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"We swarmed on the Human cruiser en masse. It was isolated, unsupported. Our formation was destroyed in seconds by the first barrage...How have the humans grown so powerful?"
―Anonymous Brute Pilot

Firestorm Close-in Weapon System
Production information
Technical specifications
Magazine Size

battery fed

Rate of Fire

300 pulses a minute




as far as atmospheric conditions or targeting systems allow


Necros War




The Firestorm Close-in Weapon System is a point defence weapon for warships to defend against fighter craft. The weapon utilises two TITAN Lasers on a turreted mount guided by an advance targeting package and a single AURORA Laser on top on a separate turret as point defence against missiles.


The primary use of the Firestorm is to shoot down enemy fighters. The weapon is capable of penetrating both the shields and armour of the Seraph fighter while succeeding to blow out the internal system, literally rending it apart with the massive burst of heat, change in pressure and powerful forces exerted by the lasers. The AURORA Laser on top destroys incoming enemy ordnance, providing all round protection.


The weapon is made up of two TITAN Lasers held on a dual mount and a AURORA Laser held on a mount on top of the weapon that is turreted separately. These are guided by a computer controlled guidance package, utilising a mixture of millimetre wave RADAR, thermal imager, jam homing, optical, UV, PAVE CROW and LIDAR. The weapon is operated by the ADIS that allows the Firestorm to be set up in to act in coordination with other vehicles. Usually, depend on the ship its arranged on, they are set up in phalanxs of two supporting three Windstorm CIWS, operating on 'overwatch', with the first three being the priority guns, disabling or destroying the first enemy contacts and the two on overwatch covering them while they recharge, engaging any that slip through the defence net or engaging high priority targets for immediate destruction. They work in coordination with other phalanxs, point defence lasers and Thunderstorm Close-in Weapon Systems to engaging and destroying oncoming fighter and missile constellation. The computer trackers keep up with enemy targets. No 'pre-emptive' fire is needed due to the hitscan nature of the weapons.

UNSC Comments

"Man, you seen fighters try to attack a ship? Flashes of red its all over!"

"You wanna know why the Firestorm is so righteous? Because its accuracy rate is soooo high! Its something like 99%!"

"The Phalanx set up is so utterly perfect... Nothing gets through."

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