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Hey all!

Just like to remind everyone that I'll be cleaning up the Era and Eraicon templates, by removing the old and unused projects and icons. It would be helpful if you could list down your Eraicon abbreviation and the name of your project, so that I don't accidentally removed them.

Cheers! - 5əb'7aŋk(7alk) 13:39, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

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MV - Mattiverse


MAND - Mandorla Campaign

SonasaurusWithin its barren layers, something has been held for aeons
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AAOAgainst All Odds

One more thing, Subz. Dozens of categories have been randomly popping up on articles that don't even fall under that category. Tony said it had something to do with the era icon after Oasis was set in...?

Rozh accidentally broke-ded the template.- 5əb'7aŋk(7alk) 16:33, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

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091 : Repentance Canon

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IPE - Interplanetary Era

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CW - Construct War

Baccus, I'm going to assume you want Operation: BULLFIGHT deleted?- 5əb'7aŋk(7alk) 22:43, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

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Galactic - Galactic Era

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ABR - RP: Above Reproach, FYW - Fifty-Years' War

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TSC - The Saulosian Campaign

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I can't remember who made it, but I at least am still using the HCW - Human-Covenant War Icon. Also, as Ajax is again in one of his periods of inactivity, I will note that NW refers to Ajax's Necros War

I have a small handful :P Sorry for the clutter (I know I'm behind the times, too):

  • INF - Infinityverse
  • REVEL - Revelation
  • SHCW - Second Human Civil War
  • SGW - Second Great War
  • TSB - The Scoundrel's Bazaar (I think this one may been deleted)
  • GWI - Galactic War (Infinity) (see TSB)
    Thanks for your efforts :)--RozhTitle.png 22:02, November 7, 2010 (UTC)
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