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Profile Armoured
Felix av.png
Biographical Information


Felix Martel


February 29, 2472[1]


Eridanus II

Physical Description


209.33 cm (6' 10")


194 lbs. (88 kg)








Prosthetic right arm

Political and Military Information


AAO O-6.png Captain (O-6)






SPARTAN-I Program: 2496




  • Colonial Independence Campaigns
  • Interspecies Union Conflicts
"When you're a Spartan, there comes many times when you have to do something without question, or accept a situation when you're faced with it. Doing otherwise could compromise your mission, so you were trained to put your emotions aside to do your duty. But sometimes I think it's right to stop for a moment and wonder why, because the why can be as important as the what. Yes, logic is important to us, but everyone, Spartan or not, needs emotion up to a certain point."

Captain Felix Martel is the son of Abigail and Raymond Martel, and older brother to Thomas Martel. He is the spouse of Jess Morley, and father to Amber and Victor Martel. He grew up in the URF on Eridanus II, but defected to the UNSC at the age of 15 after saving the life of a Marine to be executed. He was later a Navy officer and a participant of the ORION project who took on a new identity as a Class-2 SPARTAN-II after receiving unique enhancements and a 60-year isolation in a cryotube. He is most well-known for his efforts in the post Human-Covenant war conflicts.


The Sanctuary (2472—2484)

Main article: Duties and Desires: Part 1

Felix was born on Eridanus II, in an URF communist cluster known as "the Sanctuary", on the outskirts of Asphodel City. He is described to be very intelligent, and reliable for being only a child. He had a likable yet serious personality. Dr Patrick Walker allows him to help with patients at the medical facility at The Sanctuary. Commander Gerald Barrie took a notice to Felix's potential, and was very interested in getting to know him.

When Lieutenant Colonel Robert Watts secretly defected to the URF in 2484, Felix had felt uneasy about the former Marine joining forces with Barrie. The following events had led to the Commander (who was initially good-natured and intended for non-hostile negotiations with the UNSC, but became more ruthless as he was influenced by Watts) to make less peaceful decisions and resulted in the Sanctuary being discovered by the UNSC and raided by Marines. In the attack, Felix's parents were killed, and his brother Tom was temporarily missing.

Defection (2484—2487)

"I don't [hate the UNSC]. I'm so sick of hate. It's a terrible thing. So many people have died, and still no one's satisfied. I just want it [war] all to end."
―Felix after the deaths of his parents

After the survivors from the Sanctuary entered Asphodel city to protect themselves from the UNSC, Barrie and Watts formed a plan to ambush a squad of Marines searching for the rebels. After the soldiers were captured, Felix prevented Barrie from executing them one by one. He managed to save one of them, Private Jess Morley, and escaped Asphodel after incapacitating Barrie and regrouping with a company of Marines waiting south of the city. To prevent complications, Jess passed Felix off as "their informant", and told her superior officer about Watts' treachery. Felix later found out that Tom had been taken by the Marines three years ago, having been also mistaken as an informant.

Early Military Career

UNSC Navy and Project ORION (2487—2496)

Main article: Duties and Desires: Part 2
Felix and Tom.png
Felix (left) and his younger brother Thomas (right) in Three Gates, Taradia during Operation: TRIUMVIRATE in 2491.

After heading to Reach, Felix later left to study at the Luna Academy, and received the rank of Midshipman during training in 2488. After graduating from OCS and Special Warfare training later that year, he joined the UNSC Navy and helped Jess build a case against Watts, who had returned to a UNSC colony before they reached Earth. Despite their repeated efforts, the Colonel was cleared, and would not be successfully convicted of treason until 2513.

In 2490, Felix was assigned on a mission with Hector Thornhill, Jess, and two members of her squad to find the rebel information dealer David Kahn, who was operating on Taradia. Their first mission was to sabotage a network of mass drivers being built underground by Kahn, which was successful.

Main article: Duties and Desires: Part 2

When Project ORION (The SPARTAN-I program) had been reinstated in 2491 (after its initial launch in 2321), Felix had signed up, but was denied at first. But seeing as there hadn't been enough volunteers for ONI Section Zero's plans, they later accepted him, and a few other soldiers from the Navy and Marine Corps. He did well in training, and was ranked fifth out of a hundred sixty-four candidates. Despite a number of accidents during the project, and many volunteers who "quit", he remained a part of it until 2496, when the participants took on their first mission as SPARTAN-Is. Felix's "orders" in the operation was actually a secret experiment he was needed for. After being put under a staged attack (which he didn't have prior knowledge of), he was declared KIA but in reality placed on board a UNSC frigate.

