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As most of you already know, we had a prominent user on here named The evil O,malley. This user was banned after disobeying the civility rules. I am here to ask you to vote on an unban. As he was a prominent user I will now request that he become unbanned. A lot of users have left after he did and in this we have now lost some of our prominent members. Now to get them back we need what O,malley left us with. I spoke with him on XBL and he told me about how much help he can be and even spoke of some great ideas, at least I think and others do to, on how to fix this site for the better. Now here are my points on why he needs to be unblocked.

  • I: We have given other users more warnings and more ban/unbans than him for a perma-block to be needed.
  • II: He was a prominent user and has promised to be a very productive user and a very helpful user
  • III: Many users miss him and he misses them and I believe that he has changed after his 20ish days of being gone.
  • IV: This was an unjust ban because the rule that O,malley broke wasn't followed correctly as the rule states. The rule states that he should of been blocked for a few hours on the second warning, but wasn't. Also he was only warned 3 times, as the first ban on him doesn't count because the rule was not in place at the time of the first ban.

These are just some of the reasons, I am sure many of you can find other reasons why he should be unblocked. Please discuss. Thanks, H*bad (talk)


He should be unblocked. -- Your Worst Enemy<The SPARTAN-I><The Warrior> [The Thriller] [The Project] [The Unit] [The Vessel] 19:46, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

He broke the rules, i have little consideration for that. Besides, just because he was warned before a rule set came up doesn't mean you can whip the slate clean. I don't think anybody should be above the rules, i certainly know i'm not. Besides, if i remember rightly, only one member left with O'Malley. I wouldn't say Malley was enormously useful around the community, flaming isn't massivly useful. Also, i thought after his first warning ban he would of changed. On a final note, Malley, of his own volition noted he wanted to go out with 'a bang'. If somebody goes out, vandalises pages then announces his retirement, does that make their vandalism void? I do not believe so. So if somebody goes out intentionally spamming and flaming for a reirement, does that make it void?<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax

Well RR did say that he would unblock The evil O,malley. (Side note:) While looking at your banning log you seem to keep putting 'epic fail'. This isn't an appropriate response and I will have to request that you stop doing that. The proper comment would be to "Vandal" or to put something along the lines of that. Anyways, remember that we still accept apologizes. A user may be unblocked at any time if it is felt that he can come back as a useful user. Thanks, H*bad (talk)

I've been around Manticore and Jack Phoenix far for too long. But either way, i ban vandals flamers and spammers, one way or another, through some different method or another, the result is the same. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax

He should be given a second chance (Though had be given many). There is an old proverb that once said:

"A lion that once lost its' pride would not attempt to lose another..."

Banner-Finale-4 | Ascension 5ub7ank(7alk) 20:11, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

This is a toughey. If i had a problem on my wikis like this, he would already be perma banned. I know he's an amazing user and he does contribute majorly to the wiki. I say we give him the absolute last serious warning and chance. If he blows it he's out for ever. Full stop, no more pissing about. I understand Ajax, i agree with you but because of his contribs and usefulness to the site i think that one more chance, especially with his machinima, he should come back. And anyway the Necros is an ass sucker to every other non-halo related fiction in my opinion but i'm giving it faith and i'm sure, Ajax, you'll prove me wrong. I know you will and so i can have patience. His motives were'nt unjust but his actions were. Because of this he needs another chance. I'm up for giving people a second chance and he can just leave the Necros. There are many other projects he can involve his creativness in anyway. So that's my opinion: bring him back but this is the last chance, He'll be on thin ice if he does came back but if not then O'Malley: i fought for you but in the end it was your fault and so i won't loose sleep if you don't come back. Sorted: The parkster Comunications Contributions Covenant Neutralist Empire]] 20:13, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

UNBAN O'MALLEY! :D He doesn't deserve what he got!

"Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue"
―Some Republican guy

Just Another GruntConverse 21:00, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

Hmm, kind of a hard decision. I would like O'Malley back myself, but he did kind of go through a lot of warnings. Chiafriend12my works

21:02, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

O'malley was a good user, with good intentions, and a really, really, really bad mouth, er, fingers. I liked him when he wasn't on his rants, but he took it too far and finally got a perma-ban. I'm sorry for him, he was a great user, but if you start making an exception for one user, the entire site will fall to pieces, and I don't think O'malley would like that. --MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
21:53, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

I don't feel that is true. Actually we have been making exceptions for all the other users that have gotten more warnings. He is just a prominent user that was made an example, not a just, out of. It would be more good than bad if O,malley comes back because of the fact that he will be taking a more of an active role on here and that more users will actually follow the non-canon friendly rule because he is such a fighter. He was a fighter against all things that were against the rules, though a little blunt at times. Remember that he made great articles, even the Fanon for Noobs article. I am suggesting a last chance unblock for him, if he does break the rules then we shall cease listening to him. I know how he is feeling right now, as I have gone through the same. I know how he is thinking, for I was once him, but now that has changed for him and me. Now is a time for change and I believe that an unban would help us go forward and become a better community and as a whole a better wiki. Thanks, H*bad (talk)

I won't fight his unbanning, but I will warn you: if he is unbanned, Ajax will likely be flamed for all that O'malley views as crimes against him during and immediately before his ban. I've already heard part of it (link to O'malley's ranting) --MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
23:12, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

That's not really ranting...looks kinda like he's kinda got a reason to be pissed..."sniff" lil fighter Just Another GruntConverse 04:39, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

Yeah basically. I mean I would be too...Anyways, he didn't actually get like uber mad or anything. So his last ban was unneeded. Its better to have them talk it out than to ban. Truly a ban should be something that is last resort. Thanks, H*bad (talk)

If we unblock him, I hope he's learned his lesson. -- The State(Our Decrees and Law)(The State Alchemists we've enlisted)Full-metal-alchemist-wallpaper-03 ad 12:56, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

I have mixed fealings on this; for one, O'Malley was a good user, and I think he added to the site. But he was also prone to overreacrting, flaming, and arguing for the destruction of stuff he didn't like.

Spartan 501 15:08, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

I reckon we should have a community consensus. The result form this, despite what Ajax or anyone else says, will go through and determine his fate. If it succeeds then that's his last chance. If not then we speek no more of him and thats it. We can get on with our lives! The parkster Comunications Contributions Covenant Neutralist Empire]] 18:59, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

I am all for giving ppl a second chance, even when I argued against O'Malley about the necros project because i didn't think he was giving it a fair chance just because his machinima lost the spotlight. But what worries me here is that if he does have his banned removed how well would everyone reacted towards his return. Harsh things have been said and it seems bonds have been broken. I would hate to see the arguements and rantings continue after this. If O'Malley does return i suggest that this whole topic become dropped and terminated to prevent any more hostilities.


From O'Malley

800px-32654170-Full Just Another GruntConverse 01:22, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

"Actually i'm mocking you.--ShAzAm!!"
"We can just wait for Halo Wars and Halo: Chonicles, im sure those have more to offer than the Past and Present idea and the Undead-Cybernetic-Ridiculous-OMG-Weresodoomed-Scary-Unreal Ripoff-Robot Zombie People (AKA Necris people).--The Evil O’Malley 02:26, 25 April 2008 (UTC) "
"You really suck.--The Evil O’Malley 01:38, 14 April 2008 (UTC)"
"you are an idiot for criticizing all the noobs that did that."
"If your as dumb as I suspect, this is sarcasm"
"Sod off LOMI, you're not helping anything.--The Evil O’Malley 17:02, 15 April 2008 (UTC)"
"I hope your happy you bastard"

Note:He's calling me a bastard in his request to be unbanned. Not exactly civil

Yeah, reaaaaaaaaal friendly

2. Spam: You posted the same arguement across three pages. THREE. I'd call that Spamming.

3. You did that after your third warning. I'm not expecting any better third time round Xd

4. I predict delete templates appearing in massive numbers. Unless your willing to calmly get in contact with members to improve their fiction. But its you Malley, I can't see that happening yet XD

5. Admitantly your text adventures were ridiculously funny.

<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax

1. Look, you expressed your opinion, that was fine. Then you went, starting cussing folks out, and telling us we were idiots, that wasn't fine.
2. Your never ending argument that we were being idiots looked a lot like spam.
3. Only you could really show us how you've changed, for better or worse. Prove us wrong or prove us right.
4. Maybe if some people would actually go around and delete pages, then we'd get something done. Everyone around here has too much of a heart.
5. You never did get to finish the Great Text Adventure.

