwsered.

"And Class A's?" Rola asked.

"Class A's are upgraded with everything Class B's are. Class A's are considered the 'Smart AIs', a trait I've never understood, as all Monitors are eqipped with high intellegence. Class A's can control every system on their Installation via a code inplanted in their memory. They also do not need to file a request to activate certain types of security. Class A's can also call upon Class B's for assistance at any given moment should they believe they cannot handle a situation alone. I'm sorry, but that's all I know," Hidden Librarian explained, "Is there anything else?"

"No, I've learned my fair share about Monitors today. I wish to walk deeper into this Facility," Rola answered.

With that, Rola began to walk down the cave once again. Hidden Librarian activated an active camouflage, which gradually changed him. The glow of his 'eye' disappeared as Hidden Librarian flew away.

Chapter 5: Silencer

//1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender). Early April 2554 (UNSC Military Calender). Aboard the Prophet's Vengeance, orbit of Doisac.//

Beracus had his palm slapped against his face. Beracus was in charge of the Jiralhanae forces in the absence of Keflus- Chieftain of the Jiralhanae. Beracus didn't know what became of Keflus due to the fact there were no Jiralhanae survivors of the Massacre of Hurol City. His palm almost slouched off his face and slapped against the large table infront of him. He reviewed the pictures on the tables. Several Jiralhanae war Chieftains waited for a response from Beracus. Silence wasn't a common sight in a Jiralhanae-filled room. Beracus took in a deep breath, "Bring them in."

The two guards at the door exited the room. Even though they were scarlet red, it was easy to notice that his eyes were bloodshot. The two guards returned into the room, taking their positions on each side of the door. Within seconds, three Kig-Yar entered through the door. Beracus knew the Kig-Yar infront well, Tre-D-yar, assassin. Beracus barked at them, "Sit."

The birds took their seats. The seats were very much similair to Rtas 'Vadum's chair aboard the Shadow of Intent. Tre's large eyes stared into the blood red eyes of Beracus. "So, what is this about, brute?"

Beracus stared back at the avian alien, "I need you to take out four targets for me."

Tre-D-yar snapped back, "Well, what is in it for us?"

Beracus stood up, pacing up and down of his side of the table, "For these targets, if my scouts report that they are dead, I will pay handsomely."

"Who are the targets?" the other Kig-Yar asked.

Beracus gripped one of photographs and inserted it into the holograph. Since the Human-Covenant war, the Jiralhanae and Sangheili had adopted holograms with colour, but only on a large scale. The hologram emmited the image of a Sangheili. He had many scars across his armour and skin alike. Unusually, one of his eyes were green. Beracus began his description, "This is Stel 'Vadam. He was a war hero of the Great war. I fought with him during one of his many battles. So believe me when I say he is cunning, destructive and passionate about exterminating anything that gets in his way."

The Kig-Yar looked amazed. Beracus reassured them, "However, I have found a weakness in this mighty Sangheili. There is one thing he can't be rid of, compassion. If you put threat into someone close to him, he will be enraged. However, killing somebody close to him, he will be striken into a state of weakness and dismay for a brief period. It is then that you strike."

Beracus pulled out another photo, another Sangheili appeared. His armour had been damaged and dirtied. "This is Ral 'Daman, he was the leader of Hurol City until we destroyed it; from the State of Daman I believe. He is the last member of the Daman family. He is known for rooting out snipers or people sneaking around, so taking out Ral quietly is going to be a struggle. Killing him will do some seriouse damage to Stel's feelings, they have been friends for over twenty five years."

Another photo was inserted into the hologram emmiter, an image of a strong, armoured man appeared, "This is Douglas-103, often just called 'Doug'. I'll never understand how humans work. He is one of the 'demons' that the Prophet's foretold to destroy us. Like any other of his kind, he is fast, strong, cunning, agile and believe me, he can and will snap your arm like a twig if he finds you. Killing him will also do some bad damage to Stel's feelings."

The final photo was inserted into the hologram emmiter, "This is Rochelle-108. She is another one of the demons the Prophet's foretold. She is fast, strong, cunning and not like Douglas, subtle. She can snap your neck before you even hear her coming, she will be incredibly difficult to kill."

Beracus pressed a button, and a giant pile of the Covenant currency appeared in hologram form. Beracus concluded, "Killing the three of them before Stel is most recommended, it will make for a much cleaner kill."

The three Kig-Yar nodded their heads, Beracus then called to them as they left, "And do hurry, we are losing ground by the minute."

Chapter 6: Judgement

As Stel and Ral walked through the burning woods, their rifles gripped in hand, Stel heard something moving in the bushes.

"Ral, did you hear that? Something is moving in the bushes." Stel said to Ral, with Ral nodding.

"Surrender or die. Your choice, who ever you are," Stel spat, leveling his plasma rifle.

The figures stood up out of the bushes, weapons raised.. Suprisingly...they weren't Jiralhanae. They were humans, led by two SPARTAN-IIs. Stel recognized one of them: Doug-103. Doug moved forward, greeting Stel. thumb|300px|right|The music that plays fittingly into the start of Chapter 6. "Doug?" Stel questioned aloud.

"Stellar, that's you inn'it?" Doug asked as he lowered his SRS99 Sniper Rifle. Stel nodded, visibly surprised. He hadn't seen Doug's face under his helmet. He put his helmet back on.

At Doug's insistence, the small fireteam of Marines started introducing themselves: Ivan Reznov, the fireteam leader and heavy machine-gunner; Delmond Conagher, the combat engineer and CQB specialist; John Doe, the anti-armor expert; Scott Baker, the scout and explosives expert; David Huntsman, the sharpshooter; and the medic Holz Richtofen.

