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GEARS Project



Machina Federation


Special Operations


Creation of Machina super-soldiers

  • 100 Participants
  • 24 Survivors

Though the Necros did not officially appear until 2615, the Machina Federation encountered them twice before this, and while the first encounter was peaceful, the second ended in hostilities, with many Machina either being killed or going missing: understanding that the Necros served as a threat to peace, the Federation secretly initiated the GEARS Project.

Proposed and begun in secrecy, the idea was very much like that of the UNSC's Spartan programs, using high-powered frames armed with cutting-edge technology coupled with grueling training to create elite warriors from both skilled veterans and young recruits. In the end, the effects of the project were too much for many: only a handful survived the final augmentations and frame-installation, and while these select few were incredibly elite warriors, all suffered from mental disorders of some fashion.

GEARS Members

Special Operations Divisions in the Necros War
UNSC Marines, First Echelon: STO | Night Runners | SPARTAN-IVs

Marines, Second Echelon: ODSTs

Marines, Third Echelon: Commandos | Rangers | SFWSG | Stalkers | EVAT | Hellbringers

Marines, Fourth Echelon: PSYOPS | Guardian | Spear Head

Navy: ANWG | SOW | Flight Testing Group | NavWar DevGru

Joint: Joint Evaluation and Tactics Group

USR Operation Divisions: Commandos | Spec Ops | Assassins | Pathfinders | Rangers | Assault Troopers | Avengers | Fleet Security

Military Orders: Light of Helios | Guardians of Faith | Honour Guard | Ascetics

Machina GEARS Project
Vorenus SPECTRES | STARS | FEAR | START | Vanguards
Plainsfierians Sentinel Unit
Jiralhanae Alliance Brute Ravager | Brute Stormtrooper
Kig-Yar Regime Kig-Yar Scout | Kig-Yar Shocktrooper | Kig-Yar Stormtrooper | Kig-Yar Butcher | Kig-Yar Bodyguard | Kig-Yar Bombardier | Kig-Yar Assassin | Black Claw
Yanme'e Hives Yanme'e Slayer | Yanme'e Berserker

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