To Ajax: I assume your Mr. Friendly and Nice, right? Yeah, you're actually starting to verge on the beginning of needing a ban for kicking a dead horse, er, user. --MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
15:11, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

I've been smart enough not to flame Malley on Halo fanon :P. Besides, all i did above was quote o malley from his own 'flame the necros' spammage. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax

This needs to end

Right look I don't care that I’m not an admin but I’ve had enough of this and we're going to do something. Did I get this kind of attention when I was banned? Hell no, I bet some of you didn't even realise that I’ve been banned before? I'm holding a vote. No more arguing no more cursing or flaming because this is pissing me off and I’m sure other users share the frustration too. So here it is: we have a vote, sigs but no comments, and it will be oppose or support to get him unbanned. The side with the most users will determine his fate.

After that action will be taken by an admin and this forum topic will be closed. That's the bottom line. Some of us are treating some other users like shit here, and it’s not fair. I'm not being civil in this because who the hell will listen? We all listened to O'Malley when he spoke like this so maybe I can drill it into everyone's head that this is not the way a community should work. I've got other things to do in life, so I’m being pretty generous by helping you lot. You may not find this help but who gives: it is. I'm trying my best to equal out both sides, like many other users, but there's always a point in any human's temper span at which they snap. I can usually keep a chill in heated debates but this is taking the piss.

I'm sorry for my tongue and attitude at the moment but if we can actually resolve this then everyone will be happy. This is also a wake up call to the admins: what the hell are you doing? Letting us all flame and argue? This vote and stopping of arguments should've been stopped by a sysop ages ago. No. You just fight too? I'm the only user who's actually tried to host a vote and stood up to authority. I don't want to go down the same road as O'Malley but what do you expect? Seriously people grow up. Now this is it and i don't care if you think we need more time to discuss; the discussing has been going on for months! I've not seen any problems like this on any other wikis and how do you think this is going to welcome new users? Hey? They'll be scared away instantly. Do what you like to me; i have better things to do on other sites and in my life.

If this vote doesn't work, if people carry on cursing, if nobody agrees with me and if the admins don't take some serious action then I’m reporting all of this to Wikia. I shouldn't need to do it but its most of your lot's fault; if I do. I put my hands up: I’m being uncivil and I this isn't kind. I put my hands up; I’m braking the rules a bit. I put my hands up for those who I've disrespected and blamed when I shouldn't have. I'm sorry for this. What I won’t put my hands up for is all of this shit, which has been happening. This is stopping regardless of what anybody, who disagrees, thinks. I've had enough.

Oh and O'Malley, I hope you like what you've done to this community, because at least someone will get something decent out of it. This is the final bit of annoying flaming we should ever see on this site. If not then I’ve tried my best: The parkster Comunications Contributions Covenant Neutralist Empire]] 15:52, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

Vote for unban

(just sigs please)




He's not even civil when he's trying to get unbanned. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax

Exactly. I thought he deserved a second chance. However putting the communtiy through all of this and then having the cheek to annoy people on his invite to get unbanned. WTF? That's all i can say! The parkster Comunications Contributions Covenant Neutralist Empire]] 18:28, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

I'm sorry accension for deleting the neutral vote. In this case, and only this case, are we having a simple yes or no. I've had enough faffing around, so that's how this vote will work. Sorry, no hard feelings, just a bit annoyed with this whole topic! The parkster Comunications Contributions Covenant Neutralist Empire]] 19:11, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

No worries. I just taught that I should voice out my opinions. If it were to be so, then I should just let it be...(Still being neutral..I don't know him that well...)Banner-Finale-4 | Ascension

19:14, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

You know now that its been said that the forum must be closed after the voting its time for the admins to do the opposite. :P Anyways...what I was coming here to say was that:

  • 1-Keep to the no flaming rules, Ajax I know you are trying to get your opinion across, but its coming across very rudely. If you want to be the better user, don't play into games.
I have yet to flame Malley on Halo Fanon. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax
  • 2-Don't try to "force" the admins into a decision, this vote is only going on because we want your opinion. I created this topic because I felt that we can jointly make a decision regarding the community as a whole. This means that this should be a civilized topic, not some place to rant. Ex. Parkstar above ^
  • 3-Remember this isn't a democracy, this is commu-i mean its a republic. Basically the admins are the delegates that vote and you guys get to vote on what you think, which actually sort of goes back to the #2 thing but I felt I ought to make it clear.
  • 4-O,malley, if unbanned will be under the watchful eye of the administration. Any act that we feel could be construed as uncivilized, or otherwise will voiced on his talk page. If the issue gets bigger past this warning then the administrator will be asked, by me mainly(haven't gotten approval yet by the other administrators, though I do plan to ask asap), to email the other administrators to get their opinion on it. If they approve a ban then it shall be done, if not then it won't be done. Also if he commits an act that doesn't pertain to the civility rules, like vandalizing, then the regular action will be taken, which will be a perma-ban. Thanks, H*bad (talk)

