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Founder Jefferson Korn
Headquarters MSV Bewitched Paragon
Criminal activities
Allies Casa de Cuchillos (Former)
Founded August 2557
Era Created Crisis
Equipment and Skills
"The Raiders' story is your story, sir. Like the phoenix, you rise again and again. And so shall we."
Cathedral reassuring Commodore Korn that his ability to command has never been in question.

Once the spacefaring branch fo the Cortez Cartel, sometimes known as the Casa de Cuchillos, the Glass Raiders are a sect of highly-active pirates and freelancing agents operating from Earth to the edge of the Human Space. Considered efficient and corporately-reliable inside the criminal underworld, the Glass Raiders have built a reputation for getting requested jobs done as long as they don't overstep their leaderships' limits on immoral tasks.

The organization was first founded by Jefferson Korn, a former ONI logistics and line officer in August of 2557 following a successful capture and hijacking of the former UNSC escort carrier, UNSC Fire Everlasting. The Fire Everlasting was rechristened by Korn and his compatriots as the MSV Bewitched Paragon soon after and retrofitted into a mobile-command center and the heart of the Frontier Interdiction Squadron.

While under the Cortez Cartel, Korn's spacefaring-piracy organization was known as the Frontier Interdiction Squadron, slowly expanding into a flotilla for every starship they captured and retrofitted for their own needs. After a year of gathering talent and resources, the Glass Raiders broke their contract with their Cartel benefactors in August 2558 to strike out for themselves. Built on a robust logistics and intelligence network, the Glass Raiders have quickly made their presence known across frontier space. Rivals like the Iskander Syndicate and The Legion Crime Empire are noted to have attempted and failed to stifle the success of the Glass Raiders due to the organization's unique history and the capabilities available to it. Compared to other criminal organizations, the Glass Raiders are relatively unique for the employment of larger capital ship-sized vessels and stealthy Prowlers under their flag. Even after members of the Baal Defense Solutions mercenary organization decimated the Glass Raiders' fleet over Argus V, the Glass Raiders remain active in a reduced state as numerous key personnel managed to escape the Squadron's destruction in 2559. At the turn of the decade, they remain in hiding and counting their losses.

Diplomatic Direction

Jefferson Korn is a product of his military experiences during the Human-Covenant War and the years of training he was provided while employed by the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence. While his highest officer appointment was operations chief for clandestine operations and a manager of an illegal supersoldier program, he was a fire control officer assigned to the ONI Prowler Corps before all that. And before working on Prowlers, he was a highly-decorated officer cadet, graduating from the Patuxent River Academy of Military Science, attended the United Republic Naval Academy, and then transferred into the Lunar OCS Academy. From the Office of Naval Intelligence and from the UNSC Navy, former Lieutenant Commander Korn constructed the Glass Raiders using the Cortez Cartel's resources and employed his working knowledge to make a small ragtag group of criminals into a thriving pirate force. Korn's decision and techniques for growing his force were informed by his time with the Office of Naval Intelligence and created a clandestine group from scratch and by the book.

Mudd Korn.jpg
A former UNSC Lieutenant Commander, Jefferson Korn used his working knowledge to construct the Glass Raiders from scratch.

To some, Korn's decisions come off as unusual and impractical for running his organization. He's careful about the friends he makes outside his organization, he has maintained the methodology of keeping his force numbers small and deploys a handful during contracted jobs. He maintains a large talent pool and prefers to trade in information rather than monetary value or resources as he did while a lowly Cortez Cartel informant for the first months he served directly under the Cortez Cartel. The Glass Raiders under Korn are known to employ subsidiaries and are not afraid to contract out other parties when it suits their needs. Jefferson Korn is also a very direct individual, preferring to meet with other parties directly through with a large entourage in tow or send high-ranking, trusted subordinates to execute his orders. These high-ranking subordinates, considered his "Inner Circle" by enemies and allies alike, are among those Korn trusts to take command of his piracy group in the event that he is incapable to command or absent under extended circumstances. Korn believes that his piracy group should be able to operate without his guidance in the event that he does succumb to grave events, however, he has done enough to assure the loyalty of his subordinates by placing key individuals and assets where they are needed to maintain his dominance in the event of a mutiny.

Calling Card

"Umm. Sir? Why does our emblem look like a toddler's finger painting?"
Daiki-D217 inquiring on the nature of the Glass Raiders "official" seal.

To help confuse and befuddle outsiders that could present future threats to the Glass Raiders' continued operations, Korn has intentionally distorted the public image of the Glass Raiders from the first day the organization came to be. His intention has been to confuse and provide false information to adversarial and rival parties on the operational capabilities and history of activities performed by the Glass Raiders. Specifically, Jefferson Korn has wanted to maintain the illusion that his group is just a bunch of ragtag, drunk pirates that appear every once in a while and when they do get investigated, the Glass Raiders would appear much less significant increasing the organization's survival by keeping the group off the radar of larger parties like entire criminal empires and government agencies like the United Nations Space Command or Office of Naval Intelligence.

An increased employment of subsidiaries has helped cover up the majority of Glass Raider operations at the cost of missing the chance for bigger job requests. While backed by the Cortez Cartel, Jefferson Korn intentionally lied about his group's size and performance and made entire caches of resources disappear. One of the less pronounced methods of hiding in plain sight, the Glass Raiders employ an official logo that looks like a child's attempt at abstract art.

The logo, known as the "Circled Peak with Crooked Base", is a quick abstract art piece that Jefferson Korn and a few of his close allies threw together with a number of different iterations to make their organization appear as less organized to outsiders. With an abstract logo, intelligence networks have a hard time trying to understand what the seal means or what the significance of the image is, typically leading to false presumptions. In reality, the emblem has little to no meaning and exists simply to confuse adversaries. No vessel under Korn's command flies any flag or consistent identifying characteristic with the intention to throw other groups off the Glass Raiders' scent. They have no intention of painting a target on their backs.

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