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Myself and Spartan-091 were talking about this last night, and we realized something.

Bungie and 343 Industries have named *every* SPARTAN-II that has ever existed (Class one, of course). Even though Bungie started the franchise, Microsoft owns it, meaning that anything made by 343 is canon, and should be held on the same scale as Bungie.

This means that the entire Necrosverse is now NCF, and that all of your S-IIs are NCF as well. Have a nice day.


-- Sergeant Major Avery Johnson 12:37, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

Time to break out the Alternate Template.--Bobzombie 12:43, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

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Not mine! I think ahead. Leonidians, unite.

I've avoided that train ride too and constructed another.- 5əb'7aŋk(Σάπτανκ) 16:13, April 29, 2010 (UTC)
Same here. Class II, I love you, ILB. -- Sergeant Major Avery Johnson 16:17, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

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Well, personally, I'm with 501, 091, and Matt-256 in that my Spartan is a Leonidan, therefore undermining canon's powers (even though 091 didn't pull this off as well as the rest of us). So, heil 501! lol. In any case, I say we disregard the Spartan counts just like Bungie/343/Microsoft/Retarded Cohorts do

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Just wait, the next time they make new content there'll be a new Spartan and it'll be Nylunds statement of 75 NCF. It reminds me of how RepCom is no longer Star Wars canon, but lets not get into that again . . . so, I'm guessing that soon there'll be a revisiting of Spartan counts for class 1.

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Thi isn't so much a problem that we need to disregard existing canon, actually. I've concocted a pretty simple retcon solution that will bend canon enough to have some S-II slots left over, while still keeping in the Nylund spirit (and incorporating the new Legends characters. What is it? Simple. Add five SPARTANs.

That might seem a little silly, but I've got appropriate reading to justify my points. And yes, they are more of my massive lists. Read on for the breakdown:

80 SPARTANs recruited

12 disabled (Maria mental instabilities, David mental breakdown, Lazlo faked, Fhajad a writer, Kirk & Rene in gel tanks, Jared faked, Soren goes rogue then disappears) 30 killed in augmentation (Leonid faked, Joe KIA, Riker faked, black team faked) 38 survived (Adriana, Mike, Jai, Alice, Jerome, Douglas, James, Kurt, Randall, Sheila, Cassandra, John, Samuel, Linda, Joshua, Vinh, Isaac, Mike, Elise, Melanie, Grace, Li, Anton, Will, Ajax, Edward, Kelly, Fred, Malcolm, Cal, Keiichi, Solomon, Arthur, Maverick, Daisy, Joseph, Ralph, BS#4).

1 abducted for use by NAVSPECWAR SECIII NOBLE (Jorge)

5 flee from UNSC (Joseph, BS#4, Ralph, Daisy, Cal) 2 escape (Ralph, Daisy) 3 are captured and imprisoned (Joseph, BS#4, Cal) 1 returns to UNSC (Daisy) 1 hides and joins marines to fight covenant (Ralph)

4 operate as ONI agents (Leonid, Riker, Lazlo, Jared)

3 sent on missions outside UNSC space (Jai, Adriana, Mike)

3 freed to serve UNSC (Joseph, BS#4, Cal)

9 KIA/MIA (Samuel, Kurt, Randall, Sheila, Cal, Arthur, Solomon, Ralph, Daisy) 1 WIA (Cassandra)

3 encounter flood and have selective neural paralysis employed (Alice, Jerome, Douglas)

25 at reach (John, James, Linda, Alice, Jerome, Douglas, Joshua, Vinh, Isaac, Mike, Elise, Melanie, Grace, Li, Anton, Will, Ajax, Edward, Kelly, Fred, Keiichi, Malcolm, Maverick, Joseph, BS#4)

3 sent to dock (John, James, Linda) 22 sent groundside (Malcolm, Keiichi, Fred, Kelly, Edward, Ajax, Will, Anton, Li, Grace, Melanie, Elise, Mike, Isaac, Vinh, Joshua, Douglas, Alice, Jerome, Joseph, BS#4, Maverick )

4 KIA initially (Douglas, Joseph, Edward (actually MIA), Malcolm) 6 WIA initially (Will, Isaac, Vinh, Maverick, BS#4, Alice) Delta (WIA 6) holds castle base (Will, Isaac, Vinh, Maverick, BS#4, Alice) Gamma (3) secures whitcomb (Anton, Grace, Li) Beta (7) defends generators (Ajax, Elise, Melanie, Mike, Jerome, Keiichi) Alpha (3) attacks Covies (Joshua Kelly, Fred)

Alpha loses 1 (Joshua) Gamma secures whitcomb (no losses) Delta enters base, Will, Isaac, Vinh get cut off from Maverick, BS#4, Alice Beta attempts to hold the line, loses 3 (Mike, Douglas, Keiichi,) Beta escapes underground, pursued by enemy Edward, assumed dead, escapes via ONI prowler Beta loses (1) Jerome, cut off from Elise, and has Melanie wounded, then evac BS#4 and Alice are killed, Maverick escapes

Days pass

Gamma meets chief (Anton, Li, Grace, John) Alpha/Delta engages covenant, loses 2 (Vinh, Isaac) Chief/gamma regroup with alpha/delta and evac, slipspace escape begins Any living SPARTANs remaining are evacuated (Maverick)

10 killed on reach (Joseph, BS#4, Malcolm, Joshua, Mike, Douglas, Keiichi, Jerome, Vinh, Isaac,) 1 goes missing (James)

8 escape via ascendant justice (John, Kelly, Linda, Fred, Will, Grace, Li, Anton) 3 killed slipspace escape (Grace, Li, Anton) 1 kidnapped (Kelly) 4 make it back to earth (John, Linda, Fred, Will)