Introductions concluded, Doug conferred with Stel, while the others mingled and conversed.

"Me and my fireteam are moving up to assault a heavily armored outpost. According to the very latest intel, Ownie," Doug spat, his evident disgust for the Office of Naval Intelligence showing through his depolarized helmet. "Ownie reposts at least seven Wraiths, plus dozens of infantry, along with some very high ranking Brutes. Care to join us? We need all the help we can get."

"With pleasure," Stel reply, his face lighting up with excitement.

As the group finally reached the top of the hill, Stel looked back. The Banshee was malfunctioning, shaking, Stel called out to Ral, "Ral, get down there I need your help!"

Stel and Ral literally leapt from the top down to the nearest barricade, the Banshee's shakings looked violent now. "Ryil's legacy shall live on, starting with a proper burial on Sanghelios," Stel said Ral pulling Ryil's corpse from under the Banshee. "You grab his feet, I'll get his hands!" Ral said gripping onto the corpses' hand. Flames and sparks started spitting out of the Banshee. Stel and Ral rushed up the hill; the body shaking like a ragdoll. The two reached the top, back with the SPARTANs and Marines. Stel, Ral, Doug and the rest of the group looked at the Banshee as it span around, finally erupting in a chaotic plasma explosion; the flames spirraling out of the wreckage. Faintly, Ral could still see the farm he had been rescued from through the azure mist.

"This is some grim shit we got ourselves into..." the other SPARTAN said.

Doug's eyes widened. Stel then instantly recongnised the SPARTAN, "Rochelle, is that you?"

"Well, its about time, Stel. Remember the assault on Te? But then again you could always tell Doug through his armour," Rochelle replied.

Stel's face lost it's smile, it was that attitude that caused him to not remember.

Tir-D-yar sat on the next hill to the group. Only one Kig-Yar stood next to him, "Ok, I'll ask again, why isn't he with us?" the other Kig-Yar asked.

"I have tasked him with the first strike, this Douglas-103," Tir replied.

"Why can't we just take them all out now?" the other Kig-Yar asked.

"It would be so easy to kill all four of them right now, but Ballistics and Artillery aren't my specialty," Tir-D-yar calmly replied, "Besides, I don't do bits and pieces."

Tir moved down the hill to a Communication node. Tir inserted his Plasma Pistol's core into it, activating the machine. "Ler-D-sur, I hope you have something good to report," Tir said peeking through the screen.

"The group are mourning the loss of a Sangheili. What is my target?" Ler asked.

"The Male SPARTAN. Killing him is the first stepping stone," Tir anwsered, "You have one shot at this. Tir out."

The screen vanished and Ler gripped his Beam Rifle. He peeked through it's scope. Unlike the three Kig-Yar hired to do this, Tir had hired his friend, Ler-D-sur to assist them. The sight aimed at Doug's head. Ler's finger touched the trigger lightly. The beam would penetrate his Shields, his visor and more importantly, his flesh. Rochelle turned around, looking at the hill. Ler took a breath, trying to steady the aim. Tir-D-yar gripped his Binoculars. Ler pulled the trigger, and the beam shot out of the surfing board sniper.

A Marine came infront of Doug, "So what now, sir?"

"We wait for Stel to regain his strengths again," Doug anwsered. The Beam came flying down and sliced straight through the Marine. The bullet intended for Doug's head had sliced through the Marine's chest. Doug knelt down next to the dying Marine, "Somebody get some Biofoam!" he bellowed.

The Medic gripped his bag and unzipped it. His hands began rummiging through the bag. The marine looked at Rochelle.

Ler scowled, "Drat!" The Kig-Yar next to him had been hired for this job by Beracus.

"Tell Tir that I'll have to try again later," Ler said thinking of an excuse. He looked over the hill.

Rochelle gripped something on her waist; it was a combat knife. The group looked at her strangely, she threw the combat knife away. The Medic called, "What was that about?"

Tir looked in disgust, he watched as Rochelle threw the knife. "What am I going to do. There are no excuses, he told me!" Ler said to the Kig-Yar next to him.

As he looked at the group again, his pink eyes widened to the point of tearing his skin. The combat knife soared through the sky and sliced through Ler's skin and into his brain. Ler collapsed, dead, a UNSC combat knife inbetween his eyes. The other Kig-Yar robbed the Plasma Pistol from the corpse, "Not like he's gonna need it now."

He activated the Communicator. "Ler has died, what are my orders?" he asked Tir.

"Return to me, we must plan our next assault," Tir said. The Kig-Yar next to Tir asked, "I'm sorry, he was a friend."

"No," Tir said, "He was a failure."

The dying marine literally puked up blood. The medic gripped the Biofoam cannister, he shook it violently, "Oh no, were all out."

"Light, fading. Joy lost," the marine said to Doug and Stel.

"No, no, no. The light is no fading, Joy isn't lost," Stel reassured the marine.

The Marine had seconds to live, "Please forgive me," the name was muffled by the blood he was coughing up.

"Darkness Eternal!" the marine shouted as he died.

Tir and his Kig-Yar boarded their vehicles and flew away.

Chapter 7: The Siege

//1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender). Early April 2554 (UNSC Military Calender). Hephoruous Line, in the night of Doisac.//'

"MJOLNIR suit online."

Doug-103 immediantly recognized the voice, and got up. He shook his head to waken himself, and grabbed his SRS99 Sniper Rifle and a pair of M6G Pistols. He head outside to Stel, who was guarded the outpost. "Stel, is it time to attack them?" Doug asked, sounding excited about sieging the outpost. Stel looked at Doug with his green eye, which illuminated the dark. His green eye was outright glowing in the night, which briefly caught Doug's attention.

