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Fanon of the month01:02, June 12, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
RfA Voting00:59, June 12, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Remove Leon2323's admin status?00:56, June 12, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Why has O'malley been rebanned?00:52, June 12, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Human-Elite Hybrid biological plausibility00:46, June 12, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Halo Reach Image Service ALL ARMOR UNLOCKED!23:42, May 28, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
The end is nigh!22:48, May 28, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
WTF?22:44, May 28, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
My teacher said it would get wet if we did this22:42, May 28, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Halo Reach Character Creater22:26, May 28, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Omitted from NCF Policy22:17, May 28, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Necros Make-A-Vehicle03:38, May 24, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
SPARTAN-IV update!03:23, May 23, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Firstborn of your brainchildren03:15, May 23, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
And, I'm back...11:32, April 28, 2018Sev40
All ODST characters in trouble?11:29, April 28, 2018Sev40
How do you make fanfiction?05:04, April 24, 2018Sev40
I'm Leaving, I Don't know for how long03:09, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
A few questions03:07, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
3 New Halo Books Announced03:05, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
The Strangest Thing....03:04, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Writers Return03:00, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Site Clean-Up02:58, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Facebook02:55, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
New Necros Teaser02:52, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Necros Update: JA & AUR Need Help02:49, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Necros SPARTAN Update02:42, March 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Laters Everyone02:07, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Articles for Sale :)02:06, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Incomplete Work Template02:04, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
H*bad RFA02:04, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
7500+ and increasing...02:03, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Necros Alternative Timeline02:01, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Youtube advertisement01:59, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Why I left01:58, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Categorization help01:58, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Necros Anticipation?01:57, February 14, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Main Page Update12:22, February 12, 2018S-D379
Too many spartan programs01:47, February 11, 2018Lordofmonsterisland
Changing Site Patrol User Rights05:19, February 10, 2018Sonasaurus
SEAL-IIs vs.11:57, February 5, 2018Sev40
2011 Main Page Makeover01:31, November 30, 2017Sev40
Necros Image Hunt04:31, November 29, 2017Lieutenant Davis
Wiki Update and You!/Submission01:47, November 29, 2017Lieutenant Davis
Challenging sexuality rule01:22, November 29, 2017Lieutenant Davis
Plagarism on other wikis00:21, November 29, 2017Lieutenant Davis
Rewriting the original Halo trilogy00:21, November 29, 2017Lieutenant Davis
We need something to do00:15, November 29, 2017Lieutenant Davis
Halo Fanon Firefight Game Night00:14, November 29, 2017Lieutenant Davis
Unfortunate Community Hearing13:11, November 28, 2017Lordofmonsterisland
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