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Fireteam Bravo
Unit Background

Special Operations

Unit Motto

"Everyone is doing a great job, except Cody." (Unoffical/Joke)

Unit size


Current Commander

Dieter-B204 (2538-2545)

Current Status





"It's all lead to this Bravo, let's show 'em what we got."
― Dieter to Bravo as they deployed in Operation: CARTWHEEL

Dieter-B204 was the undisputed fireteam leader for Bravo. Level-headed, patient, encouraging, on top of being a skilled combatant, Dieter was an easy choice for command. Under his leadership Bravo became a formidable fighting force, despite rocky beginnings. He was killed during Operation: TORPEDO after he was run through with an energy sword.


"No, let them go slow."
― Marcella stopping Abdul from executing mortally wounded Covenant infantry

Marcella-B029 was the violent explosives specialist of Fireteam Bravo. Deeply disturbed, Marcella fostered and encouraged many of B042's darker tendencies, pushing him to seek retribution against his tormentors, notably encouraging his assault of SPARTAN-B263. In spite of these issues, she was deeply protective of Bravo, and widely regarded as one of, if not the top explosives experts within the company, excluding CAT2 trainees.


"Go, go! The robot is coming!"
― Abdul to Cody-B042 after Theodore-A399 discovered the two stealing rations

Abdul-B213 or simply Ab was Bravo's resident marksman, and more innocent bad influence on B042. While Abdul more than anyone was responsible for B042 becoming more confident, and pushing himself to become a capable Spartan, he also dragged him along for a litany of pranks and small crimes earning both of them numerous punishments. While a capable sharpshooter, Abdul paled in comparison to the likes of Kyle-B115 and other more notable snipers. He was killed during Operation: TORPEDO via decapitation.


"Yeah, yeah, everyone is doing great but me. Just as funny as the first time you said it Ab."
― Cody reacts to Abdul reciting the team's motto following Bravo's defeat in a training exercise.

Cody-B042 was Bravo's close quarters specialist, and weakest link for the majority of their existence. Initially, in the face of bullying, poor self-confidence, and general inability to keep up with the other trainees in Beta Company, Cody was anticipated to wash out of the class. however the combined efforts of Bravo forged him into a competent close-quarters fighter and passable Spartan. He is the only surviving member.



Operation: CARTWHEEL

Operation: TORPEDO


Cody-B042: "A knife, and some names on a wall. One more knife than the others have to show they were here."
Bailey Keller: "And you, you're still here to show it."
Cody-B042: "I-yeah, I guess I am."
— Cody and his future-spouse discussing Bravo's fate, as well as numerous others

With the SPARTAN-III program remaining heavily classified, no public recognition of Beta Company, and by extension Bravo was non-existent. The team's members, as well as every other SPARTAN-III killed were commemorated on The Missing Wall, a memorial erected by SPARTAN-III's, for SPARTAN-III's on the glassed colony Merken. Aside from having their names etched into the wall, SPARTAN-B213's combat knife would remain in SPARTAN-B042's possession for the whole of his life following TORPEDO.


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