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FCNS Gailleann
Production information

Iliad-class supercarrier


PassiGear Manufacturing Company

Technical specifications

3,000 metres (9,843 ft)


1,013 metres (3,323 ft)


789 metres (2589 ft)

  • Heavy carrier
  • Flagship

May 12th 2464

Known captain(s)
  • Cpt. Donald Witzlher (2515-2524)
  • Protector Campbell (2524-2526)
"They are just a bunch of old glory-seekers with a misplaced calling. They're nothing but a nuisance that gives us yet another distraction we don't need."
Ashok Raymond, referring to the crew of the Gailleann.

The FCNS Gailleann (hull classification code: CV-401) is a revered Iliad-class supercarrier that serves as the flagship of the Free Commonwealth of Falkirk. Originally commissioned into the Colonial Military Administration as the CMA Normandy, the Gailleann served as a heavy peacekeeping transport used to enforce an uneasy peace in the colonies. Finding little use until the Insurrection, the carrier would be among the first ships to respond to the dissent in the Outer Colonies. She took part in the Insurrections at Eridanus II, Mamore and Wealth, playing a significant role in the subjugation of each. Despite leading a long and storied career, her age would eventually find herself eclipsed by newer vessels, with the transport being scheduled for decommissioning in 2512. Taken to Falkirk, the Gailleann would instead be secretly refitted and recommissioned back into service to help fight for the colony's freedom in the later Falkirian War for Independence. Becoming one of four ships surviving the conflict in its entirety, she would have many of her weapons removed as per the terms of their surrender. It is after this that the Gailleann would find new life as the primary means for transporting the Gaelic military across the galaxy, being permitted to fight for humanity in a supporting role. She and her crew gave everything against the advancing alien fleets, and would give the ultimate sacrifice after she was finally destroyed during the Siege of Falkirk.

Operational History

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The carrier that would become the Normandy would be birthed in the Jovian Superheavy Drydock, a massive facility completed in 2403 to construct humanity's largest spacefaring vessels. Beginning construction in 2460 to replace the older members of its class, she would be completed in 2463 after four years of construction. However, its space trials would be a troublesome affair; as the new carrier was built off a design that's over sixty years old, the carrier would immediately encounter problems. Shaking would be recorded in its aft-section while its fusion drives would measure unstable jumps in output. Both of these issues delayed its launch and commissioning until the year after.


Embarked Complement

Notable Crew

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