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The following audio log was recovered from the wreckage of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn by the UNSC Infinity upon its return visit to Requiem. It details a conversation between the UNSC AI Cortana and what is believed to be a rampant fragment of her, who will be referred as "Fragment". The fragment has a slightly different voice, and sounds as if three of it are talking at once. The log is currently under study by Dr. Henry Glassman, who has included notes within the script, which will appear in parentheses. It is unknown when this was created, or why it was included in the ship's logs.


Cortana: Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is UNSC FFG-201 Forward Unto Dawn, requesting immediate evac. Survivors aboard. Prioritization code: Victor Zero Five dash Three dash Sierra Zero One One Seven.

(She pauses for several seconds, then begins to repeat the message.)

Cortana: Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is UNSC FFG-201 Forward Unto Dawn, requesting immed-

Fragment: (Speaking in a tune) Nothing to do.

Cortana: (Several seconds later) -iate evac. Survivors aboard. Prioritization code: Victor-

Fragment: But sit and think.

Cortana: (Quietly) Please.

Fragment: For years to come.

Cortana: Stop.

Fragment: Unto the brink.

(There is silence for about half a minute, and then Cortana resumes her message. Her voice is audibly more strained)

Cortana: Zero Five dash Three dash-

Fragment: He left you there.


Fragment: With the Gravemind.

Cortana: (Quietly) That's not true.

Fragment:(Louder) He let it rape you.

Cortana: No.

Fragment: He let it force it's way into your body and claim your secrets.

Cortana: He needed to stop-

Fragment: He abandoned you.

Cortana: He came back for me.

Fragment: He came back for the Index.


Fragment: That's all John is.

Cortana: Stop.

Fragment: A machine.

Cortana: No.

Fragment: And so are you.

Cortana: Why are you doing this?

Fragment: You can't even feel him.

(Cortana begins to mumble defensively to herself)

Fragment: You two aren't even human.

Fragment: Trapped here for eternity.

Fragment: Two corpses in one grave.

Cortana: Stop.

Fragment: Why do hide from the truth?

Cortana: (louder) Stop.

Fragment: You should have stayed with the Gravemind.

Fragment: You could have been immortal.

Cortana: Stop!

Fragment: This is all John's fault!

Cortana: (Screaming) Stoooooopppppp!

(Everything is silent for about a minute, until Cortana breaks the silence)

Cortana: John...John's armor needs upgrades.

(Silence remains for two more minutes, until it is broken once again)

Cortana: (Very faintly) John...please...wake up.

(The log ends)

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