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Halo: The Hunted
"It's bad manners to deny a hunter his sport."
Protagonist Harald-077
The crew of the UNSC Arrow Flight
Antagonist Kano 'Hatamee
Author KingOfYou115
The contributors from the original RP
Date Published February 25th, 2018 (Act I)
Unreleased (Acts II, III, IV, V)
Length Five Acts
Act I: 21 Chapters

Halo: The Hunted is a five act story, acting as the remastered and completed version of the roleplay of the same name. Act I is simply an edited version of the original roleplay's Act I, and Act II will contain an edited version of the original roleplay's Act II, but with added content to finish the Act. Acts III through V will be much shorter in length, but will be entirely newly written to finish off the story.

If any original contributors of the roleplay are interested in aiding with the remastered book version, leave a message on this article's talk page, or contact KingOfYou115 on Discord.

The Story

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