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"Spartans will not rest until dead."

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Falcon Team is a SPARTAN team led by Doug-103 and Sam-126. Specializing in special operations, sabotage, and black operations, Falcon Team was a notorious and dangerous team of SPARTANS first active during 2552, and still operating to date.




Cquote1 Our own little band of merry men and one woman. Sure, I might be one of the most despised Spartans in the project if only for personality, but this right here. I call Falcon family. Cquote2

Doug-103 is the original member and the leader of Falcon Team. A smart, but deceptive individual, Doug was born in Quezon, Reach, and like the other SPARTAN-II's, was abducted at the age of six years old for the Spartan program. Once his training was complete, Doug was approached upon by a ONI member and served as a personal assassin during the Insurrectionist War. When the Covenant attacked, Doug formed Falcon Team. He is the leader and sniper.


Cquote1 Sam. Falcon Two. Best friends since training. Bit of a cowboy and very patriotical. Almost xenophobic... Cquote2

A somewhat strict but considerate Spartan, Sam-126 is the Second-In-Command Assault specialist, Sam is a western-accented Spartan from Eridanus II. During the Insurrectionist War, he helped Doug-103 to destroy a SHIVA-Class Nuclear missile. During that, Sam and Doug forged a friendship. Sam's strict, authoritative personality essentially juxtaposes Doug's sarcastic personality.


Cquote1 Don. Noble Three. Our medic. Bit of a pacifist by heart, but nevertheless brave and always helps. Cquote2

Hailing from Earth itself,Donovan-D336 was born in the city of Canberra, Australia. Don was signed up for the SPARTAN-III program and became Falcon Team's medic. He is honest, helpful, and brave according to the rest of the members.


Cquote1 Haydoss. Falcon Four. Reckless, rash, stubborn. Three words that describe him well. He might be completely jaded and cynical, but...something tells me he isn't ready to give up. Not yet. Cquote2

Hayden-D065, the team's anti-tank and demolitions expert, Hayden is commonly regarded to be the "hot-head" of Falcon Team. If a bit reckless and aggressive, Hayden's got a heart of gold hidden under his jaded exterior.


Cquote1 Grif. Falcon Five. The big fella. Faster than he looks, I'll tell you that. Cquote2

Griffyn-D330 is a satirical, compassionate but kind Spartan, reminiscent of Doug himself, with the remarkable ability to withstand almost any form of mental and physical trauma. It is unknown where Griffyn comes from.


Cquote1 Jess. Falcon Six. She's our stealthy one. The only woman on the team. Almost...mystical, in her mysteriousness. Cquote2

An outsider and social outcast, Jessica-D249 is a mysterious woman coming from New Harmony. She is the stealth specialist of the team. Although she is strange, almost alien, towards other Spartans, Falcon Team makes a home for the only woman on the team.


Cquote1 Jordan. Falcon Seven. He's good with tech. Let him tinker with something broken, and he'll work his magic. Cquote2

Jordan-G263 was raised by scientist parents and as a consequence is an analytical and intelligent soldier. He is seen as the "brains" of the team.


  • Due to the fact it has both SPARTAN-IIs and SPARTAN-IIIs, the Team is fitted into both the team areas of the AAO SPARTAN template.
  • Both Doug and Sam were the only members of Falcon Team present at Reach: the other Spartans weren't in Falcon Team until 2556.