Yeah sorry abotu my rant but its about time we sorted it out. Anyway, the fact that this site isn't a democracy is crap to be honest. All of my sites are a democracy and any votes are to do with the community. That's how i role and that's how i've been brought up. Also if all of us here are American, Canadian or English ect... then we should all use democracy. This isn't a Chineese wiki for god sake. And to actually hint at the word communism in a decent comunity is rediculous. Fair enough i know how this particular wiki works but nether the less don't you think you should value the community's ideas.

This vote should be official. I'm saying that this vote isn't what we think, this is waht we want happening. This is the decider, and if you can't accept that we're in a democracy (and that are views are important), and that this matter is getting out of control (and we also need to put up with Malley too), then why are you an admin? I'm not being nasty H*bad, I'm only saying that you admins on this site need to change the way you work. Why should only you lot decide whether he comes back? This is a communtiy and we are users too. We are equal people as much as you and that's why we have democracies. I'll have a word with the other admins too if this doesn't work because i'm sure they agree.

It's easy for you to say its a communist comunity because you're an admin. Put your self in our shoes and then open your eyes. Now do you get me? This whole issue is taking far too long and is far too annoying. Its driving us insane and ripping us apart. I'm telling you now: have until this sunday of voting and then make a decision on the vote. If not then what's the point of this wiki exsisting? The parkster Comunications Contributions Covenant Neutralist Empire]] 10:13, 20 May 2008 (UTC)


1. I picked out the very reasons you were banned from the pages Halo Fanon:Necros and Forum:Necros Project suggestions and perhaps other places. I picked those out from your flaming.

2. you made the exact same mistake four times.

3. Again, those exerts i took were from rants on the Necros.

4. Grunt is entitled to post a vote, either way, without reason. (and he's supporting you, try to be supportive of him)

5. Hollywood is entitled to their own vote.

"Its not to late to change your vote"

That sounds strangly like campaigning. And certainly more ammo for the ban cannon. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax

Look O'Malley this has nothing to do with the CN. I knwo you said you didn't like them but do you really think that i'm that shallow? Well the answer's no, i'm not. Still, you offend us in your protest to get unbanned. You think a funny picture, which actually blocks out some of the writing and making it hard to read, is going to change our mind? No! Look i was on your side and i admired your courage to get your way. But to be honest, and i don't regret saying this: you've fucked the site up and you've pissed most of us off. That's why some of us don't want you back. Now i know two wrongs don't make a right and i know i shouldn't speak to other users like that. But who gives. I want this to be over and done with and i'm at the point at wich i'm about to get wikia community team to come and sort this out and make a descission. Now i may be a hypocrite for saying that one person should decide but to be honest i don't think we have the santity to sort it out.

Why should this site be unhappy? Why should this site spend all of its time worrying about you? Why do you get a second chance? And answer me this: why have you fucked up our site? That is why i don't want you back and the sooner people realise what Ajax and i are gettign at the better becuase this is rediculous. I have no regrets and i'm not going down without a fight. One more thing, which pisses me or other people off and this is getting sorted by wikia. I have better things to do than baby sit. Pathetic.

The parkster Comunications Contributions Covenant Neutralist Empire]] 11:59, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

O'malley, I'm merely stating the facts, the exact words you said. You hated the Necros Project, and didn't want us to like it. Now, personally, I would've been fine had you just kept that opinion for yourself; but the fact is, you didn't, and thus you were banned. Now, I'm willing to give you one last chance, but not if you keep on cussing and yelling at everyone while you try to get back!

This is not communism! And what do you mean by we really don't count, it's just our opinion? The admins excercise the power, but the users hold it. That's how wikia's supposed to work. I'm with Parkster, this is a community, not an empire. This could be out of hand quickly if that's not realized.

Do you just completely hate O'malley? I understand that you put up with him for a long, long time, and he got on your nerves, but still, do you just simply hate him? You're not giving him any chance for a return. In fact, you keep denying that you even possibly be verging on grounds for a ban yourself.

