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Biographical information
Physical description



A flame of a multitude of colors that pulses as he talk

Political information and functions
  • Yun'da'klem (formerly)
  • Created (briefly)
  • UKYK

Fallen is the first San'Shyuum AI known to be created. He was originally the living friend and comrade of Prelate Yun'da'Klem, Fal'hu'Goo, who died from his serve wounds after the Fall of High Charity but his body and brain was preserved in stasis.



Human scientist: "Are you insane?! We have no idea what we'll create from this! IF anything can even be created from this!"
Yun'da'Klem: "If I wanted to hear your worries, human, I would have asked for them. Now do your job or I'll paint the walls with your brain."
―Yun'da'Klem demanding a human scientist to create a Smart AI from Fal's brain
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