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Hi folks!

This forum post is to inform you of an important update to the wiki's canon policy. Going forward, adaptations of fan works that do not align with Halo Canon will also be considered as "not canon friendly.". Previously, articles using fan material were conferred a level of protection against the canon policy, while being in breach of it. Now, what does this mean for your articles? Not much, unless it contradicts canon. I'll provide some examples for you.

  • RvB: As popular as RvB is, its almost impossible, if not entirely impossible, to align this with Halo canon, thus will be NCF.
  • Forgotten Spartans: Not Halo related, not capable of aligning it.
  • SPV3: While individual components of SPV3 may be admissible if they met canon requirements, if you wanted to, for instance, write an article concerning the Battle of Installation 04, and include extras added by SPV3, such as extra levels or new technology, or enemies not present at that time, then that would be NCF.

What are some examples that would be okay then?

  • Starships in SOTP, as they abide by canon.
  • If you wanted to write something based on the defunct Operation: Chastity, as long as it met canon, that is also fine.

So to use two examples here, of good, and bad:

Reginald Harding is a Freelancer, wherein the article does not meet our canon policy. Because its used ideas from from RvB that directly contradicting Halo canon, it should be considered not-canon friendly. Whereas the Artemis-class battlecruiser uses materials from Sins of the Prophets, but does not breach canon, thus it would be fine.

Unlike our normal canon policy, this will also be applied retroactively as well, and any in breach of this will be NCF'd, and namespaced. We are giving two week grace period for any issues to be resolved.

Its been decided that it will not be applied retroactively, but any articles in breach of this will receive a tag to show them as being canon exempt. This articles remain canon exempt until the author resumes editing it, as with the canon policy.

All in all, the majority of users are unaffected, with perhaps 20-30 affected articles, belonging to a small group of users. If you have any questions, or there are issues, please contact a member of the admin team on Discord.


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