The hesitant reply came.

"Yes. Awaken your men."

Rain was a depressing weather, however on Doisac, it was used as a shroud, even plasma was difficult to see. A lightning bolt fired through the sky. Heavy winds swept past the group's outpost. Tir-D-yar stood at a hill, staring down, his head lowered. As the rain began to get heavier, Tir gripped the hood of his cloak and pulled it over his head. The Beam Rifle on the floor dripped water out of it's centre hole. Two Kig-Yar stood behind Tir, "So, what do you think their doing?"

"With this rain, their going to attack the nearby Jiralhanae base," Tir anwsered.

"How can you be so sure?"

"The Sangheili are soldiers of honor, so Stel and Ral will be hesitant," Tir spoke, "The Humans, however, are not bound by such laws. They will strike the Jiralhanae as they sleep."

"What about the watchers?"

Another lightning bolt shot across the skies as thunder boomed down upon the land. Tir's cloak blew in the wind, "There is a reason they are not waiting until morning. The rain will block out their vision, the Thunder will block out their sound."

"Should we strike?" the second Kig-Yar asked.

"No, it's too early. Let them have their fun," Tir anwsered, "We'll strike when the time is right."

Rochelle looked over to the hill, Tir was a shadow which cloak blew. A lightning bolt suddenly blocked out the sight. As Rochelle looked up again, Tir was gone.

fuck... Rochelle said, though under her breath. She went over to Doug and Stel, who were still conversing. As the marines and the Sangheili came out, they head for the Jiralhanae outpost.

"Rochelle, you're with Doe and Baker: scout the area. Ral, you're with and Conagher to storm the buildings. Holz, you and Reznov will provide covering fire. Huntsman, Stel, you're with me to snipe."

Private Huntsman strolled up the hill with Stel and Doug to cover the rest of the men for the assault on the Jiralhanae outpost: this night they would take most of the Hephourous Line. "Huntsman, take aim and watch for Brutes."

"All soldiers. Commence the attack."

Stel watched as they attacked, with the Jiralhanae in disarray and half-asleep. Two Minors rushed up with Plasma Cannons and loading them on the windows. "Huntsman! Hit 'em through the wood!" Doug ordered. Huntsman took aim and shoot the two both in the head. Stel watched as he saw a pair of Phantoms over a hill. "Incoming! Enemy Phantoms!" Stel said to Huntsman and Doug. "You didn't say there would be Phantoms, Stel." "I didn't say there would be any either! This way!" Stel and the other two rushed towards a building to snipe the Phantom troops. Stel took aim and expertly hit seven of the Brutes with just a single shot. He stood up and grinned. In a few minutes, they were all gone.


Huntsman and Stel looked over the top of the battlefield, viewing the carnage as just these men managed to take over a communcation outpost. They head back down, to regroup with the others.

//1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender). Early April 2554 (UNSC Military Calender). Hephoruous Line, in the night of Doisac.//

"Well, the assault was short and sweet. What now Tir?" a Kig-Yar asked Tir.

The Rain got even heavier. Tir overlooked the outpost. Suddenly, a Scarlet Laser fired at the Phantom. The Phantom could only been seen from it's illuminating lights. The Laser ripped the dropship in half. The Phantom's wreckage crashed into the floor and slammed against the mountain. The other Kig-Yar looked in delight as the remaining Apes were slaughtered by their enemies. Tir moved back over to the other side of the barricade; he gripped a Beam Rifle. Tir handed the Beam Rifle to the Kig-Yar, "I need you to take out Stel's friend. The SPARTAN who gloats about his enemie's casualties. Take him out first, discriminate Stel 'Vadam."

The gust blew the Outpost's curtains violently until a Marine closed the window.

The Kig-Yar took aim, he had Doug in his sight.

A Marine began flying up the outpost via the central Gravity Lift. The Gravity Lift slowly released it's grasp as the Marine slowly landed on the floor. The Marine could see a hologram floating in front of him. He began typing in on the hologram. Eventually, the hologram twisted and the lights of the outpost activated. The Kig-Yar prepared to the take the shot as a blinding light flared into his eyes. Tir saw the damage this could cause, "Do not fail me, Yer. Return to me with Douglas dead, or do not bother to return!"

Tir retreated, the rain blocking out his specific path. The other Kig-Yar followed Tir. Yer lost his aim as he could barely see Humans and Sangheili climbing up the hill. A lightning bolt made it clear the enemy was right below him. Yer paced back slowly as he attempted to find his Pistol. Stel 'Vadam's hand gripped the top of the barricade. Pulling himself up, he could see the Kig-Yar scavenging for his pistol. As the others reached the top, Yer turned around only to be gripped in the throat by Stel. Stel lifed the bird up from the ground. With his free hand, he activated his energy sword. As he reached the Kig-Yar with his blade, Doug interrupted, "Wait, lets take him in for 'interrogation'."

Stel nodded, deactivating his Energy Sword.

Yer's face was now showered with blood. He could barely even feel his own face, it was so numb from being punched by Stel's prosthetic arm. "Now, before you die, TELL us what they are up to?" Stel angrily asked. Yer could barely respond, before he coughed up blood and spoke, "Beracus...he hired three assassins, one of which being me. They were after you. Beracus saw your weakness when he killed your little friend. He's now aiming to kill Ral, Rochelle and Douglas before you: knowing that you would be stricken by grief temporarily."

As Stel whispered to Doug, Rochelle noticed Yer was attempting to break free. Doug, now tired of this, whipped out a M6G pistol...and shot Yer dead. One assassin down. Two more to go. "So they know this, hm? Then let us find the other two assassins."

