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"A large chance of death and failure versus a small chance of victory and survival. What are we waiting for?"
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Human-Covenant War



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  • Battle Coordination
  • Software Infiltration

Genesis is a fifth-generation "smart" Artificial Intelligence construct, and also Alexander Morrison's partner.


Creation and Early Life

Meeting Morrison-G207


Like all AI's, Genesis doesn't have an physical body though she can communicate through comm systems and project a holographic image of herself from appropriate projectors, such as Holotanks. In this case, her form is that of a female in her early to mid twenties with a voluptuous but slim body. Her hair is a whitish-blue that typically appears in a high ponytail with silver eyes and pale blue skin with white markings placed on various parts of her body. Similar to Cortana, Genesis typically appears naked with the white markings on her body acting to censor specific parts though she can sometimes be seen wearing armor-like clothing.


Genesis often displays a flirtatious playful nature as she often enjoys teasing others and seeing other people's reactions when they see her appearance especially the responses she gets from male, even going as far as to pretend not to notice when they are staring.

Abilities and Skills

Accessing Computers



  • "People might view and think that you're expandable but you aren't. Not to me."
  • "After everything we've been through, I hope you don't think that I'd just up and leave you just for a chance to cure my rampancy. Besides country boy, whatever would you do without me?"


  • Genesis shares the same name as the Forerunner Builder facility
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