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Armad2 (Covie)F
Fleet of Supreme Loyality
Unit Background

Divers(glassing, Hunting, etc)


Several legion

Unit size

120 ships

Current Commander

Fleet Maste Hangimus

Current Status




Under the control of the brute, this fleet travel trought the Covenant Empire in seek of the Elite army and the UNSC worl to destroy and glass all planet on it way.


After destroying 2 UNSC colony (the first was Reach and the second Bratana) the civil war began. After a long day of patrol aroud the rest of the Instalation 04 the Fleet of Supreme Loyalty receive a other engagement find and destroy all Elite's Fleets that they stand in there way the most well know the Fleet of Unyielding Might but was unable to catch it.

First defeat

During the battle of Minister, the fleet try to retreave a old artfact, but the planet was heavily protected by the 14th Nomad Fleet and an Elite fleet. During the battle, the fleet lost 1/2 of is ships. It take 2 week to repaie it. During this battle, the fleet lost is flagships, destroyed by a nuclear warhead.