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Fleet of Rapturous Glory
CAS Sesa the Foreseer


2548 - 2552


Covenant loyalists Covenant Empire
Swords of Sanghelios symbol white Covenant Separatists






Spatial combat, force projection, planetary invasion, escort


14+ ships

Part of:

Fleet of Particular Justice


Current commander:

Fleet Mistress Hela 'Zufamee

"A new smaller detachment of 'Vadamee's fleet has been sighted and engaged independently by UNSC forces in recent weeks. Analysts are assuming this may eventually lead to the creation of yet another armada the Covenant can deploy against us."
Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke, circa 2549.

One of the last permanent naval formations created by the Covenant, the Fleet of Rapturous Glory was a small organised unit of the Covenant fleet lead by Fleet Mistress Hela 'Zufamee during the final years of the Human-Covenant War. Drawn from a number of temporary task forces created to protect logistical craft heading close to the front lines, Rapturous Glory was composed predominately of smaller attack ships and light warships rather than larger capital cruisers. Its flagship was the CAS-class assault carrier Ordained Righteousness.

Table of Contents
  1. History
    1. Origins
  2. Known Assets
    1. Space Assets
    2. Ground Assets
  3. Notable Personnel
    1. Command Personnel
    2. Thralls



"Should you accept it, the Hierarchs have allowed me to promote you to Fleet Mistress of a dedicated squadron of warships. You will have all the usual rights, alongside the authority to operate independently in the absence of my orders. However, you will remain under my command. Any orders I set will be prioritised, any missions will be suspended by my word. If you prove disloyal to me, I will personally carry out your sentence."
Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee, authorising the creation of the Fleet of Rapturous Glory.

The origins of the Fleet of Rapturous Glory laid as early as 2542, only a few years after Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee and his Fleet of Particular Justice embarked on a campaign against humanity. One of several fleetmasters that took over from the recently-exiled Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree, 'Vadamee already scored a small number of significant victories.

Known Assets

NOTE: All information is accurate as of the fleet's dissolution in October 2552.

Space Assets




Ground Assets

  • 1 Warhost
    • Warhost of Enlightened Honour
  • 4 Legions
    • Sang Orbissa Armoured Legion
    • U'Zafum Warrior Crèche

Notable Personnel

Command Personnel


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