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Chapter-I: PARIS-III

UNSC-MARATHON: Paris III, November 15th 2542

"SPARTAN-117 please report to the bridge" Peter the ship AI said "When does this thing ever shut the fuck up" Kelly said as she woke up from her bunk "Kelly, Fred, James, Arthur stay here." John said as he walked out the bunks. John walked up to bridge through the ships naval officers as they saluted to the SPARTAN-II "Master Chief" the Captain said as John entered the bridge "Sir what do you need?" John asked "About an hour ago we detected a Covenant scout party we alerted FLEETCOM six minutes later the only response we got that was two ships would be sent to help UNSC Roman Blues and UNSC Harvest are enroute to Paris III, i need you to get your team ready for combat" the captain said "Sir. Yes sir!" John said as he walked away from the bridge "Kelly, Fred, James, Arthur get ready for combat and meet me at the hangar bay to get your gear ready in ten minutes" John said in his coms "We'll make it five minutes if these damn ODST's move out of our way" Arthur said.

Chapter-II: Under Cover of the Night

Paris III, November 15th 2542

"This is SPARTAN-117, we're moving up in the city no survivors... Just like Harvest." John whispered in his coms James pointed up at the sky "Seems like their starting to glass the planet, should we keep going." James said calmly "We're here to buy time for ODST's to infiltrate the Covenant ship." Fred said as the group crouched behind a crashed pelican as a swarm of drones flew above them "This Prototype armour feels weird" Kelly said as she kicked the grass "The captain said this armour isn't quite finished yet" John said "Get your Jackhammers out" John barked as a swarm of Elites, Grunts and Jackals headed to their location the group fired their Jackhammers at Covenant forces as blood splattered on their armours "Lets keep moving. Before they send in Hunters" Arthur said "Looks like their already here" James said as the group lifted their Jackhammers up but before they could fire their Jackhammers several bullets from a falcon hit the Hunters "Looks like you were stuck there" Joshua-029 said as he jumped from the pelican "I also have Solomon, Grace, Malcom and Anton with me" "Joshua your with me. Anton your in command of Red Team" John said "Yes sir!!!" Anton yelled from the falcon "Okay then lets get going." Kelly said "Whats our mission John?" Joshua asked "Our mission is to buy the 7th ODST Battalion time to get inside that Covenant ship" John said "We got company!!!" Arthur yelled as Several Covenant dropships headed to their location "Looks like we're back in action." Joshua said as he grabbed a grenade launcher from a Marines corpse after he grabbed it several plasma bolts flew past head James grabbed his DMR and opened fire on the grunts while Fred took out his combat knife and slitted a brutes throat and then blew up a ghost with his Spartan Laser "Take that you son's of fucking bitches" Fred yelled

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