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Halo: Resurgence is a collection of short stories set in the A Million Stars expanded universe.

  • An Act of Retribution- The final act of Commander Dan Marshall UNSCN, Great War veteran and CO of UNSC Sheffield. A good man haunted by a past he can't forget.
  • Last Sacrifice- Absolution and her crew face odds they cannot hope to beat. With such critical orders and so few options, the price of success could well be the ultimate one. An account of the final hours of UNSC Absolution and her crew.
  • Reclaim- it is 2589, and children of the Human-Covenant War seek to reclaim the former colony world of Reach. First, though, they must confront the ghosts of the past.
  • Resurgence- While the Battle of Earth erupts into chaos, three SPARTANs and a company of ODSTs are dispatched to UNSC Resurgence, once a fighting warship, now a wrecked hulk. But it's not typical Covenant they're pitched against- and they're after more than navigational data...
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