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Inner Colony Wars




Human-Covenant War

Falkirian War for Independence

April 25st, 2516


April 25th, 2526


Gaelic System


Signing of the Gaelic Peace Treaty

  • Military alliance between Falkirk, Sgòthein and Ffyniannus is dissolved
  • Recapture and dismantlement rebel war material
  • Commonwealth becomes a UNSC protectorate and maintains autonomy
  • Commonwealth begins military and economic support of the UNSC against the Covenant.

United Nations Space Command

Free Commonwealth of Falkirk

  • Rear Admiral Sebastien Bourke
  • Admiral Erik Magnus (After 2518)
  • Protector of Gaelic Fergus Campbell†
  • Admiral Willian McLeod
  • General James Stuart

"The Falkirian War of Independence, much like our surprise when we discover the alien empire bent on our total extermination, was a hell of a wake-up call to the admiralty. It proved why we shouldn't let a planet diversify too much, and how we should always take someone's knowledge of their home seriously. And how did we pay for that mistake? Trillions of credits in assets destroyed? Hundreds of thousands lives lost? Or perhaps the discovery that the UNSC is hard pressed to retake their own colonies if they banded together, in both military and economic spheres?"
―Codename: ANUBIS, in his report regarding the significance of the conflict

The Falkirian War for Independence, more accurately referred to as the Siege of the Gaelic Colonies, was one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts in the Insurrection. Officially marked just before the Falkirian Armed Forces forced the UNSC garrison offworld, the decade-long war would become the rebel's single-greatest attempt at holding off the invading UNSC forces. Compared to most other rebellions, the war was unique in that it was also a conventional war fought by the colonial governments of Falkirk, Sgòthein and Ffyniannus, with each of their armed forces engaging their UNSC equivalents on land, air and space. Their ability to forcibly take control of civilian infrastructure and set up potent fortifications presented a major threat to the UNSC, enough so that they were eventually forced to treat the conflict as an invasion.


The War



Renewed UNSC Offensive

Ground Campaign

Siege of Stirling


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