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Glabetovan Resistance Organization
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The Glabetovan Resistance Organization was an Insurrectionist resistance group on the colony of Glabetov. Formed in 2462 after years of negotiations failed to end the crop donation quotas on the colony, the GRO was initially formed to help protect farmers and their land from the colonial government until a diplomatic solution could be found. However, as the UNSC Army planetary garrison began active anti-insurgency operations, the GRO's goal became to overthrow the planetary government as a whole. This objective was achieved in 2536, when the UNSC, fearing the Covenant threat, abandoned the planet, leaving it to the control of the GRO, which became renamed the Glabetovan People's Republic.

In the years that followed, seeing the trouble that the Victorian Independent State was facing due to insurgents on the frontier, the GPR began an active campaign in 2541 to find and imprison or kill pro-UNSC citizens who were deemed a threat. This course led to an estimated two to three thousand colonial citizens being killed or interred over the course of the next thirteen years. In 2554, when the UNSC returned, the GPR did not attempt a defense of the planet, preferring to sign a ceasefire, which the GRO violated with the 2555 Glabetovan Uprising, an action that put an end to their resistance actions for several years.


Formation (2462-2464)

Insurgency Campaign (2464-2536)

Planetary Government (2536-2554)

As the UNSC abandoned Glabetov, and with them the colonial government, a power vacuum occurred, which was soon filled by the Glabetovan Resistance Organization, whose fighters, at the urging of Andrey Edwards, marched on the colonial capital, and declared the planet in full secession from the Unified Earth Government, stating that the planet's rightful government was the Glabetovan People's Republic. In the following weeks, the GPR began preparing for the UNSC's return, believing it was inevitable. However, as the weeks turned into months, it became obvious to the population that the UNSC was not going to return anytime soon, and many went back to their business. For the majority of the population, who lived in small, secluded farming communities, the initial rise of the GPR meant little to the, with few perceptible changes, save for the lack of UNSC military patrols and the end of the crop quotas, the latter of which was welcomed by the populace.

Wisemens Committee

Officials of the Glabetov People's Republic and Victorian Independent State together during the meetings that arranged an alliance between the two rebel organizations


A suspected Office of Naval Intelligence operative being interrogated in Camp Omega

Dissolution (2554)

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