Felix and Jess Morley breach an armoured rebel facility during Operation: CHARLEMAGNE.

Forerunner Enhancement and Isolation (2496—2556)

Felix's issued orders for Operation: CHARLEMAGNE were erased and replaced by an ONI-authorized promotion and a message instructing him to go to a certain system in the Outer Colonies. When the new Lieutenant Commander arrived according to the coordinates, the small ship came under sudden attack by the UNSC frigate Elongation. The armed shuttle was quickly boarded, and all the crew were killed. When Felix came across a group of Marines examining the bodies of his crew in the barracks, he downed two men before being tranquilized.

When Felix regained consciousness, he was inside one of the Elongation’s experiment facilities. He was greeted by Dr Myers and Commander Dorset, and they told him that they had sent the message. He did not trust them at first, thinking they were ONI or Insurrectionists, but then Dr Myers showed him some crystals they found in an asteroid field, which she did not know whom had created them but thought most of them were used for artificially creating supersoldiers. He realized that they wanted him to try the crystals, and agreed to take part in the experiment. Dr Myers injected the contents of most of the crystals into his body, and also administered sleeping solutions for him.

When Felix woke up, he noticed that he had indeed been enhanced to a very high degree. The Elongation had apparently arrived in an Insurrectionist territory, and then came under attack by rebels, who boarded the frigate and were trying to take down the frigate. The SPARTAN-I, who had placed on a combat suit, headed to the engine room. He neutralized several of the Insurrectionists, but an M19 missile damaged his armour, and one of the recovered crystals fell into the engine core, absorbing the energy from the ship. Unfortunately, Commander Dorset had taken the Elongation close to a sun in an attempt to scare off the rebels, and the artifact continued to take in energy from the star, causing such a large implosion a black hole was created.

Felix had escaped the black hole when another Forerunner crystal activated, seemingly "opening" it and ejecting him back into defined space and time. He found a part of the Elongation that had been separated from the rest of the frigate when the Insurrectionists boarded it, and froze himself in a cryotube.

Emergence of the Forerunners

Revival and New Identity (2556)

Sixty years later, in 2556, Felix's cryopod was discovered by the Sangheili carrier Shadow of Intent. He was brought on board and revived, and there he met the aliens for the first time. The Lieutenant Commander also discovered SPARTAN-II Gray Team was on board, also found by the Sangheili recently. He worked out a story with them that covered up his past and would make arrangements with ONI to change his record.

When Felix heard what the Sangheili had done over the three decades, he did not comment, but seemed rather frosty afterward. Arbiter Thel 'Vadam provided the Spartans with a Covenant shuttle which took them back to Earth.

After returning to Earth, Felix did a lot of research on the fate of the SPARTAN-IIs, and eventually pieced together the location of the long-lost Blue Team with the help of ONI agent Jilan al-Cygni. Afterward, the Lieutenant Commander found out about the SPARTAN-IIIs as well, and when he enough proof, he told Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood about it. The Spartan was taken to Onyx to find them, accompanied by Commander Richard Lash.

When the Prowler Dusk came out of Slipspace, it was attacked by a swarm of Sentinels that used to take residence on Onyx. The SPARTAN-I pulled into space on a heavily rigged Pelican dropship to find them, and the Spartans inside the shield world, whom had seen the Prowler's arrival, managed to destroy the core with a hidden Forerunner fail-safe. The Lieutenant Commander brought them onboard, and back to the Dusk.

The Prowler was heavily damaged during the Sentinels' assault upon its relatively thin armour, and had to pull out of Slipspace on their way back to Earth. The ship arrived at the remains of Eridanus II, reconstructed with a design similar to that of the Forerunners.

A Covenant Loyalist force seemed to be present, and had launched an attack on the Dusk. Felix and the others fought off the attackers, and pursued a group of their dropships.

A trio of Forerunner ships attacked them, and the Lieutenant Commander barely managed to fight them off. He later realized that SPARTAN-117 was also in the same system, in cryo aboard the remains of the Forward Unto Dawn. The Spartans headed for the ruins of the frigate, where they searched for the Master Chief on one of its fragments. They were attacked by a Forerunner warrior, who injured Kelly-087 and killed Franklin Mendez, who had insisted on accompanying them saying "too many people had died on me when I turned my back to them". Felix killed the Forerunner, but did not find John. They headed for another part of the Dawn, using Rugari's ship, when they came upon another Forerunner. This one appeared not to be hostile, and he agreed to help them. The Chief was found and resurrected, and they formulated a plan to defeat the new enemy forces gathered here.

