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Francis W. McCourt
Biographical Information

Taradia (Indus Corus System, First Rim)


May 17th, 2523 (Bakersburg, Thüringer)


October 20th, 2568 (New Celje, Westphal)

Physical Description





73.5 inches

Chronological and Political Information

UNSC Defense Force

"A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore…"
―Francis McCourt

Francis William McCourt (May 17th, 2523—October 20th, 2568), also known by the nickname "Plato" and later the codename CONDUCTOR, was a special activities operator and a commissioned officer of the United Nations Space Command Navy.

McCourt's first employment was as a fishing trawler deckhand; within months, though, he volunteered for the Navy, serving through the final years of the Human-Covenant War as an enlistee. Following the war, in spring 2553, Francis applied for and was accepted to the Academy at Mare Nubium, one of two schools for aspiring Naval officers. Immediately after graduation, then-Ensign McCourt was recruited into the Office of Naval Intelligence, Section Three. He was trained to be a special activities field operator and boldly held this rate for four years before being promoted and assigned to an intelligence unit of confidential status.

McCourt scans for an unknown object of interest, 2560.
Following retirement, Francis returned to his homeworld of Taradia and took residence with his wife and two daughters in the city of New Celje. However, in fall 2578, McCourt's life was taken from when a band of gang members raided a local restaurant; he was one of three innocents killed in the incident.

Behind the Scenes

  • Francis earned the nickname "Plato" because of his superb intelligence; he had an IQ of 148 and scored in the 99.15 percentile on the Standardized Developmental Examination.
  • This character shares his name with that of the main character of the novel Angela's Ashes.