Tir could hear the M6G's shot from nearly a mile away. "Blast, I knew he was a failure!" Tir said to himself, as he headed towards his Banshee.

Chapter 8: Mobilizing

//1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender). Early April 2554 (UNSC Military Calender). Inside the Eye, central Jiralhanae base in the Hephorous Line//

The Eye was a prime example of what a Jiralhanae base looked like. Floating over the Hephorous Line, the Eye could view the battle from every angle, and it's crew ensured that no degree be unchecked. The Eye looked like crudely made metal bunker. Four spikes lowered from it's corners, water flowing from it's sides. The Central gravity lift was a vibrant blue in colour. The Eye and the Jiralhanae defenders below it was the last line of defence for the Hephorous. The Eye also boasted anti aircraft turrets on it's sides. On it's lower levels, several Anti-Infanty Plasma Cannons were layered, slicing through enemies at the slightest movement. The plasma could penetrate even the strongest of armour; including unsuspecting vehicles.

Two Banshees landed at the feet of the Jiralhanae blockade, emerging from them Tir-D-yar and his final assassin, Bur-T-der. Tir and Bur walked past the Jiralhanae. These Jiralhanae were weak, Tir could see the fear in their eyes. They were the young and old, the sick and wounded. That didn't stop them from trying, however. Tir and Bur entered the gravity, the energy enveloping them.

Tir and Bur entered Beracus' private room. "You have failed me, Tir," Beracus spoke in a calm yet irratated tone.

"We are all that is left, Beracus. Your little assignment cost me two of the best snipers I ever knew," Tir snapped, "I took the liberty of gathering more, but now that your soldiers can't even kill a mere Sangheili, I believe you are not worth the trouble."

"Watch your mouth, Kig-Yar. I could kill you in an instant," Beracus spoke. Beracus' commanders gathered next to him, raising their fists. Tir, Bur and two other Kig-Yar stepped backwards.

"But you won't, you know that you cannot kill Stel 'Vadam. I know that look in a Jiralhanae dog like yourself," Tir spoke. Before Beracus could reply, Tir continued, "It is fear. While you do not fear Stel himself, you quiver in fear at the thought of facing him yourself."

"I killed Ryil, you cannot force me to kill others," Tir spoke, turning around. The group of Kig-Yar left the room again. Beracus looked in dismay, he suddenly whispered, "He's right."

//1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender). Mid April 2554 (UNSC Military Calender). Hephoruous Line, in the morning of Doisac.//

Huntsman sat there, bored as hell, waiting for a shot. Doug-103 was there as well, equally as bored. Doug took up a pair of binocs, and zoomed in. He could see that the final push already. This would be the day that they would finally take the Hephourous Line.

"Stel, looks like this is it. This day, we take the Hephourous Line. Today, is the day we claim it. Get ya' troops ready." Stel looked out to the last base, and barked, "Ral! Get this Wraith moving! Today, is the day we claim the line!"

Chapter 9: The Duel

Tir and Bur stood there with their Beam Rifles in hand, amongst the trees. The Doisac forest was aflame with plasma as it was being pummeled by moving Separatist forces. Stel ordered Ral to stop the Wraith, right infront of Tir and Bur. Stel got out of the Wraith, with his shining silver armor nearly blinding Bur's eyes. Stel walked forward.

"Come here, Kig-yar. We will have a duel to finish." Stel tossed a Energy Sword to Tir. Tir ignited the blade, and looked Stel fiercly in the eye. He whispered to Bur, "Go now. You must retreat to Doisac City and tell the Sangheili are coming for them." Bur ran off.

Stel and Tir started circling eachother....waiting for one to strike.

Tir smirked in a sense of victory, he patted something on his belt. He could see the anger in Stel's eyes. The Final line of defence had been smashed, leavin the Eye completely exposed. Tir had exceptional agility. Just like Tartarus and his uncle, Maccabeus, before him, Stel and Tir prepared for a duel to the death. Stel had a burning hatred for Tir, he had tried to take Doug's life. Doug, Ral, Rochelle and the Marines watched from the wraith.

"Here you are now, Kig-Yar, your death is near," Stel said smirking, "Any last words?"

Tir loosened his grip on the Energy Sword, but still held on to it, "We serve only out of the question; Whats in it for us?." Stel had an akward look on his face as Tir continued, "It is that rule that has ensured I have survived this blasted war!"

Suddenly, a Brute Shot fired from a nearby cliff, the grenade landed and exploded near Stel's leg. Dirt flew into Stel's eye, blinding him. His energy sword deactivated and he knelt down. "Stellar's down, kill the Jackal!" Doug shouted charging Tir with his stolen Hammer. Tir narrowly dodged the Spartan's strike and lunged his Energy Sword.

"I thought I would have to do this subtle, but It has become apparent that I must take matters into my own hands!" Tir bellowed as Doug jumped above the blade.

Like all Kig-Yar, he always made sure he had an advantage, he gripped a Plasma Charge. The Plasma Charge was like the Covenant equivilant of a stun grenade. Tir activated the device and leapt backwards as he chucked the Charge at Doug. The Plasma Charge exploded in mid-air, knocking Doug back behind nearby rocks. Ral activated his Energy Sword and leapt from the top of the Wraith, nearly landing on top of the Kig-Yar. Tir immediatly stabbed Ral in his tigh, penetrating his armour, flesh and muscle. Blood drooled out of Ral's thigh as he limped, Tir immediatly gripped the handle of his Energy sword. As Ral looked up, Tir brought the handle down on the Sangheili, instantly incapacitating Ral 'Daman. Rochelle gripped her knife and charged Tir. She picked up Ral's Energy Dagger and duel wielded them. Stel finally managed to get the dirt out of his eye, he began blinking rapidly. He looked up and witnessed Tir kicking Rochelle over, her golden VISOR shattering on the rocks. For a second, Stel could see a face of beauty until her face was bloodied by the rocks. Stel then realised how he knows SPARTANs before they speak, he had never seen Rochelle's face before. It was a strange feeling that made Stel know who they were after he had seen it. He reactivated his Energy Sword and prepared to stand back up. "I have faced the Survivor of Reach, the Blades of Woe and the lone survivor driven by honour. It is time to finish what the Brute's started!"

