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Grizzly Team, more formally styled as GRIZZLY Team and sometimes referred to simply as GRIZZLY, was a 4-man team from the Spartan III program's Alpha Company team attached to Commando Group Alpha, with its members being dubbed as Category-II's, informally known as 'Cat-II's'. Grizzly team was considered the second-best Commando team of Alpha company, only being behind Carter-A259's Panther Team who served as Commando Group Alpha's commander, however, due to its position, Grizzly leader, Jake-A384 was designated as Carter's XO.

Like all Alpha Company Commando Teams, Grizzly Team had initially been a 3-man Team but was restructured to a 4-man team prior to their augmentations, leading to the addition of Thom-A293 in the position of Grizzly Four. This was due to their different mission profile, which was judged to require larger teams than the rest of the company, with additional soldiers being drawn from the failed Headhunter candidates.

Grizzly Team would serve in countless battles between the activation of Alpha Company in 2536 as a part of Commando Group Alpha, and continued long after the destruction of the main force of Alpha Company in 2537. Grizzly Team was eventually disbanded after the Battle of Saint-Denis in 2547. After which the remnants of Commando Group Alpha were merged with the remaining teams of Beta Companies, Commando Group Beta, forming Special Warfare Group Three. Resulting in the members of Fox Team being split up to serve in new, cross-company teams with their Beta company counterparts.


  • Grizzly 1 - Jake-A384
  • Grizzly 2 - Rosenda-A344
  • Grizzly 3 - Beth-A173
  • Grizzly 4 - Thom-A239

The team was led by Spartan, Jake-A384, a well-liked and respected team leader, known for his social skills, who also served as the teams technical expert and mechanic. The position of Second-in-Command being held by Rosenda-A344 who served as the role of demolitions expert, doubled as a heavy weapons specialist. Grizzly 3 was Beth-A173 who served as the team's sniper, a quiet and mousy person, who was known for her artistic talents. The spot of Grizzly 4, was filled by Thom-A293, a headhunter candidate who was assigned to the team and acted as the team's scout, though was regarded by many as an impulsive individual who believed he knew more than he actually did.



Battle Honours

  • Insurrection on Mamore (2536)
  • Battle of New Constantinople (2537)
  • Battle of the Far-gone colony platforms (2537)
  • Battle of Bonanza asteroid belt (2537)
  • Battle of Vision (2537)
  • Raid on the Epsilon Herculis Asteroid Belt (2537)
  • Battle of Manticore (2541)
  • Battle of Sargasso (2546)
  • Battle of Saint-Denis (2547)



Halo: Remnants

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