I know your trying to get your points across, but you don't gotta cuss it across at us. And there's another problem here: this isn't just OUR site, this is a wikia for whoever comes here. Yeah, so he caused some trouble, but give him one last shot.

--MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
14:50, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

LOMI, I don't like Malley because I don't forgive easily. I already gave him a chance to return, he instead decided to flame. He hasn't even returned yet and he's flaming. And i have yet to flame him. I haven't called him a idiot, said he's dumb or call him a bastard or told him to sod off. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax

I kind of have :P ! Anyway i agree with your agreeign LOMI. I was really pissed off and i was realy confused but you know what. I was going to give him a chance. That was before he made me angry and decided to offend us on his campaign to get unbanned? WTF? He says he's not dumb enough to start being nasty if he does come back but i beg to differ. If that's how he speaks to us normally and if that's how he asks us to give him another chance. It's like he wants to be banned. Look, i promise that i'll have no more fat ones or swearing comments. I just wan this to be over and done with. Ajax has corrected me on the admins have the ultimate say and i agree but comunism or republic is just rediculous! Overall, if O'Malley comes back or stays banned, we can still get on with our lives and forget. I think i needed to step away and realise what i'm actually areguing about! Its pathetic really, and i thank all of those who have helped me realise this! I'm happy now because i just don't care what descission is made! Cya, The parkster Comunications Contributions Covenant Neutralist Empire]] 18:07, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

I never knew i looked on the bright side so much. :D -- The State(Our Decrees and Law)(The State Alchemists we've enlisted)Full-metal-alchemist-wallpaper-03 ad 19:52, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

O'Malley i was for you at first but then you pushed it and I changed my vote, then you add that whole, "You hardly know me" that doesnt matter at all if i know you or not, i am a part of this community and its the COMMUNITY that gets to vote whether you come back or not so don't try to belittle me. Hell you were the first one to greet me when i joined onto this site and i though of you as a good person but then you went on that rant on Necros and again on here, you messed up-this is your punishment.


I am not saying that it is communism, but what ever dude. Also this isn't a democracy, so this vote is a big factor in case we do feel like unblocking him. We might not even do that, I don't know. I know how Wikia is supposed to work, but it doesn't work that way, again you guys are like the voters and we are the delegates to put it into real life form. Basically we can choose to listen to you guys or we can choose not to. My personal opinion though is to listen to you guys. I already realize this, in fact I have been trying to get it away from that idea that it is all about the admins and whatnot, which its not. Thanks, H*bad (talk)

Ok then fair doos. Anyway, does anyone knwo when a descission is going to being made? It looks like he's comming back but can we just get this over and done with. This whole process was messy, uncontrolled, unfair and pathetic and so i just want it to be finished. When it is we can get on with our lives! The parkster Comunications Contributions Covenant Neutralist Empire]] 15:56, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

Calm down parkstar. You barely knew O,malley anyways. Okay look this is just a vote, don't get all angry if your side isn't winning. Okay now then, this vote will just go on for at least until next tuesday and at that point depending on the result, the admins will then take action. Also Parkstar, this could be thought of as uncivilized, so be forewarned. Thanks, H*bad (talk)

to side with parkstar what does knowing O'Malley or not have to do with anything, and he wasn't getting angry for his side not "winning" as if this were some sort of contest he only wanted this whole ordeal to be done with thats all...


Note: I didn't actually know O,malley until I played against him on XBL. Now I know him since I play on there with him pretty much every single day. Once you get to know someone, then the problems sort of go away. Truly you guys are stressing on what has happened. Its hard to express sarcasm while typing, its hard to tell a joke by typing it. He wasn't actually getting crazy angry, he was just getting perhaps yes over zealous, but not like angry and evil like you guys are trying to point him out as. I don't pass judgment on people unless I actually know him and you haven't been on here long enough to understand and know him. I also just saying that it would be better for the vote to be by people who actually know what he is about or who he is. If you never trusted me before, then trust me on this one, he will make constructive edits, plus he is going to be in the background and not too involved because he wants to do a slow get back into the groove with you guys. I believe that if someone with such sincerity asks to be unbanned, then you ought to give unban them. Thanks, H*bad (talk)

Okay i have some problems with the things you said such as the tone and expression while typing and how you know him because of XBL how that could be affecting your decision but if you truly trust him I'm willing to change my vote just to end this.