Tir charged at the kneeling Stel with his blade in a stabbing motion. Rochelle and Doug lifted themselves back up and watched at what was happening. "Stel!" Rochelle called.

"Stellar!" Doug shouted in a state of panic. Tir was about to stab through Stel's helmet, ending the legend of Stel 'Vadam. Rochelle gathered her strength and charged. In the seconds that followed, Rochelle realised even if she could grab Tir away, he would still kill Stel before she stopped him. She then thought of the only alternative. Tir had a look of remorse on his face, seeing as he wouldn't be payed for doing this. Rochelle bent her knees and leapt forward. As Tir delivered the final blow, a soldier in Green Armour intervened, blocking out the path. Rochelle took a deep breath as the Energy Sword sliced through her MJONLIR armour and her skin.

Tir's eyes widened as he let go of the blade, letting it fall with the SPARTAN. "Ah! No! That strike was not meant for you. Insignificant whelp!"

Blood gushed out of Rochelle's body as Stel arose, Energy Sword in hand. Rochelle quivered in pain as blood rapidly left her dying body. As Tir turned around, he found Doug ready to shoot him where he stood. "We finish this right now, Tir-D-yar," Stel called, urging Tir to turn back around. He pulled the sword out of Rochelle, which only elevated the level of bleeding.

thumb|300px|left|The music that plays during Stel and Tir's duel.

Tir laughed in disappointment, "Also, I was the one who broke your little friend's banshee before it went into service."

Stel's blood boiled, "You were the bastard who killed Ryil. Prepare to die."

"Very well, Stel." Tir said lifting his blade.

Stel and Tir circled eachother once again, waiting for one to strike. As Stel's hooves came to a halt, Tir did the same. With a flash, Stel barrel rolled out of the way, and leapt towards Tir. With just a single flash, Tir's arm sliced off. "Gahh!" Tir cried, as purple blood came pouring out of the stump that used to be Tir's arm. Stel picked up Tir's arm and started bashing him with it. "This is for Rochelle. This is for ROLA! for RAL!" Stel started slashing at Tir's chest with his Sword. "Any last words, Kig-yar?"

The hesitant reply came.

"Go to hell."

Stel sliced his head off, ending Tir's life. He looked up at the sunset. The battle for the line was over. Well...almost over. Beracus sat behind the wall, a Spike grenade gripped in hand. He held it tightly, then looked out to the side where Stel was. "If you want a job done right. You do it yourself." Beracus said to himself. He pulled the pin and threw it at Stel. He was too late to survive. Beracus was near instantly shot in the forehead by Doug, piercing his skin and completly annihlating his brain. Stel just noticed the grenade...but was too late. The grenade detonated.

The grenade's detonation spiralled mud and debris, fortunatly, Stel survived the explosion. He was merely pushed back over Tir's mutilated corpse. Rochelle quivered as what remained of her blood slowly left her body. Stel knelt down beside his dying friend, "I didn't see Ryil die; just his banshee collapse. I didn't get to see Rola that one last time on Reach. Damnit, I'm not gonna let you die!"

Doug gripped a biofoam can from the Medic and rushed back to Rochelle. Rochelle lifted her hand up at the can, indicating to not use it. As her strength began to fade, she spoke to Doug and Stel, "Don't... don't use it. It... it is too late for me."

She looked over to the corpse of Tir and managed to smile, "Atleast my death was not in vai... vain."

She suddenly remebered Bur, "What... what about Bur?"

Stel spoke, "He won't be a threat to us now his leader is dead."

Rochelle began to lose what little colour was left in her face. Her strength began to rapidly decay, "I, I think it's time."

"No, no, Rochelle. Doug use it now!" Stel shouted as Doug pressed down on the button.

As the Sun began to set, entering twilight, Rochelle enjoyed the warmth, and the glimmer in Stel's eyes gave her hope that one day, the Jiralhanae would be defeated. In quiet contemplation, she closed her eyes; these eyes were never to open again.

Doug placed his hand on Stel's shoulder, "These hairy bastards are gonna pay for what they did."

Stel placed Rochelle's helmet back on, the golden visor was shattered, "Rest in Peace, SPARTAN-108". Stel moved back over to Tir's corpse, as he stared at it's disfigured shape, Stel oddly didn't feel a sense of Redemption. For a person who had aided in the 'death' of his Brother, the incapacitation of his best friend, and murder of a newfound friend and ally, Stel felt nothing. This fact made Stel go into a fit of rage.


Stel sat in his private quarters, sans helmet, with his face against the palm of his hand. He had lost almost everything. It felt to him that he was just empty. Just sadness, depression and anger....then empty. A tear came from his green eye.

Rola had been learning of the Forerunners for the past three weeks, he had taken everything in, every word. He had come to near the end of the Forerunner-Flood war in his discoveries. "So, what happened next, Hidden Librarian?" he eagerly asked the Monitor.

"Well, seeing their options running out, they created Seven Installations, the Halo Array," Hidden Librarian anwsered, "They were a last resort in the event the Forerunner didn't have any chance to stop the Flood."