Cephaus suggested that they seek the help of a long-hidden human scientist, Dr Amelia Dalason, who was very familiar to John. They went to find her, only to realize she was captured by Forerunner Commander Vilarius. Cephaus brought them to his ship, and he went looking for her with the Chief, while Felix engaged Vilarius in an intense duel. The Lieutenant Commander was once again victorious, although he sustained injuries in the fight.

The Spartans brought Dr Dalason to her laboratory, where she had designed something to destroy the planet. Unfortunately, the Forerunner lord Oberion the Great had decided to abandon Eridanus II, and set the Flood loose upon it, including a deadly new form called predators. Dr Dalason managed to fend them off with a diluted nuclear explosion, which bought them enough time to set the detonation and escape, but at the cost of the doctor's life.

It turned out that Oberion's other planet was Reach, which was still under construction. A Sangheili force seemed to have found the planet and were examining it. The Spartans met up with them, and they worked out a plan to destroy this planet as well and ensure that the Forerunners did not escape. While the Spartan tracked down Oberion in his fortress, the Shadow of Intent and the Dusk managed to down the warlord's flagship, the Cessation, with the use of NOVA bombs.

Outside the fortress, Oberion's sister Maelia was waiting for them. While Cephaus fought her, the Spartans entered and found the Forerunner lord. The Master Chief managed to kill him, but was severely wounded, leaving it to Felix to overload the Cessation's reactor and destroy Reach. They returned to the Dusk at last and finally headed for Earth.

Plains of Anduu, Forerunner Time Era, and Return to Earth (2556—2557)

"Good do like saving people, don't you?"
―Jess Morley after being found under Antarctica
"You have no idea..."

When a pair of Navy technicians found a message embedded in Cephaus' armour a month later, written in English and containing coordinates to planet G522d (otherwise known as "Anduu"), the Lieutenant Commander asked Captain Damian Miller to take him and the Spartans there. When Miller's destroyer, Alderney arrived in the system, they were attacked by a Covenant cruiser, ending the space battle with both ships crash landing on the barren remains of the Forerunner planet.

After finding out that the Covenant were looking for a Forerunner artifact that allowed them to travel through time, the Lieutenant Commander had went with SPARTAN-II Blue Team to find it before them. Despite the success of recovering the crystal, he was separated from the other UNSC forces before the enemy ship destroyed the Alderney in the Plains of Anduu.

116 sniper.jpg
Felix on board the Independent Crusader.

Felix later found Cortana in John-117's abandoned ship, brought them into the Outcast's Revenge, and used the artifact to take them back in time. After arriving at G522d millenia ago, he made contact with the Forerunner Minister of Anduu, captured Jiralhanae Chieftain Metiderus and his subordinates, had Cortana the Covenant ship over, and evacuated a few hundred Forerunners onto the ship. Later, he also "saved" Cephaus, as well as the other Spartans and the crew of the Alderney.

The Outcast's Revenge returned to the Sol system, followed discreetly by a pair of Forerunner frigates. Felix and a small group of humans and Forerunners alike headed stealthily to Earth to report while Cortana brought the ship to Sanghelios to rally for help, followed by the Forerunners. Metiderus and his Chieftains escaped shortly before the Outcast's Revenge departed, and brought the Covenant hiding in the asteroid field (after the Battle at Earth years ago) back into activity. Felix was sent to eradicate them, and managed to kill most of the Chieftains with the help of Ezekiel-254, Cephaus' sister Ascedia, and three squads of ODSTs.

After the Forerunner frigates returned to Earth, having escaped a massive attack from the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity and now suffering severe damage, Felix and the others quickly headed back to Earth, and prepared for a ground battle at Antarctica. He, along with the revived Team Katana from SPARTAN-III Gamma Company, helped keep the humans on even footing with the Forerunners as the Outcast's Revenge and the Sangheili fleet eventually made it to Earth for the battle. During this time, Felix uncovered a Forerunner passage under Antarctica, found Jess Morley, who had been MIA for almost as long as he had, inside a Slipspace pod, discovered and later destroyed the Gravemind the Forerunners had almost found, unaware of the danger posed by the dormant Flood leader. Felix later confided his past to the other Spartans, and was awarded the Red Legion of Honour for his contributions to the brief but deadly conflict against the Forerunners.

Interspecies Union Conflicts and Later Military Career

War Against the Fallen (2557—2564)

Main article: Vadam Legacies: The Fallen
"We have our differences, but what's important are our similarities."

In 2559, the Sangheili separatist group known as The Fallen kidnapped hundreds of Sangheili newborns and took them to Earth in an attempt to turn their military against the UNSC. He went with the Spartans to Sanghelios to answer a call for help, and were convicted of treason. However, it was soon realized they had not had anything to do with the kidnappings, and then returned to Earth to help defeat their leader, Isto 'Vadum.

