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Messenger of the Gods
Guardian-class Destroyer
Production information
Technical specifications

1500 meters

  • Anti-Plasma Torpedo counterguiding signal system
  • 20 Plasma Cannons
  • 26 Pulse Lasers
  • Point Defence Plasma Cannons
  • 1 Energy Projector
Year introduced

Remnants War




Necros War




The Guardian-class Destroyer is a USR ship used almost solely for escort.


The Guardian-class is a slow, but agile warship, which combines heavy shields and armour, a decent fight complement and heavy weapons, dedicated to protecting larger ships. The Guardian-class sacrifices speed, meaning it is usually as fast as the ships it escorts, and in return focuses on being able to stay in the fight as long as the ships it escorts.

The Guardian's heavy shielding and thick armour plating allow it to survive substantial punishment, allowing it to screen larger, more vulnerable ships from harm. For its armament, it carries a relatively normal number of cannons, with three batteries of three plasma cannons on the port and starboard, and two independent cannons facing forwards. It also carries a large number of pulse lasers and point defence plasma cannons, allowing it to take on a great number of fighters with ease. It also carries a number of Seraph and Tengu fighters on-board, allowing it to expand its fighter coverage to protect vulnerable ships. It also has a single energy projector for directing fire forward, taking out reinforced warships before they can pose a threat.

The Guardian is often assigned to Heavy Cruisers, Carriers, Battleships and transports. The crews are specifically trained to exemplify self-sacrifice and service to their commanders they are defending.

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