5 escape by other means (Ajax, Melanie, Elise, Edward, Maverick)

2 killed at onyx (Kurt, Will)

1 goes missing at ark (John)

4 reenter service publicly (Cassandra, Lazlo, Riker, Jared)

12 stay in service (Cassandra, Lazlo, Jared, Elise, Edward, Ajax, Melanie, Kelly, Fred, Linda, Riker, Maverick)

1 reenters service (Leonid)

13 in service (Cassandra, Lazlo, Jared, Elise, Edward, Ajax, Melanie, Kelly, Fred, Linda, Leonid, Riker, Maverick)

There. Granted, this is my personal version outfitted for Necros (with Necros and a few of my favored ones) but they can be swapped out for any other ones easily. The situation is defintely easily retconnable. I vote we make some kind of official, site wide retcon of some sort (my idea, or another one, whatevers good, just something)

You all know you could use Template:Contradict if your SPARTAN existed long before Halo Fail Legends was released...Sketchist 01:44, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

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AJ, trolling is fine on IRC. I don't appreciate it ending up on the Forum. It is a manner of note that Bungie has never officially stated how many there are, Eric Nylund (who has been contradicted countless times) did. Therefore, it is easy to believe that the number of Spartans are different from the 75 already stated. Plus the fact that Bungie did state at one point that it was not their intent to fill out the entire roster so that people could fill in the blanks with their own imagination. Now, maybe 343/GORAKsoft have decided that they need more money and that filling out the roster could help them, but until the number is locked down (or a call number is claimed), I don't want to hear about this issue again, as it is akin to yelling "fire" in a theater. Kindly refrain from doing this in the future, or I will have to consider some kind of action for punishing your trolling. Regards.

Well, a minimal part of it is trolling, but most of it is a serious concern. What you said is right, Bungie never said how many SPARTAN-IIs there were in Class I, it was just Nylund's writing, which is canon until contradicted - no one has said anything contrary to the 75 enlisted, 30 killed, 12 wounded, 33 active, meaning that it remains as the set canon until it is contradicted at a further time, which it hasn't. We were talking about this on the IRC; I had gone through the roster on Hpedia, and all 33 active SPARTANs were accounted for - all featured in Nylund's canon, all featured in the official Bungie games, and all of the ones featured in 343 Industries' canon - which does count until contradicted at a further time. This isn't akin to yelling "fire" in a theater when there isn't one, this is akin to "there is a fire in the theater, and what the hell are we going to do to get out of this?". That's what the purpose of this forum is. If you wish to ignore 343 Industries' canon, sure, go ahead - just re-write the canon policy before you do so. Hell, the thing with Necros is that most of the SPARTAN-IIs featured (aside from the Leonidans) cannot fit into any active spot given, even with ignoring 343's canon - it's an issue of numbers vs. slots, really. That's my concern - not to troll, not to incite flaming, but rather to identify a problem and work with the other users here on how to rectify said problem. Thanks for misunderstanding my intentions, 091. -- Sergeant Major Avery Johnson 20:19, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

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AJ, 091’s doing the best he can, and you have been a little inflammatory lately (not completely a bad thing, mind you). 091, I don’t think AJ is trying to cause panic. He’s just brining up an issue that’s been looming for quite some time--which has been pointed out not only by me, but a host of users--and has finally crashed down. Personally, (as I guess I just said) I’m in favor of a retcons that incorporates all present halo canon (yes, including legends) and that can last to incorporate future canon. Also, because I don’t like having to stick Alternate templates on everything and muck up the site. Regards,

AJ raises an important issue and that issue can be resolved simply with the Contradict template as pointed out by Ascension. The Contradict template allows the author to continue to ignore newly-revealed information but the author should do his/her best to try to follow the new canon info. With that said, Ajax can continue his Necros project but he should also try to update every known information revealed by Bungie/343 Industries. There... solved. The Canon Policy still needs to be codified; I assume what I've proposed in the other forum is approved? - 5əb'7aŋk(Σάπτανκ) 15:42, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

In that case my spartan is ncf. Class II anyone?--Den fryktedehodet 20:21, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

I find this a very interesting subject. But only god knows what Ajax would say of this... - I meant to do that!

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Stop bringing Ajax into your conversations. its pretty obvious you have a dislike for him because he NCFed your stuff. Honestly, he doesn't care. And if his SPARTAN was ncf due to new timelines, he could put the alternate template.

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Back to solution suggestions . . . it seems to be just Halo:Legends causing problems, as it takes what, five+ much needed slots? Perhaps on Halo Fanon, Legends should be considered a universe all its own, in the same way the Necrosverse or EU are? Unless, of course, a universe's creator wishes to take them into account. A note or template on each official universe would tell if it takes into account 343 creations or strictly Bungie material.

Canon Policy
Perhaps the most infamous debate that has been sparked by 343's caretaking of the series is the canonical nature of Halo Legends. Many have raged against its rather loose interpretation of Halo canon, and the many errors it made in its development, and in most cases, they are correct. Unfortunately, it is actual canon material, and should be accepted as such. However, there is a nice and easy way to reconcile the differences, and that is this: Legends is just that, legends and stories passed around by UNSC and Covenant troops to their fellows over days and weeks or even years. Such tales, getting more and more wild with each telling, obviously lend themselves to exaggeration and inaccuracy, and are therefore not quite reliable sources. That is how the Administration of this site feels Halo Legends should be viewed, as a dramatic interpretation of historic events, the sort of mythos of rumor and scuttlebutt that is spread around a combat unit or passed down through generations.

-- Sergeant Major Avery Johnson 20:02, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

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