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Green Team is a group 4-man Spartan-II team under the operational command of Unified Special Warfare Command, as members of Special Warfare Group 3. They actively participated in several battles during the Human-Covenant War, including the Battle of Biko, Operation: SILENT STORM, the Battle of Jericho VII, the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, and the Battle for Earth.

The team consists of four members, however for most of Green Teams operational life number could fluctuate depending on available Spartan's and the mission parameters. It was lead for most of the early Human-Covenant War by Kurt-051, until the disappearance of Red Team along with the UNSC Spirit of Fire in 2531, after which several Spartan's were shuffled between teams, resulting in command being passed to Joshua-029 who commanded the squad until some point prior to 2552, when Command was passed to Linda-058, who would lead the team during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, before being temporarily disbanded during the Fall of Reach.

Following the Battle of Reach, Green Team was be reformed into its current incarnation, being led by Joseph-122, along with Carris-137 and James-005. Later being joined by the long thought dead, Toni-014, who had been reassigned to the team from ONI for the Battle of Earth, eventually electing to remain with the squad after the war's conclusion.



  • Green 1 - Joseph-122
  • Green 2 - Carris-137
  • Green 3 - James-005
  • Green 4 - Toni-014


  • Kurt-051 (2517-2531) Leader until he joined Blue Team (KIA)
  • Solomon-069 (2517-2531) Participated in Operation: SILENT STORM (KIA)
  • Malcolm-059 (2525) Participated in Operation: SILENT STORM (KIA)
  • Anton-044 (2517) Participated in Operation: SILENT STORM (KIA)
  • Joshua-029 (2531-2544) Replaced Kurt as Team Leader (KIA)
  • Randall-037 (2531-2532) Declared MIA during the Battle of Vodin (KIA)
  • Linda-058 (2544-2552) Lead team during Operation: OCEAN BREAKER (Active)


Green Team Insignia

Green Teams shoulder Insignia


The unit which later became Green Team was first formed on the first day of candidate induction into the SPARTAN-II program around Kurt-051, Solomon-069, and Anton-044. Green Team, would often exercise against fellow SPARTAN-II Blue Team, led by John-117, and often winning because of Kurt's superior "sixth sense" enabling Green to best their, later legendary, opponents.

In 2525, following the loss of 30 Spartan candidate's due the augmentation procedures, Green Team would be reinforced by the additions of Malcolm-059, Carris-137, and Joseph-122, due to all three having lost the other members of their respective teams, with Malcolm's and Carris's being due to the formers teammates washing out due to the augmentation procedures, whilst the latter's had perished, though in reality one was in cryo-stasis. Whereas Joseph had only lost 1 of his teammates, Alec-073, as a result of complications during augmentations, which had prompted the remaining pair to attempt to escape the Program and Reach in order to return to their families. However, thanks to the meddling of Daisy-023, Joseph had been captured early, potentially saving his life, as his remaining teammate, Daniel-138 would end up taking his own life after discovering the truth of their abduction by ONI in 2517.

Operational Service

Operation: CERBERUS

Main article: Operation: CERBERUS

In late September of 2525, Green Team would participate in their first mission, Operation: CERBERUS, a strike mission to kill or capture a second high ranking member of the URF, Major Leonard Klein. Watts' designated second-in-command and his natural successor, who's location had been gathered during Operation: TALON a few weeks prior. The operation would be on the planet Eridanus II, in the Luxor Spaceport, where Klein and a small but well-equipped team of infiltrators had made plans to leave the planet, having waited out the search teams following the Bombing of Elysium City a few months prior. Due to the public nature of the operation, Green Team would be assigned ODST armour for the mission, instead of their normal stealth suits. The majority of Green Team were deployed within the terminal complex, waiting to ambush Klein's entourage, eliminating his escorts and capturing the URF officer. Whilst Joseph, as the team's marksman, lay in wait on top of the spaceports control tower, the highest position at hand, acting as an observer for his team and to provide overwatch fire for the rest of the squad.

Unfortunately, things would go awry from the start, Klein and his men had been tipped off regarding the Spartan's presence at the spaceport, but due to the information identifying the Spartans as an 'unknown commando force', Klein chose to instead attack the Spartans preemptively, attempting to avenge Watts' capture or secure bargaining chips he could use for his superiors freedom. To this effort, he had endeavoured to position members of an unknown local insurrectionist cell at the spaceport and would use himself and his team as bait to draw the Spartans into a trap, planning to strike and capture the Spartans before they could react. Kurt and the rest of Green Team were engaged by two platoons worth of heavily armed insurrectionists, pinning the team down whilst Klein disengaged to a safer position, counting on his forces superior numbers to overcome the Spartans. Joseph meanwhile was engaged by insurrectionist counter-snipers, attempting to pin him down whilst a second team moved in to catch the lone Spartan.

However, due to their superior training, augmentations and Kurt's sixth sense for danger. Green Team was able to break out of the trap, with Kurt, Malcolm and Carris eliminating the first platoon, whilst Anton and Solomon forced the second to withdraw temporarily. Now free of the enemy, the team began to pursue Klein across the complex. Meanwhile, Joseph eliminated the counter-snipers, before breaking contact with the second team by leaping onto the adjoining terminal's roof, before moving to try and link up with the rest of the team. Green Team, however, then ran into a stiff rearguard from Klein's entourage, stalling their pursuit of the officer and pinning them down with heavy machine gunfire. Fortunately, Joseph from his position on the roof was able to eliminate the enemy machine gunners, removing the suppressing fire. Kurt, acknowledging that Joseph was in the best position to pursue, and with Klein only being protected by a few guards was ordered to intercept Klein, whilst the rest of Green finished off the rest of the insurrectionist team, before continuing the pursuit.

Due to the enemy being unable to interdict him, Joseph was able to quickly catch Klein and his bodyguards before they reached their waiting shuttle. Using the element of surprise that his position afforded him, Joseph was able to eliminate Klein's remaining bodyguards, and incapacitated Klein with a shot to his leg with his sidearm, allowing him to be apprehended with ease. With Klein secured and the remainder of his entourage eliminated, Green Team disengaged from the remaining enemy forces and retreated to a waiting ONI Owl dropship for evacuation, with Joseph carrying the unconscious Klein to the ship. Leaving moments before local UNSC reaction forces moved into the spaceport complex to neutralise the remaining hostiles.

The mission would be considered a success as the information Klein possessed would lead to the successful aversion of multiple URF terrorist attacks. Kurt and the rest of Green Team were praised for the skills they had shown in battle. Of the six members of the team, Joseph was the only member of the team to be injured, suffering injuries to both of his knees due to jumping from the control tower, aggravated by his pursuit of Klein, forcing him to be restricted to light duties until he had recovered.

Human-Covenant War

Battle of Chi Ceti

Battle of Biko


Battle of Albion

Battle of Vodin

Battle of Jericho VII

Battle of Eirene

Final Years of the war

Battle of Sigma Octanus IV

Post-Reach Remformation

Battle of Earth

Post-Covenant War period


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Green Team Insignia   Green Team   Green Team Insignia

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