"Then how did the battle with Offensive and Medicant Bias?" Rola asked.

"Medicant outnumbered Offensive by hundreds to one," Hidden Librarian, "The Battle began when the Forerunners decided that there was no other option, and activated the Halo Array from the Ark."

"And so Medicant's flood forces was purged and the Forerunner ascended the Great Journey?" Rola asked, seeking to know how the Great Journey began.

"'The Great Journey', no no no, Offensive Bias' forces were wiped out too," Hidden Librarian anwsered.

"I, I don't understand Oracle, didn't the Forerunner ascend the Great Journey?" Rola asked.

The Great Journey finally came to Hidden Librarian, "If I finish the story, you'll understand."

"The Forerunner fired the Halo Array, thus eliminating anything within Three Radii of the Galaxy. Everything sentient was killed- including the Forerunners," Hidden Librarian explained, "Offensive Bias then overpowered Medicant as they both ran across crew less ships. Eventually Offesnive caught Medicant and shattered him."

"Parts of Medicant are on the Ark, while a rather large part was sent to a Dreadnought, which happened to land on the Homeworld of the San 'Shyuum. The 'Prophets' as you call them entered a Civil War until one side locked themselves inside the ship. Then with the binding of your 'Covenant', a Philogist would research Medicant for centuries, but Medicant remained dormant," Hidden Librarian spoke. Rola's smile was lost.

"Then the Oracle finally spoke when the Future Prophet of Truth and Regret found the current Philogist. After hearing it, the future Truth and Regret knew that if the Humans were revered as the Forerunner's Ascendants, the Covenant would collapse. While Mercy did not support to idea of slaughtering the Humans, he reluncantly agreed to be their third Hierarch. The Great Journey is essentially, death. Only by firing from the Ark will the Prophets be able to live in a Galaxy free of their enemies," Hidden Librarian continued.

"So, the Great Journey is a lie, and we should ally with the Humans rather than destroy them," Rola asked. Rola looked into the sky via a construct. A Covenant ship loomed over the horizon, the bottom of it as bright as the sun. Rola's eyes widened as he realised, the Covenant are glassing Reach.

Rola looked behind him, he noticed that the Constructors were gathering, pulling a vehicle from the darkness. The Constructors each fired a needle thin laser into the contraption; this was the Constructor's way of moving large objects. Two guns came into view on it's front. Then came dark pink-purple wings. Then, Rola realised, it was his Ghost. Rola shoo'ed the constructor's away as he pulled the Ghost towards the metalic Forerunner wall. The floating pedestal infront of the wall glimmered, waiting to be touched. Rola looked at his Ghost, which appeared to operational, and then looked at the pedestal. Rola checked inside the Ghost, he discovered just what he had hoped for, several Plasma Grenades. Rola moved back over to a historical system. This machine kept track of the history of Reach. For every planet that the Forerunner visited, they built one of these contraptions. Rola picked up the discarded Plasma Repeater, the Plasma Rifle, and his Needle Rifle. As he attached the Plasma Grenades to his waist and his Plasma weaponry to his hips, he held his Needle Rifle at the ready. Putting the Rifle on his back, Rola rushed over to the Pedestal. Rola took one last look at the room, which was bordered by dormant metal section, which were sealed for centuries. The illuminating blue glow emitted by the Research Machine reflected off Rola's shields. Rola clicked on the acess button on the pedestal, a second later, a voice boomed over the room, "WARNING; Wall security has been breached. Continued interference will result in targeted responce."

"Why are you doing this, Sangheili?" Hidden Librarian asked. Over the years, Hidden Librarian's mind had degenerated and fractured. The slightest errors have caused him to go into fits of rage. The fact his entire section will be glassed will destroyed him, Rola thought.

"Because I have to leave, Oracle," Rola spoke typing in an acess code, "I recommend you do aswell."

"But, but why. I don't want to leave here!" Hidden Librarian asked, his voice getting higher with every word. Rola knew the sanity of Hidden Librarian was demoralized, Rola decided not to look at him. Hidden Librarian's eye began to go bloodshot, red cutting through the Blue.

Rola cracked a Firewall, So that was the problem, Rola thought.

Then, the voice boomed again, "Firewall breached!" the voice emmited static, "Security Level hightened: Releasing Sentinel protectors!"

Rola began to type more rapidly, as the heat from the nearby Glass beam reached the mountain. A message appeared on the screen, "Opening this door without the Protocol code will result in Mountain ceiling destruction. Are you sure you wish for this to happen?"

Rola replied, <Yes>.

The Metal lids slid open, a blinding light blasting from it. Suddenly, Sentinels exited the metal. "What are you doing, Sangheili? ANWSER ME!" Hidden Librarian roared, his eye turning scarlet red. Rola sighed as he stopped typing. He faced the Monitor, "The Covenant is glassing this planet, and taking your construct along with it."

The Monitor snapped, he became rampant. "I will NOT ALLOW IT!" he roared, "I'll die before something happens to MY construct!"

Rola turned back, slowly, he entered his Ghost. Sparks flew from Hidden Librarian. Rola looked at the door as it came to life, the two halves opened. Rola held his hands on the handles, and prepared to drive for his life.


//9th Age of Reclamation (Covenant Calender). September 2552. (UNSC Military Calender). Location: Planet of Reach, exact location unknown.// thumb|300px|right|The Music plays during Rola's escape from Reach and is a fitting end to Halo: Vendetta

The door opened, and Rola couldn't see far beyond. The voiced boomed for a final time, "Security has been breached without protocol's confirmation. Beginning Construct destruction."