Felix on Beta-14 in 2570.

Search For Evaniptii (2564—2568)

Main article: Eternal Enemies

Assembly With Delta Company and End of Fallen War (2568—2570)

Main article: Flight of the Phoenix: Book 1

Felix met Spartan Phoenix Team in 2569. During a battle, he was wounded, and while SPARTAN-D102 patched him up, his body seemed to have trouble with healing itself of flesh wounds. This is because he was injured by the Judicator's Gavel Rifle in 2568, which destroyed his right bicep and hand, and also gave him an odd condition which destroyed platelets, preventing his wounds to heal themselves sufficiently.

Beta-14 and War Against the Path Walkers (2570—2577)

Main article: Descent
Main article: RP:Against All Odds

In 2570, Felix was sent with a large UNSC force to a former Forerunner planet (designated Beta-14) where a new Sangheili faction known as the Path Walkers were residing. While warding off rebels and mercenaries that were interesting in pilfering tier-1 technology from the planet, Felix contributed in negotiating with the Path Walkers. Although the first contact was initially successful, the negotiations became hostile after one of the Path Walkers was kidnapped by Simon-G294 and a Delta Spartan was killed. The UNSC and the Path Walkers quickly engaged in combat with each other, and with the aid of Fira 'Demal and Tuka 'Refum, Felix headed off to find Simon along with his partner David Kahn, who unbeknownst to him, was his old friend Hector Thornhill from Project: ORION. While Fira and Tuka chased Simon, Felix caught up to Kahn and fought him in hand-to-hand combat; the latter putting up a good fight despite going up against a tier-1 augmented supersoldier. The fight ended when both realized that something was familiar about the other, and with Felix's brief moment of hesitation, Kahn slipped away, later finding Simon and escaping Beta-14.

After the Beta-14 incident, Felix became increasingly curious about who Kahn really was. Although his amnesia prevented him from remembering his involvement with the original David Kahn, the name did allow him to recall something about Hector Thornhill. However, Felix was unable to do more than make side investigations when he wasn't taking field operations, which had become more frequent for the next few years. He did receive information from an ONI officer named Yuri Rosch, who was put in charge of finding Simon. Shortly after Felix discovered that his son and daughter were conscripted into Epsilon Company, he set out to find Simon himself, who would in turn lead him to Kahn.

In 2574, Felix was promoted to full Commander in response to the increasing threats of the Covenant and the Path Walkers and to maintain authority over Delta Company; correspondingly, his executive officers Ezekiel-254 and Hannah-201 were promoted to Lieutenant Commander on the same day.

Open War Against Covenant (2577—present)

Main articles: Flight of the Phoenix: Book 2 and Flight of the Phoenix: Book 3

In 2581, Felix was promoted to Captain to extend his command to the newly deployed Epsilon Company.

Career Service Vitae

Image taken on September 29, 2577.

Image taken on April 15, 2563.

FULL NAME: Martel, Felix
SERVICE NUMBER: 11642-11236-FM

    Codename: AEOLUS
    Blood Type: AB+
    Height: 209.33 cm (6' 10")
    Weight: 194 lbs. (88 kg)

    Rating: Captain (CPT/O-6)

    Birthplace: The Sanctuary
    Asphodel City, Eridanus II
    Date of Birth: 02/29/2472
    Gender: Male
    110 (actual)
    50 (biological)
    27 (physical)

>>Written by Captain (CPT/O-6) Fhajad ██████████
>>Updated 01/28/2583

/start file/


Felix-116's career today is, relatively speaking, uneventful for a Spartan. He regularly takes part in battles, plans operations, and is occasionally sent on low-level missions. Even though the Office of Naval Intelligence has been keeping a close eye on him for the past few decades, he has shown no signs of instability after being cleared from █████ ██ ███████████ in 2568. There have been a number of incidents beforehand, most notably being the numerous investigations made by ONI Section Three.

S-3 has been repeatedly suspicious of SPARTAN-116, particularly his assumed role as a SPARTAN-II. He has not been placed in charge of a particular team or unit, but rather works with whomever he is assigned to. His adapted Spartan tag [116] has been noted as an anomaly for a class 2, but S-0 is the only group that is aware of the actual facts. Despite Civilian Consultant 409871's frequent declination to make inquiries regarding SPARTAN-116, S-3 continues to scrutinize him by means of ███████ ██████████. One subject of particular interest concerns a connection between him and two members of S-III Epsilon Company, SPARTANs ████ and ████.

