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Fearless-class assault carrier
Class overview


United Nations Space Command

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:



Gift of Wings-class

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General characteristics


Assault carrier

Additional information


Interplanetary Era
Interplanetary Conflict


The Fearless-class assault carriers served the United Nations Space Command from the first year of the Interplanetary War into the late 2200s.

  • UNSC Austerlitz
  • UNSC As Eagles Soar
  • UNSC Bismarck
  • UNSC Cerberus
  • UNSC Chasseur
  • UNSC Cliffs of Gallipoli
  • UNSC Deeds Not Words
  • UNSC Devastating Results
  • UNSC Divine Wind
  • UNSC Drumbeat
  • UNSC Duke of Wellington
  • UNSC Exemplar
  • UNSC Fearless
  • UNSC Firestorm
  • UNSC Full Force
  • UNSC Furious
  • UNSC Gift of Wings
  • UNSC Janissary
  • UNSC King of Prussia
  • UNSC Oath of Vengeance
  • UNSC On Flaming Wings
  • UNSC Screaming Eagle
  • UNSC Spirit of Normandy
  • UNSC Thermopylae
  • UNSC Whomsoever Dares
  • UNSC Wingate
  • UNSC Yamamoto


The Furious-class assault carriers were built to replace the earlier Fearless-class and entered service in 2218.

Gift of Wings-class

In 2335, two heavily modified Furious-class assault carriers were completed commissioned: UNSC Gift of Wings and UNSC As Eagles Soar. These two assault carriers were considerably different from their fellows, and thus were considered an additional subclass: the Gift of Wings-class assault carriers.


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