Rola covered his eyes as an explosion tore part of the cave's roof apart, with shrapnel flying everywhere. Fire began to spread, a Sentinel was knocked out of the sky by shrapnel. "Beginning memory purge, charging."

Rola's Ghost came to life and flew down the ramp. Hidden Librarian did mention a memory purge option, it would wipe the Sentinel's memories, rendering them unaffiliated and they would eventually destroy eachover, and everything in their way. The Ghost drove up to a rocky ramp as another explosion sent a rock flyin towards Rola. Rola boosted the Ghost, it's blue rays incinerating what was behind it. Rola closed his eyes as the rock rammed against Rola's ghost. The Ghost spun over in mid-air, Rola gripped his seat, trying to stay on. He cursed the day they refused to add seatbelts to Ghosts. Suddenly, the entire ceiling above Rola exploded, chaos and fire spread everywhere. Suddenly, the Sentinels caught up to him, these were not the ordinary Sentinels like on the Halo Rings, they were larger, and their beams could penetrate a Scarab. The Sentinel fired it's beam, the yellow line of death following the flimsy Ghost. Rola dared to look behind himself as he could see the Covenant CCS-Battlecruiser coming in for the kill. Faintly, he could see Spirits and Banshees fly down to destroy anything that could harm the Battlecruiser. The Sentinel's diverted their focus to the incoming aircraft. The CCS began to charge it's beam for it's decisive blow. Rola could now barely see the wall he had escaped, but he could still see the Blue glow from the Researcher. Hidden Librarian appeared from his hole, he fired his beam, instantly destroying a Banshee. From so high up, the Banshee's couldn't see Rola and his Ghost through the fire and debris. They lined up, firing their Flue Rod cannons. Rola pressed down on the pedal of his Ghost, the Ghost began to pick up speed. Rola's blood surged with adrenaline. Another explosion ripped a hole in the floor, Rola picked up a plasma grenade. "They will come in handy, one day," Stel said in Rola's memory. Rola activated the small contraption and through it straight ahead of him. The ghost drove straight over it as Rola approached the hole. The grenade detonated, lifting the Ghost into the air. Rola's Ghost performed two front flips before landing on the other side of the abyss.

The CCS's belly was searing as it fired it's beam down upon the ground. Several Constructors bursts from the shear power. Hidden Librarian, seeing no other option, began to fly away from his research; his purpose. Rola could barely see the Sentinels as the white beam of destruction enveloped the beginning of his escape. A Forerunner supply elevator imploded as the glass beam incinerated the ground. The Monitor did do a good job of hiding his construct from the Covenant Rola thought. A sentinel fired its beam, the beam hit Rola's ghost, tearing off the metal on his right wing. Rola drove to the left in an attempt to dodge the beam. Suddenly, another Sentinel flew in and destroyed his robotic commrade. The memory purge had finished. Rola turned right, avoiding a Spirit's plasma. Suddenly, a broken Spirit came crashing to the ground infront of Rola. Rola pulled the turning system up as the Ghost barely hovered over the wreckage. Then, the Ghost collapsed into the remains, as the remains began to explode, Rola could make out an incinerated Unggoy collapsing from the Cockpit. Rola ducked his head as the Spirit's gun flew straight over the Ghost. Pressing the trigger, the Ghost fired dozens of bolts at the burning gun. As the plasma impacted against the burnt gun, the metal gave in to the fire, and was reduced to scattered wreckage. Rola leapt over the cliff. Hidden Librarian began to randomly fire his beam, his Sentinels were now wonderless and turned aganist their master. In the midst of the slaughter, Hidden Librarian forgot about the beam until it came right behind him. He screamed as he fired his beam, "This is MY construct, and I will see it PROTECTED!"

The CCS's glassing beam then hit the broken Monitor, he shrieked as he died, "Oh-h-h-h-h-n-n-n-ooooo!" The Monitor dispersed, his shield shattered. The CCS began to pick up pace as the beam was half way to Rola. Rola drove the Ghost with his right hand, with his left he gripped his Plasma Repeater. He fired the Repeater, shooting a Sentinel in it's Shield Generator, the generator imploded, taking the Sentinel with it. Rola began firing at other Sentinels. Another explosion caused a nearby cliff to fall from it's position. Rola stopped firing and deployed the Ghost's boost. The cliff fell straight behind him, as the higher section of the cliff began to collapse, Rola fired his Needle Rifle infront of the Ghost, as the Ghost drove past the discarded needle, a Sentinel was destroyed as the Needle splintered into dozens of pieces. Now three quarters of the way to the end, Rola began to boost through most of the cliffs and ramps. A crashing Banshee knocked a Sentinel from the air. If he was right, Rola knew that the Banshee left from one of the Jiralhanae executed by Keflus should still be there. The battlecruiser's covenant forces retreated back to the hangar bay. Rola's only threat now was the divided Sentinel force. Several Constructors flew past Rola. Rola could see the exit now, the path leading to Keflus and Tartarus' meeting with the Prophets. Rola boosted his Ghost as another explosion ripped the ground beneath the Ghost apart.

All the Forerunner metals he had encountered before were now destroyed, he had finally returned to the part of the cave completely untouched. As Rola reached the final entrance to where the Banshee's where, a Sentinel arose, it was the largest Sentinel Rola ever seen. It was the size of a Scarab and was only around eighty metres behind Rola. Rola boosted as the Sentinel fired it's gargantuan beam. The beam impacted against the Ghost, ripping half of it's armour off. Rola thought he was dead as the Sentinel prepared to strike again. So close... Rola thought as he prepared to meet his end.