I'm willing to give him a final chance, despite all of the attitude he's given us. Heck, he's mad at me because "how I've treated him after he helped me with all of my fanon". O'malley has his problems, as well as he needs to work on his people skills, but I will give him another chance. --MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
14:38, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

Yeah i'm calm noe H*Bad but me knowing him is irrelavant. I've seen what he does and i didn't like it. If you admins go by the vote, then he's back. I have no problem with that really as long as he doesn't treat us like crap again. And do you think i'm that imature to have a rant about our my side of the vote not winning? Obviously you don't know me! I don't no what you're doing H*Bad but recently you're starting to annoy me with you're attitude, as if to say; "I own the place so you're wrong". I'm sure you disagree but that's how you come across to me. I'm sorry but this whole topic is ripping us apart as a community. I proppose that we just get along and don't keep on arguing. I agree H*Bad, he does make good articles but just because i disagree, it doesn't mean you can start offending me. Just let it be and start a fresh, that's what i'm doing with everyone on this site including O'Malley. Cool, sorted then:

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The parksterLibra Team - Fermamentum Pondera
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS Australian Eastern Summer Time (GMT+11)

I never said that, you are putting words into my mouth and that offends me. I apologize that you aren't reading what I am saying correctly. And yes I truly do trust what he is saying because when I talk with someone I can usually hear the sincerity in their voice. Now thats just my opinion but thats what I heard. If I didn't trust him I wouldn't of started this whole vote. Also I am the one trying to change up policies on this site so that the community actually has a say so. Have you seen any actual discussions that I have started that didn't have a vote? Thanks, H*bad (talk)

I never said anything about trust! Anyway i can leave it at that and forget because there's no point in arguing, i've had enough of a bad day as it is, at school. Annoyed about 6 teachers and the whole of class! All because of words! Now that's saying something (and before you ask it was just unlucky misfortune that i did this), and maybe its saying something about this whole topic. Words can do a lot and maybe if we heard O'Malley for real, like you can, then we might not have been so angry with him. Words, and possilby pictures, are the only way we can communicate really and the only way we can get our personality across to each other. I know i'm really not in a position to say this; but maybe we (the whole community i'm talking about here) should be more careful in what we type. Fair enough i might not know O'Malley too well, i might not understand exactly what your saying but arguing is making this site worse. I'm sorry for all of the bad things i've done and because of today, i promise to be more careful in what i say. Thanks:

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The parksterLibra Team - Fermamentum Pondera
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Oh sorry, I was replying to Hollywood when I was talking about trust. Thanks, H*bad (talk)

Can we get this finished?

OK, we've already voted, I say we just go ahead and bring him back because this is just getting old and annoying. If he does anything bad, he'll be banned again, so we really are arguing over nothing. Let's just get this over with already. --MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
21:37, 22 May 2008 (UTC) i agree with LOMI it annoying now CF001 22:29, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

Perhaps...but what if O'Malley tries to enact some revenge on Ajax or something? -- The State(Our Decrees and Law)(The State Alchemists we've enlisted)Full-metal-alchemist-wallpaper-03 ad 00:03, 23 May 2008 (UTC)

Then he'll be perma-banned with no hope of unbanning, and that's that. --MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
00:51, 23 May 2008 (UTC)

Very well. -- The State(Our Decrees and Law)(The State Alchemists we've enlisted)Full-metal-alchemist-wallpaper-03 ad 00:11, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

True, we might as well just end the vote at a 7-2. Obviously the vote goes to unban O,malley. Since the community has voted I hereby unban The evil O,malley under temporary probation. This probation is to be led by the community, basically this will go on for a few days, weeks, months, or however long we feel like it. This unban also comes with the provision that if the unbaned user breaks conduct in a very blatant way the administration of Halo Fanon will talk about the coarse of action, unless a coarse of action is in need of by immediate response. Thanks, H*bad (talk)

=D --The Evil O’Malley 13:14, 23 May 2008 (UTC)

Well, I'm glad all that's over. Welcome back O'malley. --MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
14:15, 23 May 2008 (UTC)

Yes, welcome back. -- The State(Our Decrees and Law)(The State Alchemists we've enlisted)Full-metal-alchemist-wallpaper-03 ad 00:11, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

Welcome back O'Malley. 5ub7ank(7alk) 15:07, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

Thank god! I can breeth! Now all is done, welcome back O'Mallley! I look forward to working with you again. Despite my vote, which was done because i annoyed myself (i'm silly like that), i do welcome you back. Thank you for finishing this, now close it before it wastes anymore time!

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