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Inferi Redivivus (Flood)
Biological Information

Unknown origin, Extragalactic

Physical Description

Variable (depending on host)

Skin color

Variable: green, black, tan (depending on host), however, many hosts mutate to brown and green


Significant physiological and psychological mutations. They can also acquire their host's memories.

Military and Political Information

Variable, stolen from their hosts:


Inferi genus

Notable Individuals
Other Names


It was originally thought that the threat of the Flood was ended in 2553 with the lighting of the Halo ring and the destruction of the Gravemind.

However, the Flood was once again encountered several years later by a group of Spartans. Throughout the following years there has been an increasing number of encounters with the Parasite.


Pure Forms

Predator Form

The Flood Predator Forms were originally grown by Oberion on his flagship, the Cessation. They are flying monstrosities with long limbs and claws which are used to slash and stab their prey.

Dart Form

The Dart Forms are masters of ambush. They are grown from Flood biomass, but their genetic ancestor is currently unknown. However, it is though that they are based off Precursor physique, as they have only been encountered in Precursor buildings.

The Dart Form can leap great distances and sports six limbs, two of which are double jointed and tipped with blades over half a meter long. These blades are surprisingly good at slicing through even MJOLNIR armor once they punch through the shields. It has also been observed that Dart Forms are incredibly skilled at reabsorbing Flood biomass.

Pillar Form

The Pillar Form is a Pure Form, and it is primarily evolved from the Dart Form. Once a Dart Form reaches a critical mass, it evolves in to the pillar Form, a stationary tower with tentacles and blades reaching out to slash at enemies all around.


Flood Spore Infection

The Spore infection is a strange thing. Once a sentient being inhales a Flood spore, it travels to the abdomen and begins to use the host's biological material to grow infection forms. The process seems to work better in females, as the womb is the perfect environment for harvesting and reconstituting organic material. It is not known whether the host retains consciousness during this process, or if the spores have control over the nervous system, but they do have control over basic biological functions, able to heal damage faster or speed up the metabolic process.