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GAUNTLET Team, also called as Team Gauntlet or simply GAUNTLET is an elite fireteam-sized cross-branch unit consisting of SPARTAN-IIIs and SPARTAN-IIs ranging from various classes and companies, as of 2552. Similar to NOBLE Team, Gauntlet was under command of Special Warfare Group Three of the UNSC Army, although its Spartans were still part of Navy. As of 2552, only 5 members of the team are alive.


Gauntlet Team primarily consists of Spartan-IIIs pulled out of their respective companies by Senior Chief Petty Offier Franklin Mendez and Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose before the suicide missions where most of the unpicked Spartans from each company were killed, Operation: PROMETHEUS for Alpha Company and Operation: TORPEDO for Beta Company. Two exceptions are Carris-137 and Saran-197 who are SPARTAN-IIs.

They are known to have participated in countless battles, possibly as many battles as the legendary Blue Team has participated. However, throughout all the battles, the five original members are always present, with new members like Julia-B047 and Jack-B157 having stayed with them only temporarily.

Just like NOBLE Team, GAUNTLET Team is issued with equipment used by the Spartan-IIs, such as the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, which is far much advanced than the Semi-Powered Infiltration Armor used by the other Spartan-IIIs, although members of Gauntlet are allowed to keep their old Mark II SPI Armors with them.


Active members

  • Commander Tyler-A319 :- Tyler serves as the team's leader and sniper. Active as of 2552. Callsign is GAUNTLET One.
  • Lieutenant Commander Clyde-A307 :- Clyde serves as the team's heavy weapons soldier. Active as of 2552. Callsign is GAUNTLET Two.
  • Lieutenant Caren-A193 :- Caren serves as the team's demolitions specialist. Active as of 2552. Callsign is GAUNTLET Three.
  • Lieutenant, Junior Grade Carris-137 :- The only Class I SPARTAN-II of the team, Carris serves as the team's tracker and reconnaissance expert, also expertising in tech infiltration. Active as of 2552. Callsign is GAUNTLET Four
  • Lieutenant Saran-197 :- The only Class II SPARTAN-II of the team, Varun serves as the team's scout, specialising in stealth. Active as of 2552. Callsign is GAUNTLET Five.

Deceased members

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Julia-B047 :- Julia served as the team's assault specialist. Listed MIA, Confirmed KIA during Second Battle of Deston, killed by a Sangheili Field Marshall.
  • Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jack-B157 :- Jack served as the team's intelligence specialist. Listed MIA, Confirmed KIA during Operation: RECLAIMER, killed by ship explosion.
  • Lieutenant Beatrix-B072 :- Beatrix was the team's executive officer and one of their intelligence experts, and often led detachments on scouting runs into hostile areas. Listed MIA, Confirmed KIA during Operation: RECLAIMER.


Fall of Reach members

Post-War Era members

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