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Fourth Battle of Installation 03, First Battle of Earth


Battle of Installation 05


First Battle of Coral, Second Battle of Earth

Fifth Battle of Installation 03

Covenant Civil War


October 28th, 2552


Installation 03


UNSC-Separatist Victory

  • Covenant Loyalists
  • Office of Naval Intelligence


  • Admiral Yakubu Aiyegbeni
  • Rear Admiral Michael Shafer
  • Major Lance Peterson
  • Shch ‘Nodotee
  • Field Master Bergenond Amrothee

Fleet Master Eych 'Euqoree

Juggernaut Ffch ‘Nifumee

  • 2 Phoenix-class Support Ships
  • 2 UNSC Carriers
    • UNSC Devestator
    • UNSC Midway
  • 1 UNSC Destroyers
    • UNSC Argo
  • 1 Stealth Carrier
    • UNSC Call of the Willd
  • 1 Prowlers
    • UNSC Windtalker
  • 1 Parabola-class Freighter
    • UNSC Hesperus
  • 5 Spartan-IIs
    • Gray Team
      • Adrian-014
      • Angel-054
      • Jared-091
    • Chris-048
    • Marcus-098
  • Hundreds of Marines and ODST
  • User:Donut THX 1138/Combined Regional Fleet of Contrite Purpose
    • 1 Assault Carrier
    • 4 CCS-class Battlecruisers
      • Subjugated Phoenix
      • Oversight
      • Glorious Truth
    • 3 Frigates
      • Etiologisation
      • Halfmoon Sentence
      • Cracking Mercy
    • 2 Agricultural Support Ships
  • Councilors Guard
  • Thousands of Elites
  • Tens of thousands of Grunts
  • Hundreds of Hunters
  • 1 Scarab
  • 2 CCS-class Battlecruisers
      • Revived Faith
      • Brilliance
  • Several hundred Elites
  • Hundreds of Grunts
  • Several Hunters
  • 5 Spartan-IIs
    • Nova Team
  • 1 CCS-class Battlecruiser Flood Hive
    • Enlightened
  • Tens of thousands of Combat Forms
  • Tens of thousands of Carrier Forms
  • Hundreds of thousands of Infection Forms

To be determined

To be determined

To be determined



October 28, 2552

0631 Hours

  • Shch ‘Nodotee reveals the truth about Halo to all Covenant forces in the area.
  • Half-Commander Eych 'Euqoree takes two CCS-class battlecruisers, the Brilliance and the Revived Faith, and turns against Shch ‘Nodotee.
  • The Brilliance is destroyed by the Bloodied Remnants.
  • Admiral Yakubu Agahowa arrives with the UNSC Devastator, a carrier, and two Phoenix-class support ships.
  • The UNSC Hesperus returns to Installation 03, having not jumped out of system.
  • Petty Officer Second Class Adrian SPARTAN-014 and Petty Officer Second Class Angel SPARTAN-054 head for a Forerunner structure.
  • Nova Team hacks into the Sentinel Command System and changes the hostile and friendly settings.

0632 Hours

  • Shch ‘Nodotee and Petty Officer Second Class Chris SPARTAN-048 arrive at the UNSC Call of the Wild.
  • The UNSC Argo opens fire on and destroys three Separatist Frigates, the Etiologisation, the Halfmoon Sentence, and the Cracking Mercy.
  • Juggernaut Ffch ‘Nifumee orders a Flood assault on the Control Room.
  • Chief Petty Officer Marcus SPARTAN-098 and Dgodt Visr Foltz defeat the Flood force at the Control Room.

0636 Hours

  • Ffch ‘Nifumee orders an attack on the Revived Faith.
  • Eych ‘Euqoree is killed along with much of his crew.
  • Marcus-098 manages to contact Commander Collins of the UNSC Argo and tells him of the Human-Separatist Alliance.
  • All Covenant Loyalist forces are either infected or killed by the Flood.
  • Chris-048 contacts Admiral Agahowa concerning nuclear ordinance.
  • Field Master Bergenond Amrothee’s unit is killed.
  • Field Master Amrothee begins a lone assault against the Revived Faith.
  • Chris-048 and Marcus-098 rig a NOVA Bomb in the Control Room.

0652 Hours

  • The Bloodied Remnants destroys the Revived Faith.
  • Field Master Amrothee flees in a Seraph.
  • Ffch ‘Nifumee begins a renewed assault on the Control Room.
  • The UNSC Devastator’s Slipspace generator goes offline.

0721 Hours

  • The UNSC Argo opens fire on the Bloodied Remnants.
  • The Bloodied Remnants destroys the UNSC Argo.
  • Shch ‘Nodotee and a strike team arrive at the Control Room to assist Chris-048 and Marcus-098.
  • Field Master Amrothee joins the Covenant strike team at the Control Room.
  • Ffch ‘Nifumee attacks Marcus-098 and falls over the edge of the platform.
  • The NOVA Bomb is damaged and must be reset.

0723 Hours

  • Marcus-098 is thrown over the edge of the platform.
  • Chris-048 pushes the NOVA Bomb over the edge of the platform and dives atop it.
  • Chris-048 resets the NOVA Bomb in midair.
  • Chris-048 and the NOVA Bomb land in a pool of coolant, assumably where Marcus-098 and Ffch ‘Nifumee landed previously.
  • The NOVA Bomb is buried in mud.
  • Chris-048 links up with Marcus-098 and requests extraction by Shch ‘Nodotee.
  • Adrian-014 and Angel-054 engage an Enforcer before heading for the tunnels.

0724 Hours

  • Chris-048 and Marcus-098 stumble upon a Forerunner artifact.
  • Ffch ‘Nifumee attacks Chris-048 and Marcus-098.
  • Nova Team takes out a UNSC Force that wanders too close to ONI forces.
  • Adrian-014 and Angel-054 come to assist Chris-048 and Marcus-098.
  • Marcus-098 kills Ffch ‘Nifumee and is injured considerably.
  • Shch ‘Nodotee and the Phantom Divine Darkness arrive.
  • All UNSC forces in the tunnels board and evacuate Installation 03.
  • The UNSC Hesperus moves away from Installation 03.

0727 Hours

  • Sentinels and Enforcers engage the Divine Darkness.
  • Several Longswords and Shortswords destroy the Forerunner force.
  • The Bloodied Remnants moves away from Installation 03.

0733 Hours

  • The NOVA Bomb detonates.
  • Installation 03 is vaporized.

0801 Hours

  • The Bloodied Remnants arrives at Portal.
  • The Bloodied Remnants makes contact with the UNSC Hesperus.

0805 Hours

  • Adrian-014, Angel-054, and several others leave the Bloodied Remnants and board the UNSC Hesperus.
  • The Bloodied Remnants goes back to the debris of Installation 03 to search for survivors.
  • The UNSC Hesperus goes to repair the UNSC Devastator.

0829 Hours

  • The UNSC Devastator is repaired and sets course for Earth.
  • The UNSC Hesperus sets course for Coral.
  • The Bloodied Remnants sets course for High Charity.

0830 Hours

  • All forces have evacuated Installation 03 or been destroyed.
  • The Loyalists and Flood were utterly destroyed.
  • The UNSC and Separatists are victorious.
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