To Rola's luck, the Sentinel didn't react to the white beam of death behind it and was obliterated by the power. Rola, relieved, boosted his Ghost as it torn itself apart. Rola leapt out of his Ghost as it flew into the cave wall and was destroyed by the impact. Rola stood up again, and looked behind him. The beam was getting closer at a fast pace.

Rola leapt into the Banshee, after stamping on the dead Jiralhanae's body. The Banshee flew from the floor, and escaped the cave as the Glassing beam enveloped what remained of the mountain's structure.

From the Banshee, Rola could see the devestation caused by the Covenant. As his Banshee began to descend, Rola read the sign of the building- Orchanto Hospital. Rola watched as the CCS-Battlecruisers left the planet. From the roof of the Hospital, Rola could see for miles. All he could see was death.

Rola then remebered he still had his handheld holographic projector. He connected it to a specific Sangheili. As it connected, an image of a battle scarred Sangheili appeared. That Sangheili was Stel 'Vadam.

"The Great Journey is a lie brother," Rola said. Stel looked shocked as Rola explained the full story...


//1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender). Early May 2554. (UNSC Military Calender). Location: Planet of Doisac, Hephorous Line, near the ruins of the Jiralhanae base The Eye.//

The Eye lay in ruins, the battle for the Hephorous Line was won. The Battle for Doisac still raged. Now, the forest lay abandoned, tainted with the blood of a million lost souls. Since the beginning of April, the corpses of Ryil 'Drean and Rochelle-108 were given a proper burial on Sanghelios. However, the body of Tir-D-yar was left were he was slain. The flesh around his skull had all but vanished. Emerging from the trees emerged a shrouded figure. Standing 6 foot tall, the person walked into the slaughter scene. He knelt down next to the rotting corpse of Beracus, Beracus' eyes had been left open, and it looked as if he was staring at the shrouded figure. The shrouded figure then moved towards the stone which was placed where Rochelle had been slain. On the stone was comments by Stel 'Vadam and Doug-103. Stel's wrote, Rochelle, your death was dishonourable and too early, your death will not be in vain. We will take Doisac from the Jiralhanae, and you will not be forgotten.

Below it was Doug-103's, Hope your kicking alien ass all over again in the clouds- Doug.

Finally, the shrouded figure walked over to the mutiliated corpse of Tir-D-yar. As he picked up the Kig-Yar's skull, the Shrouded figure laughed. He whispered into the skull, "Oh Stel, you never were good at telling the difference between Kig-Yar."

He looked into the Skull's eye sockets, "Isn't that right, Bur?"

The Shrouded Figure pull his hood down, revealing him to be the nefarious Tir-D-yar. Skull in hand, Tir walked back to his personal ship, laughing all the way...

Cquote1 The End Cquote2

Next Story: Halo: Sangheili Brothers

Behind the Story and Triva

The scene of the rediscovery of the Prophets of Tolerance, Restrain and Obligation was originally intended to be near the end of this story, however, it was later moved to Halo: Sangheili Brothers. It was replaced by the death of Beracus and the 'death' of Tir-D-yar.

Stel (the writer, not the character) also revealed his hidden bloodlust for Tir-D-yar. Twice, he attempted to kill him off twice, first being shot in the face by a Needle Rifle, then the same way as Bur-T-der, until it was changed to him. However, GJ has certain 'protection' issues on Characters he has plans for.

The story can also be seen as a complete ripoff of Call of Duty: World at War. It obviously follows the two proganatists, awaking from a massive battle in a city that is in ruins, assassinating a key target, then years later, meeting eachother once again, then burning the shit out of their enemies' land. THE END.

  • This was the first completed Stelverse story.
  • Originally, the story was supposed to follow the theme of COD:WAW, just as GJ and Stel had planned. However, it then went off theme and went all Halo-ized.
  • Fireteam Foxtrot, which is Delmond Conagher's team, is actually based of Team Fortress 2 characters (with the exception of Holz Richtofen). Incredibily obvious. GO TO THEIR PAGES. Ivan Reznov, based on the Heavy, is also named after Sgt. Reznov from CoD: WaW.
  • This is the first story to feature Tir-D-yar and Beracus as an antagonist. This, however, was Beracus' last story and Tir went on to be the villain in over 5 more stories (and possibly others to come).

Alternate Ending

Main Article: Halo Vendetta: Alternate Ending

Originally, the ending was supposed to be the events of Halo: Sangheili Brothers. However, a change in Sangheili Brothers' storyline prevented Vendetta from ending that way. Originally, Rochelle-108's death was meant to be a reference to Halo: The Flood, however it was later changed to a reference to Halo: Contact Harvest since Gruntijackal had recently finished reading it. The difference was:

Tir-D-yar resignes from the Jiralhanae and leaves The Eye. He and Bur manage to board their Kig-Yar Banshees and use them to escape the area. Stel and his group then manage to wipe out the remaining Jiralhanae sorrounding The Eye and invade the base. The group is then cut apart from eachover in the Eye and the they try to regroup. Beracus then encounters Rochelle-108 and Doug-103 and the three do battle. Beracus retreats to his spirit and uses it to shoot at the SPARTAN's. Stel and Ral enter the hangar to find Rochelle realise what to do. Rochelle then leaps to the Spirit and manages to get into the dropship before it's doors close. Using a grenade to destroy the Spirit's engine, Rochelle accepts her fate and dies in the explosion (which was a reference to Halo: The Flood); she saved the group when the Spirit crashes into an incoming Jiralhanae pack. Stel and the group then hack into the defence system of The Eye and causes it to self destruct, escaping with Rochelle's body just in time. The group celebrates in their victory, with Doug asking "Was it Worth it?" after looking at Rochelle's body as the sun sets in the distance.