In regards to ████████, it should be noted that ██████████ ██ █ ████████ ███ █ ███ ██ ████, ██████████ ████ ██ ██ ████████ ████ ███████ ███ ██████ █████ ███ █████ ████████ ██████. ██ ███ ███████ █████████ ██ ███████, ██ ███ ██ █████████ ██ █████ █ ████████ ███ ██████ ███ ███ ██ ████. ████ █████ ███ █████████ ███ ██ ████████, ████ ███ ███ ██ █ █████ █████.


The records regarding SPARTAN-116's participation in Project ORION have been modified or hidden, and he is currently in good standing as the commanding officer of every Spartan supersoldier under the UNSC's command. In short, he's his own class of Spartan. Most of the UNSC don't know half the story about what he's been through, but they sure as hell know what he's capable of.


SPARTAN-116 was first noted to have been subject to ████████ ██████████ on 03/08/2576, possibly due to side effects from his augmentations on 01/07/2496. The material was at the time unprocessed, but is highly suspected to be tier-1 ████████████████████ █████████. He is currently still under its effects, although they do not become apparent all the time. Recent observations and tests have revealed one of the more invisible yet permanent effects is his lifespan. It is estimated that due to Unidentified Substance █████ ██ ████████ ████████████████, his aging has been slowed to approximately 2960 days as the equivalent of 1 Earth year.

There have also been incidents when SPARTAN-D339 comes under conflicting orders with him, but no reports to a higher ranking officer have been made on his behalf. ONI is currently investigating whether SPARTANs -116 and -254 did meet Phoenix Team on 06/11/2579 in the process of Operation: █████████████, and whether the two Spartans refused to neutralize Phoenix as ordered.

SPARTAN-116 is afflicted with Madigan's Disease, a virus that is most apparent when he is injured in battle, and can eventually be fatal if not cured. At the rate the disease is developing, and the analyses of his immune system, it is estimated that he will succumb to its effects by 2585.

UPDATE: There have been numerous confidential reports sent in from soldiers SPARTAN-116 has worked with, mostly from subjects of differing SPARTAN programs. These reports became more frequent from 2581 to 2583 regarding SPARTAN-116. Most of these reports state that he is undergoing what they presume to be 'emotional instability', or possibly ██████ █████ ███ ████; after thorough analyses of his after-battle reports, it is objectively concluded that these reports are accurate. Analysts believe this to be a cause of the Madigan's Disease, although whether they are is still uncertain.

S-3 is becoming increasingly interested in SPARTAN-116's 'condition', particularly after his performance in the field began to downgrade in the past five months. He has not given any explanation to why, but there is a possible connection between his emotional instability leading to a possible physical one. S-0 analysts anticipate that in the near future SPARTAN-116 will be removed from field operations, if not military operations altogether, if a solution is not found. He may very likely become institutionalized should there be serious effects that may endanger his life.

/end file/

>>Additional details on page 2
>>List of battles on page 5
>>Full list of reports on page 7
>>Notes on page 11

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"Trying to forget the past is like leaving a part of yourself behind. I accepted everything that has happened in my life without dwelling on them, but I know I should never set it aside or pretend it didn't happen. I have no desire to lose myself in the illusion that this universe is perfect, and I will remember what I fight for only if I know myself better than anyone else does."
―Felix Martel

Although slightly less conventional than the average SPARTAN-II, Felix is a down-to-Earth soldier who is a trusted leader among his subordinates. He holds a number of secrets about his past, but knows who to trust with them. The only exception to his policy of trust is Wings-D339, who is considered by him "the most extraordinary and unpredictable Spartan in the entire project".


 Rank   Dates 
UNSC-N Midshipman.png
Midshipman March 5, 2488—September 18, 2488
UNSC-N Ensign.png
Ensign September 18, 2488—April 27, 2489
UNSC-N Lieutenant Junior Grade.png
Lieutenant Junior Grade April 27, 2489—January 15, 2491
UNSC-N Lieutenant.png
Lieutenant January 15, 2491—September 3, 2496
UNSC-N Lieutenant Commander.png
Lieutenant Commander January 3, 2496—January 10, 2496
AAO O-4.png Lieutenant Commander January 17, 2556—November 23, 2574
AAO O-5.png Commander November 23, 2574—June 11, 2581
AAO O-6.png Captain June 11, 2581—


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  • This character scored 18 on the Universal Gary-Stu Test, and is not considered a Gary-Stu.
  • This character falls under the "Neutral Good (Benefactor)" category of the Alignment Test; he is committed to his role in the military and isn't easily affected by bias or emotional indecision, these aspects are his strengths as well as his weaknesses.

  1. (Biological Birth Date: circa. 2532)


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