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Class overview

Guardian-class mobile repair barge

General characteristics

Refit station


1,803 metres (5,915 ft)


600 metres (2,000 ft)


207 metres (679 ft)


28 million metric tons

Engine unit(s)

Boglin Fields' NX-5 heavy fusion drives (4)

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

0.84 lightyears per day

Power plant

Orphios Energy Systems' Helios-4 fusion reactors (3)



Navigation system

UNA-uplinked navigation computer


M66 "Sentry" 711mm autocannons (12)

  • 30 sailors
  • Maximum of 870 EVA workers
Cargo capacity

Enough components to refit ten Halberd-class destroyers or two Marathon-class cruisers

  • Fully stocked
Additional information
  • Repair
  • Refit
"I was told the Cradle took the beating quite well - my dad's friends said had the battle ended sooner, it might have survived. It's efforts before and when it was sacrificed saved the fleet. Turns out it helped save the planet... It's good that he got his chance to go out like a hero."
Commander Richard Lash, on the UNSC Cradle's destruction.

The Guardian-class mobile repair barge (hull classification symbol: YRB) is a line of mobile refit station that was utilised by the UNSC Naval Logistics Corps throughout the Human-Covenant War. Technically a form of tender, the Guardian is in actuality a breed apart and is more closely related to service, repair, and refit (SRR) stations. Equipped with a full set of fabrication plants, drydocks, and spare starship parts, the Guardian is the preferred means to bring shipyard-level support to any warship that requires support. Although slow, poorly-armed, and reliant on stable logistics support, the Guardian makes up for this with its heavy-armour and ability to keep the momentum up on UNSC offensives.

Ships of the Line

Name Hull Classification Symbol Commissioned Destroyed Notes
UNSC Soteria YRB-231 Lead ship of the class, assigned to maintain the UNSC's mothballed fleet. Scuttled in 2528.
UNSC Cerberus YRB-231 2532 Destroyed during the Battle of Drawn.
UNSC Klondike YRB-322 February 14, 2536 Attached to the Third Fleet, destroyed during the Battle of Camber.
UNSC Cradle YRB-1854 July 17, 2552 Destroyed during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV.


  • All Guardian-class refit stations share a common naming theme, with all being named after figures and objects which are associated with safety and protection. This includes names historically used for repair ships and tenders.
  • This class is one of the few lines of military ships whose lead ship does not share the same name as the class name. This is why the latter is never italicised.


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