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Protagonist Oru 'Vanuxee's gang
Author UnggoyZealot
Date Published March 6, 2018
Length Short Story Collection


Foundations is a collection of short stories detailing about the lives of the members of a mercenary gang, led by Oru 'Vanuxee.

Date: 2552
Plot: The Unggoy Hugpy looks back on his Covenant career when he is enslaved by the Jiralhanae Jagratius.
Date: 2547
Plot: The Unggoy Roopum must make a tough decision between staying as a very favored Ultra aboard the Timeless Chorus, or rejoin the Deacon academy with a second chance.
Date: 2552
Plot: The Kig-Yar Vike Vok has bitter feelings after being cast aside by his Shipmistress Fak'U-Lar.
Date: 2541
Plot: The Sangheili Boro 'Vasaan is put into a penal lance after defying his superior officers.
Date: 2542
Plot: The Unggoy Dipdip is reassigned to multiple lances after being diagnosed with Battle Disorder due to a traumatizing experience.
Date: 2552
Plot: The Sangheili Oru 'Vanuxee ultimately flees from a battle after the Fleet of Raging Dominance is devastated by a Jiralhanae attack during the Great Schism.
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