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The Halberd-class destroyer was a class of guided missile destroyers that served in the UNSC Navy between 2525 and 2565. The class was introduced just months before the start of the Human-Covenant War, with only a handful of vessels in service, meaning that early lessons learnt in combat with the Covenant were quickly implemented in subsequent ships. The class gradually replaced several legacy destroyer classes in UNSC service, and by 2550 was the second most numerous UNSC warship behind the Remembrance-class frigate [note 1] . Over 1800 examples of the class were constructed before the Battle of Earth in October- November 2552, of which just over 400 remained in service. The class went on to serve throughout the Remnant War, although from 2553 construction instead shifted to the Vengeance-class destroyer, which ultimately replaced it. As an evolution of the Gorgon-class destroyer's design, the Pioneer-class did not receive a DDG classification officially, despite its expanded missile armament; this fell instead to the Vengeance-class upon its introduction in 2544.

Ships of the Line

  • UNSC Halberd (DD-101) (lead ship of the class)
  • UNSC Pioneer (DD-102)
  • UNSC Silvercrest (DD-106)
  • UNSC Iwo Jima (DD-110)
  • UNSC Athena (DD-114)
  • UNSC Iroquois (DD-216)
  • UNSC Cypria (DD-240)
  • UNSC Alfred the Great (DD-269)
  • UNSC Glorious (DD-275)
  • UNSC Ardent (DD-300)
  • UNSC Minotaur (DD-401)
  • UNSC Herodotus (DD-431)
  • UNSC Benn (DD-432)
  • UNSC Jupiter (DD-478)
  • UNSC Ariadne (DD-509)
  • UNSC Eros (DD-561)
  • UNSC Odin (DD-596)
  • UNSC Llanover (DD-608)
  • UNSC Phobos (DD-609)
  • UNSC Poseidon (DD-610)
  • UNSC Dunedin (DD-611)
  • UNSC Glasgow Kiss (DD-692)
  • UNSC Sceptre (DD-711)
  • UNSC Huntsman (DD-859)
  • UNSC Neptune (DD-985)
  • UNSC Ballymena (DD-1003)
  • UNSC Brasidas (DD-1004)
  • UNSC Hardy (DD-1211)
  • UNSC Albatross (DD-1272)
  • UNSC Lancastria (DD-1394)
  • UNSC Kingfisher (DD-1422)
  • UNSC Tharsis (DD-1430)
  • UNSC Cornwall (DD-1438)
  • UNSC Glowworm (DD-1452)
  • UNSC Norfolk (DD-1474)
  • UNSC Vesper (DD-1516)
  • UNSC Aeneas (DD-1559)
  • UNSC Whirlwind (DD-1630)
  • UNSC Limerick (DD-1641)
  • UNSC Steady (DD-1647)
  • UNSC Sabre (DD-1688)
  • UNSC Broadsword (DD-1711)
  • UNSC Wren (DD-1729)
  • UNSC Carinthia (DD-1752)
  • UNSC O'Donnell (DD-1755)
  • UNSC Blake (DD-1846)
  • UNSC Lapwing (DD-1847)
  • UNSC Forester (DD-1648)
  • UNSC St Achilleus (DD-1857)
  • UNSC Wakeful (DD-1858)
  • UNSC Spirit of Miridem (DD-1860)
  • UNSC Starling (DD-1861)
  • UNSC Venus (DD-1862)
  • UNSC Basilisk (DD-1863)
  • UNSC Hercules (DD-1864)
  • UNSC Falconer (DD-1868)
  • UNSC Capable (DD-1869)


  1. 3,012 Remembrance-class frigates were constructed between 2512 and 2547; by this date, By 2547, only 799 remained in service.

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